Thursday, February 28, 2008

I am suffocating!

36 weeks
I really can't breathe much anymore, my little one has filled my belly up and I can't breathe, on top of it I have a great cold. But I am getting chlosterphobia( I completely spelled that wrong) really bad, I am freaking a little, I want it out so I can breathe. I love this experience but not breathing is a little much for me, it is scary.

I am also freaking because it is getting really close, I have been watching some movies and techniques to help with the pain, but am I really strong enough to do it? I am questiong myself a lot, and it is not good. We tried to get in some classes but they are booked up until may, so we rented some sweet movies from the library, I swear they haven't made a new one since the 70's, no joke. But they are helping a little, I still am scared. I really want to experience this amazing thing naturally, but I also don't to not be so miserable I not enjoy it. I am just going to keep an open mind and see how it goes, hopefully the superwoman in me comes out, and I am strong enough to do this.

I am so thankful it is getting closer. I hope she comes a little early to be honest 2 weeks would be perfect, I don't want her huge, just healthy. I start the every week appointments now, holy cow, I am going to be a mom in like 30 days, only 3 more saturdays babyless, am I ready for this?

I held a newborn the other day for the first time since I have been pregnant, it really made things feel real, I was thinking to myself, I hardly know how to hold this, how am I going to do it all? I guess it just comes to you, I hope. Rhett was like are you holding her head, telling me to be careful, this is going to be comical to see us together with a tiny baby! I can't wait. I just want to hold her in my arms, and see her look up at me and recognize my voice, i hope she does I talk to her so she will hopefully.

I want to say thanks to all of you that came to my shower, it was so fun, and I got the cutest dang things, I am set for a while, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I am working on thank you cards, but I am a little slow, I found some wedding thank you's yesterday that were filled out but never sent, oops, I am good!

Friday, February 15, 2008

My funniest memories....

Reading everyone's funny memories of there friends has really got me thinking of mine. I have decided I was a really weird person, but I had so much fun, I can't even begin to tell you! Here are some funny ones, I seem to have a memory with close to all of you I swear! Here they go...

1. We once snuck into the city pool with some boys, turned it on the slide, and went down it in our underwear. How scary. Brianna
2. We got chased around bloomington for like an hour by some crazy guy who caught us for toilet papering and we all peed our pants we were so scared. Michelle, and heather were there for sure, maybe jocelyn
3. I sat in the car while a bunch of you snuck into Rhett's backyard to spy on him, after his mish, I was so mad, crying and sad, it was hilarious, they almost caught us. I know of Cassidy, Brianna and Rachel for sure
4. We went to San diego, dressed like twins the whole time practically, and told everyone we were twins, what dorks. Brianna
5. We almost got beat up at a stop light by some gangsta chicks in salt lake, cause we looked at them wrong. Tara
6. At a basketball tournament we stayed up all night and pranked a room of other cheerleaders, I pretended to be a boy, the next morning we got to hear all about the boy that kept pranking there room all night. We pranked emily and Kailee's room, my room had cass, and KAsey for sure I think Tara to
8. You witnessed my first kiss, at Michelle Debs birthday party, and saw me cry for hours cause I was so mad, I wanted it to be Rhett, I was a little obsessed with him. Cassidy
9. We hung a sheet in my room and took pictures with porcelain dolls, and thought we were so cute. Brianna
10. We only had one bike, so we taped a big cotton pad on the seat and pumped eachother everywhere. I fell off the back once, rode the tire and ruined my new lucky jeans, they had a huge black tire mark on the crotch. Brianna
11. We were at sconecutter and you peed your pants in the booth, poured ice on it, then the cleaning lady whiped it up thinking it was soda, and continued to wipe all the other tables as well. Kassy
12. I ate all your rice when I came to your house, that is all I did, and I was so scared of your dog. Jocelyn
13. We had professional pictures taken of us at kmart, they were cute haha! Brianna
14. We invented swingnastics. Brianna
15. You had a second graduation at Kaity's house, hilarious! Cass
16.You drank my backwash, and knew it! EEEWWWW Tara
17.I cried forever when I forgot your birthday one year, you thought I was a dork. Brianna
18. We drove my dads car around the circular drive way for hours, cause we were to young to drive anywhere else. I did this with two of you I think. Tara and Brianna
19.We got in a huge fight on our senoir trip and were yelling at eachother cause I wanted to put mascara on!! We fought like the rest of the trip.Brianna
20. You told everyone not to play with me in elementary school, so I would throw moss at people from the gutter, or hang out with my mom! I was cool. Brianna
21. You ran over my foot in the school parking lot, and I said the F word for the first time. Tara
22. We did a sweet dance to backstreets Everybody in the ninth grade talent show. Jocelyn and Camie
23. On the way to state football game in cedar your bug broke down. and we all rode the rest of the way in the back of a truck, freezing. Kassy and Brianna
24. A bunk bed collapsed on you in Brianhead, and you held it up. Another one of you were on the top it was the funniest sight ever! Brianna was on the bottom, Jocelyn was on the top
25. When Rhett broke up with me one of the times, you brought me a little basket of things to help me feel better, I hope you remember doing this, it was so nice. Carly
26. Me and your little sister used to go in your room and use all of your stuff, you would get so mad and yelled at us all the time. Marla
27. Once when it rained we got in our pajamas and rode down the gutters, that is sick. Brianna
27. You took a tuna shot out of my belly button during truth or dare! Tara
28 You threw the phone at me and it broke on my elbow, then threatened to cut me with a razorblade. Tara
29. Once you were trying a stunt I was supposed to catch you when you fell, I didn't and you hit the ground, I cried so hard. This was Jocelyn, but I am sure I dropped Emily to
30. We got in a fight cause I didn't want to wear jeans on game day to school, I wanted to wear my warm-ups. I was always getting in trouble for not wearing my skirt to, I can think of 3 of you that would tell me to take my warm ups off!!! I was a brat or the "bi" they called me. This was cass, jocelyn, Laura, and I remember kailee and emily getting mad at me for wearing my pants! Brynn called me the Bi!!!

They may not seem funny to all of you, but they are some really fond memories that I have, I love all of them, they made me laugh today! I could go on all day, but I hope some of you remember these. I have many more, but am saving them. A lot of them are from cheer, and you all know we did some crazy weird things, we have some picture to prove it. I love all my friends so much, and can't wait to see you all tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Baby Stuff!

This is the cute pack and play/bassinett that my dad and stepmom got for us. I picked it out up here at usa baby, and love it. They were nice enough to get it for us. Thanks so much!!! I love it! She is going to be so spoiled with all her good grandparents.
Here are a few outfits that I have so far, not even close to all of them but a few, I made a few of the flower clips to go with a couple of them, I hope she has some hair so she can wear them. I love her swimsuit, can't wait to see her chubber legs in it!

This is pretty close to the stroller/car seat we got, the color is just a little different. My Mother-in-law got this for us, I love it. It is so cute, easy to push, small, and the color is neutral enough any blanket will go, and it can work for the next kid, if there is one, boy or girl. Love it! Thanks Colleen. We are so lucky to have so many nice people to get things for us. We really havent had to purchase anything yet. Our crib was given to us by my sister in law, the dresser changing table we got with a gift card from my dad and wife. We are so blessed to have so many nice people in our lives. My mom is always getting new fun stuff for the baby as well. My sister made some really cute burp rags, along with the baby bedding, (check out her blog to see how well she did) I will have to get a picture of those, they are the cutest! We are blessed!

Monday, February 11, 2008

One word.....FLU!!!!!

Hate it, want to kill it. I seriously think that I could hate nothing more than this. I am sure you are all experiencing it in your own way, I hear it is going around. I luckily caught it, even with a flu shot, oh well, hopefully I will be over with it for a couple years now. I was feeling weird wednesday not sick, weird, then that night, it hit me so fast, fever and the rest you know! Anyway I will spare you the details, but I am better, got a little dehydrated, starved my baby for like a day and a half, couldn't even touch food, but better. I am a major slacker on this blogging thing lately, I feel that all my posts are about the baby, or me being sick. I need some fresh new ideas.

Things I am thankful for today:

1. The burst of energy I had today, and was able to pretty much redo and organize, and clean my entire kitchen.

2. My cute dresser for the baby's room Rhett set up for me last night, I can finally put some things away, it is so cute!


4. All the years I did my grandma's hair that taught me how to do the "old-lady-do" I call it. I have to do about 10 ladies this week since my boss is in Hawaii. I am the best back comber though, thanks to my grandma!!!!

5.The fact that Friday is approaching very fast! I get to see all my friends and family!

6.My mother-in-law for getting me the stroller-carseat combo I wanted, I love it! Thank you Colleen, Love ya!!!

7. PAJAMAS!!!! That is all I have to say about that

8. Finding out my headaches are not from high blood pressure, toxemia, pre-eclampsyia(cant spell that) all the bad stuff, I am super healthy and it is just my hormones, makes sense since I still have acne all over!

9. I am thankful I was able to see my Dad, Step-mom, and little bro and sis last weekend, was fun to see them. Happy 8th B-day guys! Love you all!

10. Valentines day, that is my mom's b-day and I can't wait to celebrate it with her! Happy Birthday mom! I have learned to love that day more and more, it is a great day to tell the person you love how much you love them over and over, without getting annoying, it's the day, say it all you want!

These are the floors, I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Yay for my handy hubby! They show a lot but they look so pretty! We have started to put our house and lives back together Halelujah!