Wednesday, June 20, 2007


So Rhett has been playing softball with our brother in law and some guys from his neighborhood on wednesdays, when he can at least! This is about as exciting as our days get. I love him though, I don't know what it is but there is something about him playing sports, or snowboarding, or doing anything like that that I love, I could watch him all day. He is very coordinated and talented and does not give himself much credit, but I think he is the best one on the team, I am not really being partial cause we are married I am serious. My brother in law is good too, the others do their best! They usually get killed, well sometimes, but tonight they won! It was awesome! Can I just say it is hot here, I was sopping wet by the end of the game, I didn't want to stand up, but it was worth it to watch him play and win. My niece is also the cutest thing ever, I love when we get to see her!! Do you guys think Rhett's shades are cool? I love them, a lot of people make fun of them, they say they look like top gun, or some 70's cop glasses or something, I think he looks good in them!
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Monday, June 18, 2007

Hair, Family, and Fun!!!

Tara and Troy came up this weekend, it was a lot of fun. Friday not they got here pretty late, but Saturday morning we started right away with coloring and cutting Tara's hair. She looked so freaking pretty! We cut her bangs, she wears them more forward, and it is so pretty on her!!! I had a few more clients, then ended the day coloring my mom's hair! Don't get me wrong I love doing hair and making them look with beautiful, with waxed eyebrows, makeup, and a cute style, but then when I am done with work, I look like crap. I have color all over me, my hair is flat and uncurled, and I have no more makeup on look really tired. But I love my family so it is worth it, but I am pretty wore out by the end of the day and don't want to touch myself. Do you all love getting ready? I have come to dread it, I am going to try and not make this all negative, but I don't like getting ready, I will leave it at that!
My family is so nice, they are family and they don't have to pay me to do their hair, but they seem to pay more than they should, I feel bad taking it, it is so nice! On Saturday we went to the condo downtown Salt Lake where my mom is going to be moving with a lady at work, it is an older condo, but so freaking cute. They are painting, and remodeling the inside, it is not much to look at from the outside, but inside it is amazing. So old and so unique, I am so happy for her, I told her I want to live there! I will take pics of it soon, and don't be mad but I dont have any pics from theritip, Tara took a few maybe we can get her to post them, MAYBE! After that we went to McGrath's fish house at the gateway, I hate seafood, and so does Rhett, we were the only two with burgers and fries, not seafood, but there was not wait at this place, and like at least 1 hour at every other restaurant, so it worked. We parted from the boys for a while, they can not shop, it is weird, but it was fun with the girls, then watched a movie. Great time, to fast but good.
Yesterday I hung out with my husband all day, it is amazing, church, drive, nap, dinner, park and cuddling. This is my ideal sunday and time with Rhett, I am the happiest when we are together, it is my favorite thing. Anyway, that is a recap, I hope you all had a great fathers day weekend, sorry no new pics, that was dumb of me!