Tuesday, December 18, 2007

In case I missed ya....

Here is our little chrismas card, If I didn't send you one I am sorry, but MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday it is!!


Sunday, December 9, 2007

I love this season!

Well not a whole lot going on here, just getting ready for christmas. I love Christmas it has always been my favorite. I can't wait to have a kid and have the chance to see her enjoy christmas the way I once did! I love christmas still, but I don't get the butterflies and excitement the way I used to, and I can't wait to provide that for my kids! We are going to STG and I am so excited. This is by far the longest I have been away, and it is killing me. I haven't been there since I have been pregnant, we used to go at least once a month, it is weird! I miss it there, I get homesick in a way, even though I don't really have a home that I can go revisit, but it is the people and the area. Rhett's parents home really seems like my home now, I love it there! They are so welcoming and the most giving people, I am so lucky to be a part of their family. Christmas morning at their will be a lot of fun, and I will get to see my nieces and nephews open gifts, that makes is exciting! I also haven't seen my dad and family since june,I miss them and I am just so excited, I am sure some of you can relate!

I am feeling better pretty much, I still have a headache most the time, and my beautiful breakouts, but I'm getting over the nausea! I love to feel my baby move, she loves the sound of Rhett's voice and it is like she knows when he is around, she is so active when he is talking to or touching my belly, maybe it is not really him, but I think it is! I know he does too! We took some pictures last week in the snow, I thought we better do some, I really didn't want to though, but we got one that can work for a card I guess. I am getting bigger by the day, I do love that part. It is much better being pregnant when it shows. I can't explain why really, but it is fun to see your belly all big I think. I just hope it doesn't get to big and rip my skin, I have this phobia of my skin stretching so much that it rips. It really freaks me out big time. I lube up all the time, and just pray she doesn't get as big as I was, I don't know if I can bare a 9lb 4oz baby! My mom did it twice though and survived, I will be ok! I am sure if I get the stretch marks it will be worth everyone to have my sweet little baby! Merry christmas everyone, and hopefully I will get a chance to see some of my friends this trip!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Holy crap it has been three years since Rhett and I got married! I can't believe it! Why is it when you are so happy and enjoying life it flies by? My life is amazing, and I am so lucky! I married the most amazing person in the world. I still cry just thinking about him, and how wonderful our life is together! He is so good to me, I can't imagine not having him to come home to everyday! I can talk to him about anything, and everything, he puts up with me which is definetely a challenge, and I know how much he loves me, I can feel it, and it is the best feeling. I had no idea that the person that I started out having a crush on at 13 would end up being the most amazing part of my life, my husband. I just wanted to say how much I love him, and appreciate him. He makes my life complete, and is my best friend. He is going to be the most amazing dad, I still can't believe that we are having a baby! I also need to give him a HAPPY 25TH BIRTHDAY shout out! I can't believe that either.

For our anniversary we used a gift certificate we had to stay at the Zermott Resort in Midway. It is really pretty and nice to get away for a while. The next morning we went shopping in park city all day, it is hard to try not to buy everything in sight for our baby. How do you just walk by the cutest things and not buy them? It is hard. Here are a few pics from our little trip I guess you can call it!! Not the best we took them all ourselves, I think we saw like one other person while we were there!

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. It was really small this year, but so nice and not stressful. We had Tara and Troy, my mom, my aunt and uncle, and Rhett and I. It was fun to have it at our house, and the food was so good thanks so Tara and my mom. I really didn't do much of the cooking, just the drinks, but it was really good. It was fun to have Tara and Troy here, I hate that they live so far, I feel like it is far because I don't see her everyday, but it was nice to have them. I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving, and hopefully we can get down to stg for christmas. I really want to see everyone. Sorry it has been forever since I have posted or commented, we got a virus sent to our computer, and have had like 2 weeks of trying to get rid of it, what is with computers and internet? It is more hassle than it is worth sometimes you know!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Natural or Not?

I have become a total stress case, what the heck. I stress over everything, and can't make a decision to save my life. Now I am freaking out about the delivery, and what I want to do. I would love to do it naturally and feel what is happening, and also avoid the giant epidural needle, I also don't like feeling numb. But, on the other hand, why not use the pain meds that are there for us now. We take tylenol when we have a headache, and novacane when we get a filling, so what is the difference. I just don't want to be pushing and not know if I am doing any good or not. I also don't want it to be really stressful in the room, I don't want my baby whisked away, I would like to keep it with me for a while. I know some people say take advantage of the time in the hospital, rest and let the baby sleep in the nursery. I don't need more time though, I have had 23 almost 24 years, and about 10 months to really prepare, I am going to want her with me the whole time. So really this is to see what you all feel about this and your experiences. I would love to hear all of them, I know it is personal, but I love to get ideas, and hear stories.

I also want to know if naming a baby was as hard for everyone else as it is for me. I have always had my names picked out, and was so sure of myself. Now I seem to hate all names and am stressing out that it is so permanent. Help me calm down somebody!!!

I feel my baby move so much now, it is the most amazing feeling I have ever felt, I can't explain it, but I find myself kinda moving my stomach to hopefully get her moving, I just can't believe there is this little life growing inside of me!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Thank heaven for little....

GIRLS!!!!!! We both went silent for a while, shocked a little. But we couldn't be more happy. We are so happy she is healthy and good, she was so active and moving so much, it was crazy! I really can't believe this is all happening, it is so exciting! I will post more with pics of her cute little profile and what not later, I have to go finish making cupcakes for the big announcement!!!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Kinda Pooching...

So the other night, we decided to take a few photos of my belly, since I haven't yet, I don't really love pics right now, these confirm my feelings, but anyway! I am kinda poking out a little and I feel the little fart move quite a bit now. At least once or twice everyday, best feeling in the world for sure. YES I AM WEARING MATERNITY JEANS, my other pants still go on, but I look like a stuffed sausage, and they are not as comfortabe as these, I may stick with these pants forever, I am pretty much a freak about tight clothing, drives me crazy! Anyway, sorry they aren't the greatest photo's I was tired obviously, and yeah prego, not the best combo, but who cares, what a fun thing to see my belly growing. I can eat and eat and if it pokes out oh well, that is what it is supposed to do, it is kinda nice!


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Little Shrimp!

So This is what we did on halloween night. We went trick or treating with my neices and nephew! It was so fun, it was getting me really excited. The little girl in the pink was supposed to be a butterfly, but her wings got left in her mom's car, that was at the shop getting fixed, everyone thought she was a shrimp, hilarious! She was such a trooper, she went to every door her sister did, it took her a lot longer to get to the door, but she did it. She also carried her heavy bucket the whole way and wouldn't let anyone help her, I was laughing so hard. The little boy in the elvis costume was the highlight of the night for me, he was a neighbor kid, and I am for sure going to steal that costume idea if I have a little boy, that was the cutest, he has red hair normally and they painted it black, and he loved to wear it. IT was a pretty fun night, freezing but funny as heck!

I can't believe I am puting this picture up, you don't have to comment if you want, because I know it is bad, but I wanted to show you how bad my hormones are right now, and how it is coming out of my skin. This is my face yesterday, no makeup of course, thank heavens for makeup, but it is so bad, I am the perfect candidate for the proactive commercials, it is sad. I really wish it would clear up soon, my doctor says as soon as my hormones go down a little it should, and the nausea should also go away, I wait patiently for that day!!! WORD TO THE WISE, DON'T BLOW THIS PICTURE UP, IT WILL MAKE YOU A LITTLE NAUTIOUS!!! I AM SERIOUS DON'T PLEASE FOR MY SAKE, I REALLY SHOULDN'T PUT IT UP. I really just wanted to show that I am not exagerating, and also to make all of you that think you have acne to feel better about it really. I'll tell you what, I will never complain again, that is for sure!


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

Here Is a few pictures from a little halloween party/trick or treat party we had to do for work last night! I usually don't dress up for halloween, and I really didn't feel like it this year. I told the three girls that I work with if they wanted me to dress up, they had to be in charge of it. They decided to have me be a fairy, a dark fairy, it was kind of lame, I really just wore boots, and my normal clothes with some pretty funky makeup, but it was fun. I also had my mom come, she is a Geisha if you can't tell, pretty funny. She is going to wear that to work wednesday and try to win the $200 prize for best costume. These pics are not the best, but the lady in the devil costume is my instructor, and the cat is her daughter Penny, and the witch is her other daughter Nikki! They are very into halloween, that is only one out of 4 costumes that Penny will wear, it is hilarious!!! I am glad they made me get a little festive!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Nothing new....

Well I have nothing new to blog really. My internet has been out for 2 weeks at home, so I sneak a peek at work once in a while, but I am seriously slacking, sorry. I get to find out the sex of my baby in a week and a half, I am so freaking excited I can barely stand it! I think it is a boy, most people do, that probably means it is a girl. Either way, I don't care, I just want my body to get used to having this baby in there, to calm down, and feel better. I decided last night after washing my makeup off my face, which right now looks like a halloween mask, I have to wear so much to cover the acne I have, to take a picture of it. I am so nervous to post a picture, it is so bad, I know if I post it many people will see it and that is scary, I just have never seen anyone get prego and look like this, it is out of control. My hormones must be freaking out still, I still feel sick all the time and have the worst headaches, so I am guessing my hormones aren't calming down yet. What a baby I am huh, I swear the day I feel better I am going to be so happy, I am happy now, but to be honest it is kind of a front I am puting on, I feel like being a hermet, and am kind of depressed, I don't know what to do. Sorry once again to be such a downer, I will feel better soon I am sure.

My house is still a work in progress but looking so good, the entire upstairs is now pretty much painted, not the nursery, that will happen after I find out whether it is a boy or a girl. Rhett is working so hard, I love him, and appreciate him so much, I don't know what I would do without him.

As soon as the internet is up, I will post pictures of the house progress, acne, and whatever else I snap a pic of in the mean time! I wish I could see everyone in a way, but then I am embarrassed to, I really just want to keep to myself, but I miss all of ya, especially miss going to stg, it has been like 5 months, that is the longest it has been for me. Soon we will come though and we will have to do lunch!

Monday, October 1, 2007


Here are a few pictures of my hubbies hard work, he has painted all our ugly kithen cabinets to this and I love it, we love black what can I say. It is our favorite but he has done a great job, we still have some distressing to do, painting of the walls, and we need handles and knobs, also new countertops, that is all, not a lot right? It looks better than before, and our new appliances look so much better.There is a picture with the white ones that slipped in to the last collage on my hawaii post, oops. But you can tell how much better they look! There is a cool picture of me in there last night, haha, looking prego, and eating as usual. If I don't eat like every other minute I feel sick so yeah, there is definetely a baby in there, I will take a picture soon, it still just looks like I am getting fat to me, but I can't hold in my belly anymore so I guess I am poking out a little. I whipped out my pants that I called fat pants and stored in a bin for pregnancy one day yesterday, they don't fit real good or at all, what I am I going to do now?

Other good news, grose but good, I am seeing a lady that is giving me colon hydrotherapy, I bought three sessions, already done two, now I know I am not crazy, I never knew that it was possible to store that much in your stomach, grose I know, but finally I am feeling a little better in that department, and I am taking a product called oxy-powder, it hydrates the colon and is starting to help me, I can't wait until tuesday, last treatment, I may buy more though. It is not safe in your first or third trimester, but second is fine. It is good to get all the toxins out of your body, it feels amazing.

If you can go to ikea this week you should, we are buying a sectional for our basement and right now they are giving you a gift card with 20% of the total of your purchase. So we are so excited we will get like $225 back on a card, we can get our pillows, and also coffee tables, shower curtains towels, whatever for free. Then we will get another gift card with 20% of that purchase on it. How cool is that?

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Here they are finally, sorry it took me like a month. It was so beautiful, I may look miserable and like I hate it, but it was amazing there. Perfect temperature, water and everrthing. I at times wanted to kill all the roosters outside our bedroom window, they never stopped all day and night, but besides that it was amazing. That picture of Rhett at the rope swing is my favorite from the whole trip, we laughed everytime we looked at it, he looks like a little kid, or like he passed out, I love it.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

I have it!!

I have the internet now, wow!!!! I don't have the hawaii pics on my computer yet, and my hubby took the camera with him, so I will try to do that tonight. I don't know why I am in a hurry, I look miserable in them, but I will post them!!

Here is my little journal entry for the day!!!

Is it normal to feel depressed every day when you are sick and prego? Not only do I wake up everyday feeling like I have the flu, I think that for 8 weeks straight I have felt this way, I am not going to lie, it is taking a toll on me and my emotional state. I want so bad to have like 5 minutes of my normal, active self back. I try everything but nothing works. I love that I am pregnant, but this is taking away from the specialness of it.

I feel like I am going through that weird awkward high school puberty phase. I am growing boobs for the first time, all my shirts that have stripes no longer are straight, the swirl over them, and words now stretch over them, very weird to me, I want my NO boobs back!! It may be exciting to get them if everything else was staying small, but it is not. I attempt to go walking, but for a person who is used to working out and running as much as I did it is not doing a darn thing, all my clothes are much to tight already for only being 13 weeks. I bet I way 200 lbs before I am done. I still can't go to the bathroom, I have maybe gone 5 times total in 2 months, and not a lot. Can I just say I look 5 months prego from that alone, it makes me sick, literally. But nothing is helping. That may seem like to much info, but you are getting an ear full today.

Last, what the heck is with my acne face, eeewww! I look like one of the spokespersons for proactive, the before photo's. Can I just say I have never felt this bad. What is wrong with me, I was like oh it wil be fun to be pregnant, get fat and get boobs, not that way at all, I am freaking out, but at the same time to sick to give two hoots about fixing it. Wow, sorry if this is to much info but you just have to get it out sometimes, and girls tend to understand better than boys you know!!!

On the other hand, our house is starting to come along, I will post some pics, it is slow but sure. I love my husband, he works so hard, and is doing so awesome, I can't begin to tell you how good it feels to just feel secure and to know everything will be ok, in all aspects of our lives. I am not as miserable as I may sound, truly, I love life.
And I love the Rain and cold weather, even though I drive 30 minutes to work everyday, and when snow comes I get really scared, I am ready for sweater and pant weather for sure!!! I loev my back yard, this is a pic of it, it is surrounded by trees and ivy, and I love it, I can't wait to work on it next year!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hawaii was beautiful!!!

We are back, it was beautiful. I don't have the internet yet it sucks. We slept in our house for the first time last night.We are trying to put it all together, I am so worthless right now, I can't get feeling better. I am now puking a lot, oh well, it will be worth it I just keep telling myself that. It is not like me to let my house look the way it does. We had fun in Hawaii, looking at the pics it may look like I didn't but I really did. It was fun to be with Tara and Troy that much, I feel bad I was a party pooper a lot but we did do some really cool things. I will post pics and stuff soon with a more detailed blog of what we did. I hate not being able to check everyone's blogs and leave comments. Soon I will though!!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

I don't like being sick

So I have had enough of this being sick stuff. I was pretty much down all last week, with a few trips to the ER to get rehydrated and getting some nausea meds, I am now able to do some things. That was the worst week of my life, I know now that the nausea is not going to magically disappear so I now just deal with it. I am on Zofran to help, and stopped taking the pre-natals I was on, and I think that is helping. Rhett makes me toast every morning, I eat it before I even get up, and that also helps. I know in the end I will completely forget this, and I can't wait for that. I am so excited still and am over 2 months now, I get to hear the heartbeat in like 2 1/2 weeks, YEAH!!!!! We are moving all of our stuff into my cousins garage right now because we don't close on our house until the end of the month, but we will be in Hawaii, a trip that was planned pre-pregnancy, and before we purchased our house, but I am still excited as heck. I just hope I feel well enough to enjoy myself, I think I will though. So that is what is going on in our crazy lives. We are both still working as well, and trying to just keep our lives as calm as we can. Can I just say how lucky I am to have the husband I have, he has taken such good care of me, and I am so grateful for him, I couldn't have done all this without him. Also my mom was such a big help, she comes over after work and helps me out. I feel so helpless, but I just wanted to die for a while, I am sure all you mommies know what I mean by that. I now know what it means to be that sick, you cannot know until you have been there. I am lucky I am better now!!! Thanks for all the messages and advice. I appreciate it, and I will keep updating more!!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Our new CASA!!! (maybe)


So we are in the process of buying this house, just tying up all the loose ends or what not. I just want to say I am so excited. This may not look like a lot to some, but to us it is the world. Especially for me, I have lived in an apartment since I was 12, not that there is anything wrong with that, but to have a home of my own is the best feeling. I think everything is going to go through, we don't see any reason why it wouldn't, but you never know. I just love it, we definetely need to fix some stuff up, but luckily they have started to do some of that. It is happening at a hard time, I am sick as a dog, and Hawaii is coming up in like 2 1/2 weeks. We have to be out of our apartment before hawaii because we don't want to pay rent here for another month, so we are in limbo for like 2 weeks, no place to live. I will explain more soon, the house is in Bountiful, and I thought I wouldnt be sick with this pregnancy, yeah right, I couldn't work out no way in heck. The puking has begun, and I feel like poo! It will all be worth it in the end right? Lot's going on, stressful, but exciting times, I love life!!!
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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My favorite post EVER!!!!

I was going to wait but I can't, I have to get it out. I am PREGNANT!!!!!! I am so freaking excited, I still am in some serious shock! We did not think it would happen this fast, we were wrong. Call me fertile Mertyl I guess, holy cow!!! Anyway I found out a week ago and have been dying to post it. I was going to wait a couple months, but if you know me you know that that is impossible. I mean how the heck to you keep in the most exciting news of your life? I can't do it, but now I am a nervous wreck. I never thought I would be this nervous. I am a stress case, and all day I worry, every little pain freaks me out, I can't handle it. But soon this will all be over and I will have this beautiful little baby here to hold and cuddle and take care of forever. Rhett is so excited and shocked all at the same time! We don't care what we have, all we care is that it is healthy and everything goes smoothly. I cannot believe I am going to be a mom, by far the Craziest feeling I have ever had. I want to keep running, and they say it is ok, but when I do I worry the entire time and feel like it is not worth the risk of harming my baby. I am about 6 weeks along, I know that is not much, but can I just say time is already flying. Well this is long and I could go on all day, but I will save your time for your families. Anyway, I feel so blessed to have this experience, this is something I have wanted for so long, and it is finally happening, I can't begin to explain how I feel!!!!! i am so lucky to have an amazing husband to take care of me, and my baby. I have no worries about that, I am so thankful for him in my life, he is truly my everything. On a lighter note can I just say that my boobs hurt so bad, I want to die, but that is really all I feel, a few headaches, but no nausea yet!!! Thank heavens, but I would go through anything to have a baby!!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

I am boring!

So I decided to take a break from blogging for a while, I am boring and all I blog about is Rhett and having a baby. I promise the next post will be interesting. It is probably going to be a while though, I am serious about this. I want the next one to be good and different!!! Sorry I have bored everyone, I was looking through my blogs and realized that they are not very interesting. I will post as soon as something interesting happens!!! BYE, BYE.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

I LOVE holiday's!!!!

I love to spend the day with my family, there is nothing that makes me happier!! On Tuesday night we went to my cousins house and went to a big firework show in north salt lake, it was really good. I love to cuddle with Rhett and watch the show, I always have a blast with my family, they are like my sisters, and there kids are like my nieces and nephews, Rhett forgot the camera that night, oops!

On wednesday, I got up went running, then we went to a breakfast and bike parade at my sister in laws neighborhood park, then we spent the rest of the day with them. The kids go to decorate there bikes, or wagons as you can see, my little niece Kamryn, she is the one in the white tank top, decided at the last minute not to do the parade, that is kids though! We then went to the movie and saw Transformer's, it was pretty good, I have to admit, it is not my type of movie really but I did like it! Then we went shopping a little, and had a barbecue and firework show with there neighbors, about 50 people or so, it was nice. Over all it was a great day, best part is being with Rhett all day, worst part was the heat and my dress, it was like riding up all day, showing off my religion to everyone if you know what I mean, at least I have those!!!

I think I need my own kid so I can take some picture of them, if you didn't know me you would think that these were my kids, I will claim them though, I love them to death, they are all so cute in there own way. The little one Eliana, is getting the funniest personality, I loved that she fell asleep on me during the fireworks, that make me really baby hungry! I hope you all had a great 4th, and I hope to see some pics very soon!!!!
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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


So Rhett has been playing softball with our brother in law and some guys from his neighborhood on wednesdays, when he can at least! This is about as exciting as our days get. I love him though, I don't know what it is but there is something about him playing sports, or snowboarding, or doing anything like that that I love, I could watch him all day. He is very coordinated and talented and does not give himself much credit, but I think he is the best one on the team, I am not really being partial cause we are married I am serious. My brother in law is good too, the others do their best! They usually get killed, well sometimes, but tonight they won! It was awesome! Can I just say it is hot here, I was sopping wet by the end of the game, I didn't want to stand up, but it was worth it to watch him play and win. My niece is also the cutest thing ever, I love when we get to see her!! Do you guys think Rhett's shades are cool? I love them, a lot of people make fun of them, they say they look like top gun, or some 70's cop glasses or something, I think he looks good in them!
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Monday, June 18, 2007

Hair, Family, and Fun!!!

Tara and Troy came up this weekend, it was a lot of fun. Friday not they got here pretty late, but Saturday morning we started right away with coloring and cutting Tara's hair. She looked so freaking pretty! We cut her bangs, she wears them more forward, and it is so pretty on her!!! I had a few more clients, then ended the day coloring my mom's hair! Don't get me wrong I love doing hair and making them look with beautiful, with waxed eyebrows, makeup, and a cute style, but then when I am done with work, I look like crap. I have color all over me, my hair is flat and uncurled, and I have no more makeup on look really tired. But I love my family so it is worth it, but I am pretty wore out by the end of the day and don't want to touch myself. Do you all love getting ready? I have come to dread it, I am going to try and not make this all negative, but I don't like getting ready, I will leave it at that!
My family is so nice, they are family and they don't have to pay me to do their hair, but they seem to pay more than they should, I feel bad taking it, it is so nice! On Saturday we went to the condo downtown Salt Lake where my mom is going to be moving with a lady at work, it is an older condo, but so freaking cute. They are painting, and remodeling the inside, it is not much to look at from the outside, but inside it is amazing. So old and so unique, I am so happy for her, I told her I want to live there! I will take pics of it soon, and don't be mad but I dont have any pics from theritip, Tara took a few maybe we can get her to post them, MAYBE! After that we went to McGrath's fish house at the gateway, I hate seafood, and so does Rhett, we were the only two with burgers and fries, not seafood, but there was not wait at this place, and like at least 1 hour at every other restaurant, so it worked. We parted from the boys for a while, they can not shop, it is weird, but it was fun with the girls, then watched a movie. Great time, to fast but good.
Yesterday I hung out with my husband all day, it is amazing, church, drive, nap, dinner, park and cuddling. This is my ideal sunday and time with Rhett, I am the happiest when we are together, it is my favorite thing. Anyway, that is a recap, I hope you all had a great fathers day weekend, sorry no new pics, that was dumb of me!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


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What a week!!!

So I am so excited that my internet works again! This has been a pretty crazy week, Rhett came home, that was so good, then a couple days later gets deathly ill! We were babysitting my 2 nieces on monday, everything was fine, then later that night he gets a really bad stomach ache. He thought it was hunger pains, WRONG!! I mean non stop puking, and everything else that you could imagine! We were in the ER forever that night and into the morning, they sent us home and it kept getting worse. It was so bad, I felt so bad for him, we still don't know exactly what it was, but I pray that I don't get it, or anybody for that matter. I have never seen someone puke so much, I felt so bad for him! Anyway that went away, we were able to go to Brianhead for the weekend, that was so nice and fun! Just very relaxing and a much needed break. Here are some cool pics from the twisted forest, it is pretty there! Also a couple from babysitting, a couple hours before Rhett's puking marathon, my nieces are the cutest ever, so is my hubby! And I am way excited, this is going to be a fun week for me, I get to run a 10 mile race Saturday with Brianna, way excited, Tara I am going to miss you, but Lake Powell is way better. And tomorrow I am going to have DARK HAIR AGAIN, I am really excited about it! My life is pretty boring, running, changing my hair color, and a healthy husband gets me excited. Wow, my life is sad! So that is all I guess. I will try to post more regularly now!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Honey I'm Home!!!!!!!!

My favorite person in the world has returned to my life, well almost. He is on his way home right now! Things didn't go as he planned, the company he was selling for was not all that he thought, and he didn't feel comfortable with everything. There are more details but they are not important! He also said he hates being away from me, I hope he really means that, I know he did, probably not as bad as me. So six days away may not seem like a lot, but to me it was a while, that is the longest we have been apart in over three years! I hope I don't have to do it again. A couple days is ok, but that is to long! I had a lot of fun with my mom, she is a gem for living with me, I am gonna miss hanging out with her everynight!! So this is the update on my life, thanks to all that have posted wedding pics, still waiting for the rest! I loved all of them so far! Yeah for HUSBANDS!!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Follow the leader, follow, follow me!!!!

I finally figured out picasa and I am so freaking excited, so here are a few, OR A LOT, more pics from our bridals!!!! It only took me a couple months to figure it out! Sorry if I post a lot of pictures, but that is all I have to post about. I woke up this morning really missing my Husband and wanted to look at pics, so I am sharing them, you may have all seen them, so sorry if this is a double take! LET'S SEE THE PICS EVERYONE!!!!
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Where's the wedding??

Hey everyone, I am a little upset that most of you have yet to post wedding pictures, I keep putting mine on hoping it will inspire you, and still they don't come! I know you say you didn't like your photographer or whatever, well look at mine, I think a little kid could have taken the same pics, but it is still nice to share, so whatever your excuse is it needs to go away, and the pictures must be shown. I really didn't see hardly any of your weddings,I feel bad about that and I feel like I missed a big part of your life, it would make me the happiest person in the world to see the pictures! So if you will please post some wedding pictures if you haven't already I will love you forever! Thanks everyone you are all so nice!! I can't wait to see them!
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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tribute to my MOM!!

Happy Mother's Day from me to all you mom's out there! I feel being a mother is the most important job in the world! I know I wouldn't be the person I am today without my mom! She is my hero, she has been through so much in her life, so many up's down's, heartaches, and pain, and she is still the most amazing, strong women. Let me list a few things I love about her:

1. She calls me everyday to tell me she loves me and see how my day was!

2. She still goes to most of my doctor's appointments with me, I know you are all thinking I am a baby, maybe I am, but it means a lot to me that she cares that much.

3. She tells me how proud she is that I am her daughter, and I know she means it.

4. She has never ever missed a single performance, or cheering event, or race finish in my entire life. I watch tapes of performances in cheer, and you hear my mom yelling so loud, she was always there for everything we did in high school, and you could see on her face she was so proud!

5. Even when we couldn't afford to participate in activities, and we knew it, she would find a way, she always wanted us to have the best we could, when we had next to nothing.

6. It seems that everytime she is in the room, she is the life of the party, in high school she was mama pay, and she would fit right in with my friends, I really loved that. She was the best most understanding mom, gave rides, let me stay out late, she really trusted me, sometimes I don't know if that was a good thing, then I realize it was, I didn't need to lie or rebel!

7. She would take me on crush drives whenever I wanted!

8. She let me drive our nicer car in high school, and she would drive our old 88' cavalier with no air and a broken muffler, this may seem weird to you, but she truly cared about me and my sister, I didn't even have to ask, she just wanted us to have the nicer things. She never puts herself first.

9. Most of all she would give you everything or anything you need, no matter what, love, material things, she would skip paying a bill to buy someone a gift if she needed to, she has the biggest heart of anyone I know in the world! She loves me more than anything and she is my best friend. I can tell her anything and she won't judge me or feel differently about me, she would just love me more!

I hope you all have a fabulous mother's day and know that being a mother is the most amazing gift you can give!

Friday, May 11, 2007

All by myself.....

Well not really, my mom lives with me and it is going to be so fun, but Rhett left yesterday and I am dying. I am sick, it is weird, I didn't truly think I would miss him this much. I probably called him 10 times yesterday, and he called me a few to. He is in Sacramento selling food storage, he will be gone until August sometime, holy crap it is a long time for me. I was thinking though how lucky I am that he is doing something safe, I can't imagine if he was going to war, or doing something where I wasn't sure he was safe, or when he was coming back. I know he is going to do amazing down there, I have no doubts, and I am sure he will be fine without me, but I just want to see him and hold him already. Am I pathetic or what, 1 day and I am already freaking out. Well I am going to make the best of it though, and keep myself super busy, and enjoy this special time with my mom. I just miss him and love him more than anything, so now you all know what is going on with me, I know my life is not to interesting, I am sorry!