Monday, November 12, 2012

Ever and the primary program

 The primary program was on Oct 2nd
Ever was asked to sing the first verse of I feel my saviors love with her friend Alexia
She didn't want to do it or practice at all when I first told her
She totally warmed up to the idea as it got closer and closer
she was singing it all the time
also she was reciting her part which was
"jesus christ created the earth as a place where I can learn to choose the right."
The day came and she was so excited
I wish I had her fearless attitude
If she is nervous you cannot tell
She sang beautifully and remembered her part
It was a proud day!
Grammy and Val came and she was most excited about that. 
I love moments like these, I hope she always keeps her confidence!

on our way to the practice

instagram update

disney store visit, heaven for Ev
motorcylce and ariel balloons, city creek

nap skipper

excited for the dog park, love West's bed head

outdoor movie night
wearing her new DI dress up all day!
ready for family pictures
helmet hair

mom wear these glasses and take our picture, Ever's request

another pet store visit, closest thing they will probably have to a pet
eating popsicles in aunt Staci's trailer
seeing the halloween house

West loves shopping

daddy daughter art time

excited for Dilynne's birthday party

Ever's drawings, she drew and spelled these all on her own

chocolate pudding or body paint?

Poor brave boy, sick again

he never cried, even with the throat swab, breathing treatments and xrays!

first snow

getting more paint, thank heavens for these cars

tried to skip his nap again

strep for this girl

want some mom?

5 am snuggles

seeing the witches

We sure love doing this every year
this day was pretty mellow thankfully
the kids like the witches but i think their favorite part is definitely the petting zoo and pony rides
the poor bunnies didn't know what was coming
the kids were carrying them around and chasing them, kinda funny
West finally rode a real pony
he was so happy
we had a great time and love this tradition


We made a quick trip to brianhead in September  
and as always someone was sick
this time it was Ever and Teg
Ever started fevering the day we left
that first night at the cabin was awful
I don't remember how may times she puked 
She ended up fevering for almost 6 days
it was a stinker of a sickness
Besides that she still managed to have some fun
She loves playing with Gabby and Teg
poor teg had the worst sinus infection
they were troopers
West wanted to do nothing but ride things
typical for him
we had a great time though, riding the zip line again was fun 
all the kids tried it!