Sunday, April 29, 2012

Westbrook 15 and 16 months

Love this face, still drools tons

This is my kids moods most of the day
Just thinking of West makes me smile
there is no denying it
he is 100% BOY

He is stubborn
and lots more

he finally has been well for a few weeks
runny nose started bad today
hoping it doesn't stick arouond

I think the biggest change in the last month is how well he is talking
he puts words together
he is recognizing people and calling their names
we spent sometime in stg and he started saying hi grandpa, or papa
he says love you
night night
when he is ready for bed he says baba ganket
thats for his bottle and blanket
he says sissy now instead of making the ssss sound
he know about 10 or more animal sounds
he says coco for Kort, probably my favorite thing
thats just some of them

when I am doing hair and he wants me he waves bye bye to my clients while I am still doing their hair
he could eat all day
eats dirt and everything else
he says uh huh instead of no
and ya for yes
he tells me when he goes poo poo
he still sleeps bad
he gives the best kisses
he says thank you on his own most of the time

We eat a lot of suckers, it's one of the only things that makes him happy when we are out.
He love melmo(elmo)
he loves baths
He is growing so fast, and seems so old
we sure love him
15 month stats
34 1/4 in 99%
26.2 lbs 71%

Ever's colorful birthday party

Ever wanted a colorful party she said! Easy enough!

 Egg game

 water balloon toss

 cupcakes and drinks

 her new bike which is all she wanted
 her other favorite part, the pinata
 Aunt Marci and West, she watched him most the time!
 gift time
 All the friends

 egg hunt
 Sunday march 25th
 birthday girl
 the ice cream cake which she really wanted
she doesn't like frosting she said
 practicing her hoola hoop
Love you Birthday girl

St. Patricks Day

We had a good Green day
made our own shirts
wore tattoos
and green make up
ate green food

It was fun!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Ever turns 4

How can this be?
I say it every year, but this time it is different
I didn't want to believe it was coming
I still don't want to say she is 4.
She may as well be 18 and moving out of the house
that's kinda how it feels

I sure love this little thing
Isn't she pretty, I love her real smile, when she is truly doing something she loves
Her laugh is so cute and contagious
Every thing she does amazes me
she is so special and such a blessing in our lives
there are some things I definitely want to remember at this age for sure

When she gets excited lately she has told me that her belly feels jumpy
She is so stinking smart!
I hope learning always comes easy to her
She is spelling out words, sounding them out and arguing with me on the ones that dont sound like they are
She is ticked that giraffe starts with a g not a j.
She nows pronounces it with the g sound not a j sound
Tara has a dog named Oakley.
She found the work ocly, spelled just like that on the back porch in chalk
she is getting really good at it!
She remembers things so well
She had to read a scripture for sharing time a few sundays ago.
We read it two times the night before
I was telling her it in her ear in sharing time and she just finished it out.
She hardly needed me
She learned to play on the computer and use the mouse, and loves it

She starts soccer this saturday
She is pretty athletic
She definitely doesnt get that form me
the way she hit her pinata at her birthday made me think that she may need to play softball
she is kinda competitive, that is probably from me unfortunately

Probably the most exciting thing this month was her learning to ride her bike with mo training wheels
I can't believe how fast she caught on
the bike is a little big for her so she falls everytime she stops
and never cries
tough chicken

she is quite the artist
she draws so well
and loves to do crafts

She is such a great big sister
and a great friend
She is very creative and plays so well

After her birthday she asked me if I thought everyone had a good time at her party
She said "I tried to talk to everyone so that no one felt left out."
I am so proud of her
She is a sweetheart

She has a great heart and loves everyone!
We love her so much and can't wait to see what the next year brings
I am not puting her in preschool.
I cant even stand that she will be in kindergarten next year!
Call me crazy but she is going to be in school for the next 12 years at least
I want her home with me and want her to be little for as long as I can
I love having her around, she is my little buddy and such a good helper!
I love teaching her and watching her learn and get smarter!

4 year stats
41.5 in 85%
40.8 lbs 86%
Size 10 or 11 shoe

Thursday, April 5, 2012

fotofly 4-2-12

West kills me here!

Grammy wanted some updated family pictures for her birthday!
We havent done them since she has had grand children!
I love them and think they all turned out great!
The kids did awesome (minus Westbrook, he is a stink)
Happy late birthday mom!