Thursday, October 29, 2009

19 months and pumpkins!

This little thing is 19 months now. I think blogging about it makes it come faster, but it is such a good way for me to remember things, it pretty much my diary for her. I hope someday to print it off for her. I want to remember every little thing, I can't help it.

1. Her manners are getting so good, she says thank you, and sometimes thank you so much, thats my favorite. Please and your welcome are becoming a lot more common to.
2. She is starting to be more opinionated about her clothes
3. I let her pick out her shoes most days, she likes it
4. She is getting more shy, which I must say I love because I get to hold her more that way.
5. She is really liking playing with other kids a lot and does fairly well with sharing
6. She is getting better at saying OK mom when I say no to something
7. loves to play in candles and rub the wax everywhere, also loves to take everything out of the dishwasher and spread it around the house.
8. Loves puting on her own lotion
9. She lets me do her hair
10. pretty good about not messing it up, but really hates her bangs in her eyes
11. says thats cute all the time, to clothes, or whatever.
12. Loves lucky charms
13. still loves her 2 bottles at nap and bedtime
14. gets right in her big girl bed at nights and goes to sleep around 9 pm
15. wakes up 2 to 3 times at night and rarely sleeps past 7 am
16. asks for mommy a lot and I love it
17. has seriously stinky feet for a little one
18. hates getting her teeth brushed. its a battle
19. loves to get lipstick (lipgloss) put on

--Loves when her daddy comes home, runs up to him and gives him a big hug.
--Loves Teg! they are playing together so well and she is a lot softer now.
--when a song comes on she tells everyone to dance individually, like dance Teg, or dance gammy. it so funny!
-- Not really good at feeding herself, she makes a mess and plays in her food mostly. gotta stop that
-- I did a brides hair and her maid of honor here at my house on saturday, when the maid of honor got her dress on Ever said, you are a beautiful ballerina!

Our version of carving pumpkins is
coloring them!

Ever had a blast, did this for like 45 minutes, she was very proud. she takes after her daddy! Sorry little girl, mommy hates messy things really bad!
I kinda think her hair is looking red, i have been blow drying it, its so shiny and seriously looks red sometimes. not sure where that came from! But I love it!

Monday, October 26, 2009

More Everbell, bowling, halloween, etc........

I really took pictures for like 10 minutes, and 2 places. I thought maybe I could get like 2 or 3 good ones for a halloween card. Ended up loving basically everyone I snapped. Mostly cause I love this little fart. She is so in love with her halloween party, she wants to wear it all the time, but we can't yet. I am sure as soon as halloween is over she will be in it a lot. Love my FAIRY.

The other night we had people over for the really sad byu game. This was Ever enjoying an ice cream sandwich after the game, our friend thought it would be funny to tell Ever to smash it in her own face. What is with people thinking it is funny to get you kid all messy and then leave you to clean up? Anyway, she doesn't love to be dirty and when we showed her her face she cried. It made for some cute pics though!

I love trying to get a picture of four little kids, I think it is so funny how no one can concentrate and they all do different things.
This is my cousing darling little boy Andrew. He watches Rocky like every day I guess and loves to act out the scenes. He makes the cutest boxer I know and is great at having his picture taken.

We had a lot of fun bowling the other night, Ever wasn't digging it to much since she can't really hold the ball, but she ran around the place instead and we chased her all night and tried to stop her from running down the lanes.

Here is a picture of the clown costume I was in love with. The description says it is really puffy and bounces around when they run from house to house. I was so excited to have it, didn't get it though, maybe they will sell it and I can have it next year. Or i can have one made!

This is Dilynne. I have taken some pictures of her before, but she is one now. I snapped a few the other day, but isn't she so stinking cute?

For the record..................
Week 2 in nursery not so good. Main reason might be that Ever is waking up before 5 in the morning, crying all the time, and getting a 2 year molar. Not a good combo. She went right in and when relief society was about 15 minutes from being over I couldn't take it any longer and went and checked. Snack time was happening, Ever was not sitting at the table. I heard her screaming and found the poor nursery lady trying to calm her down. They didn't want me to take her, said she would be fine, but I wasn't. We were all tired but she wanted her mom, and I caved like I always do. She stayed right by me the rest of church though. I took her back for the last 10 minutes of nursery and she had a ball, she liked that i was in there. Another little girl came and sat on my lap and she tried to rip her out of my arms. She is at a funny age right now, she is changing, getting more shy, and I love seeing her personality!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

first time.....

I can't get enough of her smile!!!
Tara and I look the same in every picture, Ever looks different in all, what a nut!

Sunday was Ever's first time in nursery.
I was definitely more nervous than I should have been
I did not want her to be the naughty or mean kid
The last of my worries was that she would miss me.

I was wrong
She did well though
I checked on her way to many times
she was standing at the door asking for me
I was so sad and happy at the same time
she is pretty independent and I thought she wouldn't miss me a bit
she loved snack time
only got pushed over once that I saw, good for her, she needs that
didn't love singing time, that meant she had to sit still
it was kind of funny watching the nursery lady try to get her to sit down

Over all I think she liked it
I missed her like crazy and forgot what it was like to sit still and listen
the hours dragged for me
felt like it was never going to be time to go and get her
when I did she was so happy and gave me a big hug
made my day

love my baby more than anything
can't believe she is in nursery.
It was weird leaving her, I rarely do that
and it is always with family.
Rhett and I were sure happy to see her!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

funny ever.......

loving her age right now, she is our little firecracker, we can't get enough of her, and her new cheesy smile! LOVE YOU EVER

she is so stinking funny right now, she told me to calm down in the middle of the night last night. i kept telling her to go to bed, she woke up at 4 am for the day. i was not to happy, i just kept saying go to sleep as she was asking me for cereal, and to read books and watch barney, and all of the above. so she thought she needed to tell me to calm down i guess. hilarious!

pretty sure she is getting her 2 year molars, really fun, whats new though, teething never ends i swear. she had her 18 month well check appointment. stats are
28 lbs 75%
34 1/2 in 97%
head was in the 97% also

it was weird that this is the first time she hasn't at least gained 2 or 3 lbs, so he was a bit concerned. she actually lost a bit, but i told him she was really sick and that was the reason. she is doing great. she is talking better and better every day. she loves to sing, she didn't know i was listening in the car today but she sang basically the whole chorus to party in the usa, it was so stinking cute. whenever that song comes on she says, i love this song, and starts to dance.

(i am very aware that she wore the black shirt like 3 times, it was not all right together, but happened to be days i had the camera, and i love it so better have her wear it before she out grew it to.)

we watched a super fast circus parade, lasted like 8 minutes, but she loves elephants.
went to a petting zoo, she is so NOT scared of the animals, gets right in there and pets them all.

a quick trip to STG!!!

i am not sure what this new smile is, i kinda think it cute and fuuny. you just say show me your teeth or say cheese and this is what you get now. so funny!

we had a great time visiting with rhett's parents and my dad and family!! I forgot my camera when we visited with my dad but we had a great time seeing them. Ever had a great time with all of you and we love and miss you. hopefully we can see you again soon. thanks for visiting with us and making memories, it means a lot.

we stayed with rhett's parents, Ever loves them both as well. she is one lucky little girl, she has a lot of people who love her. we got to visit with rhett's bro Todd and his wife wendy and kids. that was a lot of fun. Ever and Braxton have a lot of fun together, and Kambrie is so cute with her. all in all we had a great time, to short as usual but great! Love you all!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just a peek......


Not a clown, still stinking cute.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

some things to remember!

1. when she sees her halloween costume she says, "halloween party"
2. i could tell she needed to go poo so i said , do you want to go on the potty? she says "yeah" and sure enough went. lets hope it sticks this time
3. she plays with the halloween decorations, she says "scare me". she plays with a little scarecrow, i asked what she did to it she says, "broke a eye off", which she did.
4. heard her in her room saying, "my name Ever Yates! "
5. if you want to brush her teeth you have to let her brush yours.
6. she put her arm around tegan in the shopping cart the other day and sang him the whole barney song.
7. most words that have an R as the second letter like, tree, crab, cradle, TRUCK, all make the F sound. yeah not always good.
8. she says the F word when you ask her what the Q says, weird. she trys to say quack.
9. every time we see a truck she just says truck, or the f word i mean.
10. loves to sing, and wants a tubby all the time.
11. wants to color all day, will draw something and say what it is, like a circle or a dog.
12. when we go to the store she says oh thats cute to everything, or thats adorable.
13. loves to pick her clothes out.
14. way picky eater, way. maybe its cause she is sick right now.
15. poor thing has puked a lot in the last few days, she says, I frew up when she is done, so sad.
16. so funny when you open a cupboard or a drawer and find random things. rhett found a spoon and bowl in his sock drawer the other day, and I found a bowl of grapes in the cupboard, a day after I gave them to her.
17. she understands everything I say, i talk to her like I would anyone. she is so easy to negotiate with to, I say k we need to do this then you can have that, or something like that and she is so good to do it.
18. hasnt thrown a tantrum in a while, used to do it all the time. when we leave the park instead of freaking she just says, "bye park, see u later". also cleans up her mess really well.
19. oh my gosh, and I love you are my favorite things she says.
20. she sees letters when we are out and says what it is and there sound without me asking.
21. she is so sweet to me, gives the best loves and kisses me without me asking, i freaking love her to death.
22. kind of a bully. maybe worried about her toys is a better way to put it. nursery is this sunday for the first time. help I am freaking out, worried to death about how she will act.
23. wears 2t pants now, so stinking tall.
24. loves her halloween fairy costume, says "I fly" when she has it on and jumps around.

this 18 month of her life is so fun. i cried last night thinking about how old she is getting. CRAZY!