Monday, August 20, 2007

I don't like being sick

So I have had enough of this being sick stuff. I was pretty much down all last week, with a few trips to the ER to get rehydrated and getting some nausea meds, I am now able to do some things. That was the worst week of my life, I know now that the nausea is not going to magically disappear so I now just deal with it. I am on Zofran to help, and stopped taking the pre-natals I was on, and I think that is helping. Rhett makes me toast every morning, I eat it before I even get up, and that also helps. I know in the end I will completely forget this, and I can't wait for that. I am so excited still and am over 2 months now, I get to hear the heartbeat in like 2 1/2 weeks, YEAH!!!!! We are moving all of our stuff into my cousins garage right now because we don't close on our house until the end of the month, but we will be in Hawaii, a trip that was planned pre-pregnancy, and before we purchased our house, but I am still excited as heck. I just hope I feel well enough to enjoy myself, I think I will though. So that is what is going on in our crazy lives. We are both still working as well, and trying to just keep our lives as calm as we can. Can I just say how lucky I am to have the husband I have, he has taken such good care of me, and I am so grateful for him, I couldn't have done all this without him. Also my mom was such a big help, she comes over after work and helps me out. I feel so helpless, but I just wanted to die for a while, I am sure all you mommies know what I mean by that. I now know what it means to be that sick, you cannot know until you have been there. I am lucky I am better now!!! Thanks for all the messages and advice. I appreciate it, and I will keep updating more!!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Our new CASA!!! (maybe)


So we are in the process of buying this house, just tying up all the loose ends or what not. I just want to say I am so excited. This may not look like a lot to some, but to us it is the world. Especially for me, I have lived in an apartment since I was 12, not that there is anything wrong with that, but to have a home of my own is the best feeling. I think everything is going to go through, we don't see any reason why it wouldn't, but you never know. I just love it, we definetely need to fix some stuff up, but luckily they have started to do some of that. It is happening at a hard time, I am sick as a dog, and Hawaii is coming up in like 2 1/2 weeks. We have to be out of our apartment before hawaii because we don't want to pay rent here for another month, so we are in limbo for like 2 weeks, no place to live. I will explain more soon, the house is in Bountiful, and I thought I wouldnt be sick with this pregnancy, yeah right, I couldn't work out no way in heck. The puking has begun, and I feel like poo! It will all be worth it in the end right? Lot's going on, stressful, but exciting times, I love life!!!
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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My favorite post EVER!!!!

I was going to wait but I can't, I have to get it out. I am PREGNANT!!!!!! I am so freaking excited, I still am in some serious shock! We did not think it would happen this fast, we were wrong. Call me fertile Mertyl I guess, holy cow!!! Anyway I found out a week ago and have been dying to post it. I was going to wait a couple months, but if you know me you know that that is impossible. I mean how the heck to you keep in the most exciting news of your life? I can't do it, but now I am a nervous wreck. I never thought I would be this nervous. I am a stress case, and all day I worry, every little pain freaks me out, I can't handle it. But soon this will all be over and I will have this beautiful little baby here to hold and cuddle and take care of forever. Rhett is so excited and shocked all at the same time! We don't care what we have, all we care is that it is healthy and everything goes smoothly. I cannot believe I am going to be a mom, by far the Craziest feeling I have ever had. I want to keep running, and they say it is ok, but when I do I worry the entire time and feel like it is not worth the risk of harming my baby. I am about 6 weeks along, I know that is not much, but can I just say time is already flying. Well this is long and I could go on all day, but I will save your time for your families. Anyway, I feel so blessed to have this experience, this is something I have wanted for so long, and it is finally happening, I can't begin to explain how I feel!!!!! i am so lucky to have an amazing husband to take care of me, and my baby. I have no worries about that, I am so thankful for him in my life, he is truly my everything. On a lighter note can I just say that my boobs hurt so bad, I want to die, but that is really all I feel, a few headaches, but no nausea yet!!! Thank heavens, but I would go through anything to have a baby!!!!