Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The zoo, just girls!

I decided yesterday when I saw the weather was going to be so nice to take Ever to the zoo. I LOVE having my Ever time, yes I get it a lot but it is so different to just take her out and spend time doing something totally for her. When it is just me and her she is so different, she is glued to my side, not wild and it is so fun. I would not change her personality for the world, but it sure is nice to hear ok mommy after everything I say and ask. We love spending time with grammy, daddy, auntie and Teg, we actually prefer it, but yesterday I was thinking we will soon have a brother in the house and our alone time will be further and farther between. I do plan on having outings with both my kids, so they can occasionally have alone or their time as I will call it, but I am sure it will be a big shock to Ever to share the spotlight! We had the best day, she was so sweet and sure loved the animals.

I think this is the longest we stayed in one spot, she was talking to these 2 like they were real. I love her imagination, it is the best!

She is still not a fan of gorillas. She would not get to close to the statue, I kept telling her it was not real but she was not buying it.
When we got home Rhett was asking her if she had a good time and what animals she saw. She told him we should lock all the doors and get a monkey. I can only think she got that from the real gorilla, when it was coming towards the glass she was trying to bail, I told her she was locked in there and could not get out.

I can't believe how big she is getting, she looks so old to me and acts that way to. She still has her 2 year old moments for sure. But she is even playing with friends sometimes now. They play pretend and go to school and I love to sit and listen to it.

This is Madeline, Lexi and Ever. They were playing house. Lexi is 6 and plays really cute with Ever and Madi, who is 3. They have there girl fight moments but do really well for the most part.
They live in the 2 houses next to us, they occasionally come get her to play, its always sad to tell her play time is over. We have another 3 year old girl on the street to, her and Ever are friends also. Kind of fun to have so many little girls near by.

Monday, August 16, 2010

To the Cabin!

We headed to Brianhead last weekend for a couple of days. Rhett's parents were there and we were so glad to see them and spend time with them. They are great hosts. Marlin always makes the best dutch oven and we love it!

My Dad, Teri, Maddy and Adam came up to visit.

Ever loves playing with those two. I wish we could see them more, I barely see or talk to Ever the entire time they are around. She loves them!
We took a walk, it was the perfect day and Ever walked pretty much the whole thing but the last hill home by herself. Grandpa Dave carried her the rest because I am a wuss.

We tried to get some picture of Ever on this log for Grandma Colleen, Ever wasn't having it and thought she was going to fall in the middle, there was a hole.

Ever loves it here, she gets as dirty as she wants, and gets to be outside most the time. Rhett and I love it here to. I think we could stay for weeks, it is so peaceful relaxing and just great time to spend together.

Ever was just getting over being sick. The first night there she had played all day no nap, and went to bed at 6:30 kind of. She woke up so many times I lost count and just cried. The next night grandpa Marlin said to her it is a good thing you didn't cry last night or you would have been out with the bears. He was totally kidding. I know she was sick but it really got a little loud and frustrating after a couple hours of it.

We waited for Tara, Troy and Tegan to arrive. We went for a ride while we waited. Ever was not sure about the Ranger at first, she was scared and had to have her seatbelt on.

I sure love these 2, I have an amazing husband and daughter. Me and Rhett have taken pictures here a lot of times, now I have one of my 2 loves!

Once they got there we took a ride to the twisted forest and a few other places. The kids had a blast and loved every second of it.

Ever decided to be in their family picture for a minute, I finally got her out.

After this ride Rhett got sick, so until Tuesday afternoon he was down. It was a bummer that he had to get sick on his time off.

We are so glad Grandpa Marlin built this cabin, we have a blast and we all love going there so much! Thanks for having us! We had a great time!