Wednesday, March 31, 2010

gifts in the mail

For a few days she received cards and gifts in the mail. Grandpa and Grandma Yates sent her a darling car which she loves, she calls it her race car. Papa and Yaya sent this table sand and water center, she loves it. It was a sunny day and Ever would say on sunday so we spent sometime playing in it. She loves water, and sure makes a mess, but its fun! Grandma Joyce sent cute toys to play in the water with also. She sure is one spoiled girl. Her grandparents all spoil her rotten. Grammy bought her way to many gifts as well, also helped with the bouncy house since it was her idea!

I so so love this picture

She loves playing with her princesses!

This was her actual birthday, I wanted to get pictures of her on that day, what better time with bed head eating cereal!

She got a chalkboard and white board from mommy and daddy, she loves it! She also got a lot of birthday phone calls.

She is one loved little girl!
Thanks everyone from all of us and especially Ever
You made her birthday so special!

My big big bouncy house

Ever had the best birthday party!

She loved every second of it. She kept saying all my friends came to my birthday party and brought me presents! I went with a bouncy house because all our family kids are such different ages and I wanted to entertain them all. This was perfect, I may do it for all her birthday parties. It was a blast.
This is what her cousin Brodi taught her to do on the slide, it was hilarious. She is pretty fearless.
We were initially doing family only because we have a lot and didn't want to crowd the bouncy house. A few couldn't make it, so we made up for it with a few neighbor kids who were outside looking at the giant house.I should have just invited them all, I over think everything. I definitely dont think it would have been to crowded. I was so glad they came, it was a lot of fun.
She got so many great gifts and she was in heaven. When they came and took the bouncy house, she would look out the window and say " where did my big big bouncy house go?"

Thursday, March 25, 2010

2 years old

Pictures by

Is she really 2?
This is for sure the fastest 2 years of my life.
And I know it is because I am loving my life.
She makes every day so exciting and fun.
She is so funny. She tries to make me laugh.
She is definitely getting some serious attitude.
She sure makes me feel loved though.
I love when she hugs me and says I love you mommy.

She is very supportive, she did learn it from Gabba, but she told me to keep trying and don't give up the other day when I was trying to get the lid off something.
She also says be nice to everyone and they will be nice to you a lot.
She still loves her Dora.
She recognizes Jesus no matter what picture, and I think it is so sweet.
When I ask her is she feels sick or tired she says, no I am happy.
She is a champ now at taking her medicine, I am pretty sure its because she usually gets a cookie
She is getting the funniest imagination, and I love to listen to her play with dolls and make up things.
She has the Best memory, she remembers everything.
She still loves gymnastics and is way more coordinated than I thought she would be.
Still kinda shy around some men, she says hi, but her lip starts to quiver and you can tell the tears are coming.
She asks everyone when their birthday is, and says I am going to be 2 on my birthday,
she also says it on march 25th.
She loves babies. We had a friends baby here the other night, she wanted to touch her face and love her, she was so excited to see her.
She eats really well, not to picky, her favorite things are strawberries, animal crackers, alfredo noodles, cereal, grapes, mandarin oranges, and for sure chocolate and suckers.
She has to feed herself now. I am kind of a freak about her clothes getting dirty so this is a hard one for me. She says "I do it by myself mama, in my high chair." When I take her shirt off which I do when she eats she says "be so careful of my earrings. "
Still doesnt like the idea of the potty, not sure when to really try. It would be nice before disneyland, but also thats a long drive, not sure if she will be able to hold it yet.
She loves to dress up.
She compliments me all the time, like I love your dress mama, or I love your shoes.
She loves to pick out her shoes.
She is still not a great sleeper and is VERY demanding at night time, wants all sorts of things. She is lucky her daddy loves her and gets her what she wants, mama is not so nice.
I love that she calls me mama, occassionally mommy but mostly mama.
She sings so many songs, and remembers the orders well
some of them I wish she didn't sing......Sexy chic, yeah not such a great song for a 2 year old.
She loves I gotta feeling, she sings rock a bye baby to her dolls, her abc's perfectly, I need you now is one of my favorites, once there was a snowman, that's just a few.
She kisses her stuffed animals goodbye when we leave.
She is getting possessive over toys, and is kinda becoming a bully to little kids that try to take it.
She doesn't love time out, but when she is there she says sorry and I didn't mean to when I get her out.
She gets things she should'nt and hides in her closet or under the kitchen table to play with them
She would stay in the bath for hours if I let her.
She is getting so skinny, well to me she is, she hasn't really gained weight since like her 15 months well check, according to my scale at least.
I love the way jeans look on her.
she is really quite bull legged still and I think it is so cute.
I love to talk to her on the phone when I am at work
She says I missed you mama when I get home, best part of the day.
I could go on all day.
I love her more than anything in this whole world. I can't believe it has been 2 whole years since she was layed on my chest and was instantly in love with her. Still makes me cry. I am so glad to be her mom, and can't wait to see the person she becomes.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday thoughts

--We had a great day yesterday. Ever is finally feeling a little better. Poor thing was so sick for about 5 days straight. Last thursday, which was 3 days after a rash appeared all over her belly, and 2 days after we went to the doctor she started getting super sick. Fever's, fatigue, and she said her tongue hurt. I called my doc, he said if it turns into more, and you can't get her fevers down I want to see her again. Well, when I was there on Tuesday for the rash I told him she had been exposed to Strep. He didn't even look for that, checked her rash and said well its either chicken pox or a viral thing. So from thursday to sunday I could not keep her fever away, she was so sick, took her to instacare sunday, sure enough she has strep throat. Well even though I am frusterated with the doc who never checked, it is all good now. She is on some NASTY antibiodic and is doing great. Really, trying to get her to take it is not easy, I have to hide it in her food, which she finds because it smells like a skunk. I am proud of her though for taking it. 4 days down 6 more to go, not sure how I can keep getting her to take it though. It is nice to not have her being so sick, I will miss the 3 a day naps and early bedtime though, and for some odd reason she was super sweet when she was sick, never argued or said no. I will miss that, but glad to get my energetic little thing back.
--These are the only picture I took of her in her green. We didn't do much, not quite sure why its a huge holiday, but we wore green at least, and went to the gateway.

--I am wanting to list a bunch of fun stuff Ever is doing now, but I think I will save it for her 2 year post which is in 1 week. Holy cow!

--Do you love your pediatrician? Mine is a very nice guy, but always rushed even when he is sitting, and doesn't seem to take me to serious. I really want to know, do you love yours, or I am I being picky. I don't know what to do. I mean I guess he doesn't think anything is wrong when I am there, I rarely go, and why would I waste my time at a place I don't like or don't want to be if I didn't think there was a problem? On top of that paying our outrageous co-pay. Which I had to do twice with this illness!

--I am craving a tropical vacation. Sounds so nice right now. Disneyland is coming up in like a month, so I will be patient until then I suppose.

--Can anyone tell me where to find cute dresses that don't cost an arm and a leg, when it warms up I love wearing them. I can't seem to find any I love though that aren't outrageous in price. You have to remember I am way cheap when it comes to my clothes. Advice?
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Thoughts


I Love Ever's 2 year pictures. I havent even seen them all yet but I could not be more happy. She is so silly, made them so cute and had the best expressions. I did tell her she could buy a toy if she was good. Which worked fairly well, I was proud of her. Now the problem is narrowing down the ones to display, which I am NOT good at. Here is a sneak peek, I will show the rest on her birthday!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

love sundays

I get to spend the whole day with these two! I love it.

On this sunday we got to spend some time with cousins! I promise Ever has not stopped asking to go to Aunt Marci's house since we left. She was told though she can only come back when she goes potty on the toilet like a big girl! We will see how that goes, she does not love the idea of the toilet at all. We found these two watching a movie like this. Ever seems to play so well with the older kids, she sure loves it! They are so cute with her.
And Rylie, really she is darling!

Monday, March 8, 2010

new hair

Ever tried this wig on at the salon a while ago. I just got the pictures and was laughing so hard. Rhett loves wigs and had to try it out!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

1. So glad that I was only sick for 1 day. It is the weirdest sickness. I really don't know what it is, this is the second time it has hit me in the last 3 months. I am so sick to my stomach, and the worst part is the body aches, serious ones. I can barely pick up Ever. My wrist, ankles and lower back just throb. I can't understand what the crap it is. I can't eat or drink and want to sleep. Then it is gone pretty much after like 24 hours. Weirdest thing. I am glad it is so short. Ever spent some time with her auntie and uncle Troy. Which she loves so much! Thanks guys

2. When Ever turned 18 months I was so excited about nursery, I knew she would love it. The first few times were ok. She did ok. Now she has some serious anxiety. She tells me almost every day she does not want to go to nursery. Rhett and I used to be nursery leaders, we were always very welcoming to parents who felt they could not leave there screaming child with strangers. Some parents are ok with it. We thought that was not our place to tell them if they were not welcome in or not. And it is more help right? Not so much in my case. I sit in class so sad that she is crying, and wanting me. She is only 2. She doesn't really understand, and I get sick to my stomach. I tried to go in once, I asked if it was ok if I came in for the last 10 minutes. They said no we are ok. So confused, it's only nursery. I have talked to some people about it because I feel that a few times with me spending some time in with her she will get it, and know I am coming back. I have yet to meet someone who was not allowed in the nursery. I know parents that spend every sunday in nursery with their kids, that is not what I want. All I want is enough time to make her comfortable. I know there are people in my ward that read this. I have nothing against the leaders, they are so cute and nice with the kids, I just want to not leave my daughter in hysterics, that is all. I am a person that is NOT ok with that. Does anyone have this problem? If so how do I handle it. People say just go in, I tell them that is not an option, I am being told I am there to long the second I drop her off. I am lost on what to do.

3. I want my license. I want to feel like I am important, I want my moneys worth. I put in ALL my time, I did ALL that was asked of me, even when I felt like it wasn't helping me learn to do hair. I am so frusterated. It is NOT my fault I dont have it. I should have learned everything I need to know in the 1 1/2 YEARS I spent every day there. I want my license, NOW. It is so hard and inconvenient to set aside special times to go in now, its far, I have to get a babysitter, more than anything frusterating. I was there every day, for a year and a half. Love the peeps there, I do. Just sick of people asking me, do you have your license, and I say no. Mostly embarrising. I love doing hair, I love having a full schedule saturdays. It is so fun to create things, talk to people and be a listener. I love all my clients so much.

4. I loved that it was warm enough today that Rhett and I were able to clean up the front yard a bit, it makes the biggest difference. I also love that Rhett loves working on our house. He does the best job, my downstairs bathroom is looking so good, can't wait to see it finished.

5. I think it is so weird how fast Ever's mood changes. She can be so happy, then instantly she is mad. So weird. At least the happy out weighs the anger.

6. I love tv, I really do. When I sit and watch it though I feel so unproductive. I find myself watching like half a show because I have been sitting to long. I am so weird I know.

7. I need to get Ever's 2 year pictures done. I think I may do them myself. I just need to do it, and plan her party. Not sure what to do still, and who to invite. I don't want people to feel like they have to come, or feel bad because I do just a small party with her little friends. Oh boy. Lots to do. But so fun, I love birthdays.

Grammy got Ever a cute apron, so we made cookies. She wants to do EVERYTHING herself. So I thought this would be perfect. She loved it and looked darling in her apron.
Oh her cheesness. Is that a word? Well her favorite place to be is aunties house. It's like heaven! Her auntie and cousin Tegan are there for starters, more toys than a kid knows what to do with and a dog. She loves it there, can't you tell by her face.