Monday, September 26, 2011


We headed up to snowbird for octoberfest yesterday!
We just walked around mostly, luckily most the people were in the lines for beer so we didn't have to wait long for the kid stuff.
We had fun and it was nice to be with Rhett for a while.

She was so excited for this and sat so still

This picture is hilarious, he does this all the time. She may look kinda happy here but she got really mad after! What a stinker!

Ever 3 1/2, Westbrook 9 months

Ever turned 3 1/2 on sunday! We went and walked around Octoberfest and she got her face painted, she was so happy!

She started a hip hop/jazz class, she has gone twice and seems to like it. Ballet was on a day that wouldn't work this time, but this class should be fun! She can shake it for sure, she has some serious dance moves

She made her own sandals with pipe cleaners the other day, I was actually impressed, they were the same!

She loves to decorate everything with her bows.

She seriously looks so old to me lately, I can't stand it.

She has a serious appetite, she eats a lot and seems to be hungry all the time, growing maybe?

She has endless amounts of energy

She is such a smart little girl. We are so proud of her! She spends most of her time at her new princess desk coloring and drawing. I need to scan in some of her stuff, she is really good! She can write most of her letters, and some numbers! I can't believe she is this old, where does time go. We sure love her and don't know what we would do without her!

West @ 9 months

These monthly posts are coming way to fast
there is no way he is 9 months

His mood is all over the place
He is so happy most the time
but he sure has a temper

I seriously love his smile

He loves his tubby

He is pretty good at entertaining himself
He loves balls and that is his favorite word to say!

So dramatic

I think his cry face is kinda cute though
I love high chair time, he is so funny

So big


he has girl toys a lot because that is whats here.
he doesnt seem to care a whole lot

He is standing all the time, even balances alone. I expect walking soon, no rush though.
This is how he tries to pick stuff up, with his mouth.

He has a hair cut every two weeks about, I would grow it out a little but it is so straight, I am not sure I would like the look of it long and straight. Cutting it is a nightmare though.

He is teething or something becuase nights are not going so well.
He is kinda shy and lays his head on my shoulder when people talk to him he doesn't know all that well.
He loves his sissy
he loves to pull her hair, and bite her to, that does not go over very well
He also hits me a lot, not sure why he does that when he is frusterated, I just put him down and walk away

He is a pretty good eater, he still gets a rash on his face from some foods
he loves all fruits, wheat bread, and really anything we give him.

He weighed 21 lbs 10 oz 77%
and was 30 inches 92%

head was 95%

Still a huge boy, he looks so old, much older than 9 months
He is still a mama's boy, I love when he crawls over and just loves me.
Still only has 4 teeth, I was expecting more by now. Ever had molars at 9 months. Runny nose, fussiness and not sleeping are making me think some are coming.
He dances every time music comes on!

FUNNY......we get told a lot that he looks asian, I think it is so funny. I was at a store the other day holding him and the girl working says to me, "so your husband is Asian." I laughed! I love his little black eyes, well really they are brown but look black, his tiny mouth and dark straight hair! I could stare at his little face all day, I sure love him!

They are going to be close I think
they already like to be close to each other
Him more than her I think