Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Westbrook @ 6 months

Is he really half a year, no way
I can't stand it.
Look at that face, he melts my heart

He was eating a otter pop, loved it
I think it felt good on his teeth

If he is in here Ever usually is to
She loves to hang out with him
She doesn't love getting her hair pulled which he constantly does still

Looking at his hair here it looks so thick
but the back is pretty short
and he was sporting two different hair styles in the front and back
I tried my best to cut it myself, he was VERY wiggly
I need to take a picture, his new do makes him look even older
but so cute
I want it longer though, I think it will be cute

I love his huge grin

He is so smiley and gets super shy

Couldn't you just eat those legs

He wants to be standing constantly
His eyes are so dark almost black

Holy chins and neck rolls
great place for his drool to go,
he drools so so so much
its gross

Finally has his two bottom teeth
doc says looks like the top are coming really soon

He is sitting up so well

He is not sleeping as good,
I am not sure why all the time

maybe its teething

He is so lovey
he also is so so wiggly
its so hard to hold him, he just pushes off and wants down
then he wants you to hold him

he loves the bath still
he curls his toes constantly
they look like monkey feet
I need to get a picture
they are always so tight and never relaxed

he still is not loving solids
we will keep trying

he laughs the hardest at Ever
she can always make him smile

he was not very cooperative in family pictures last week
maybe he was tired
if we sat him down he just ate dirt and leaves and grass
but didn't want to be held
He is getting a little better in the car!

he tries to copy you, like a fake cough
he says baba so cute and it is usually when he wants one
he blows bubbles a lot, its cute
he really is so drooly, just like Ever was
I can't stand it, he is sopping wet all the time
he is super strong

the doc said today he is doing great
he has great balance and strong legs

he weighed in at
20 lbs 1 oz 87%
28 3/4 in 97%

I am so tempted to turn him around in the car
what to do???

We all sure do love West! Not sure what we did without him
What a blessing he is to all of us!

Monday, June 6, 2011

their little faces

I love these faces!
I stare at them so much
I love every little detail.
I love Ever's freckle under her nose
I love how Westbrook's eyes change when he smiles
I love their profiles especially
and their little tiny lips
I love their matching ears
they look a lot a like to me actually

I especially love to kiss their faces

I love that Ever smiles so nice for the camera
She is getting so old and her face is looking so mature
I love that West still has a chubby baby face and a double chin

I love their pointy chins!

I really love that their faces almost exactly match their Dads!
I get to see these faces every day, all day.
I sure feel blessed!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ever's dance recital

Ever has been so excited to do her dance on the big stage
She has been practicing her little heart out
it payed off for the most part
the little girls got a little carried away with their spins
but for the most part it was a darling little dance
She has quite the little memory and will show her dance to pretty much anyone who asks
we got it on tape luckily

Ever loves to wear makeup and dress up
she couldn't stop looking in the mirror and pulling some hilarious faces

When she was on the stage she stood so still with her hands on her hips
I told her she was supposed to smile but figured she forgot
but as soon as the music started she put the biggest smile on and I was so happy
I was a proud mama for sure
we all were
daddy, grammy, auntie and Teg.
It was super cute and I will probably keep her in dance

Rhett took all these pictures, he said she was posing herself.
I wish I had her lengthy lashes, seriously.

Daddy got her flowers because she has been saying she would get some after the performance
Blue ones ever, her favorite color
And a new dalmation dog, she left hers at the library and it is gone
She was so excited

West was not a fan of the dancing, I was in the hall most the time.