Friday, June 27, 2008

3 Months old... already!

I can't believe it, she is growing so fast! She is almost 16 lbs according to our scales and I am loving this age, she is so fun! She is always smiling and now smiles when she sees me, I can't wait until she reaches for me, in the morning we will lay by eachother and she will play with my face it is so funny!

Here are some more pictures, and a few of her favorite things right now!

She is getting so old, she sits in this all by herself now, I tried it today while I got ready!!

She loves when I read her books, she will let me do it forever!

She loves to be outside with her daddy, he does this everynight when he gets home from work She is so good when she is outside!

And her tubby of course, she does this the entire time I swear! I could squeeze her!

I still can't believe she is 3 months, but I am loving seeing her grow, she is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and Rhett of course! I love my little family!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Eye Color!!!

At what age does a babies eye color stop changing? Ever has really blue eyes, and they don't seem to be changing or have a hint of any other color, so I am curious. Rhett has brown and I have green, I wasn't expecting blue, but I love it!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


We went swimming Monday with Grandma, it was fun, she doesn't looked thrilled, but she was good and enjoyed it, doesn't she look cute in her swimsuit, the bikini was a little big but I can't wait until she can wear it!

I love her curly hair!!! She looks like she was crying but she wasn't!

We went for a walk to a car show down on main street by our house, fun little outing, they always have something going on there!

Ever's Daddy!!!

She truly has the best daddy, and I have the best husband. He takes such good care of both of us, and we are so so so lucky to have him. He is so in love with Ever, I love seeing him with her. She is daddy's little girl and I love it. He does it all, feeds her, changes her, takes her outside with him when he waters the lawn, she loves to just be with him.

Thanks babe for being the most caring and understanding dad. I think becoming parents has changed us both, we can't ever fight without laughing anymore, I feel so close and can't believe we have come so far and now we are a family! I love you so much and am so thankful and lucky to be your wife!

I know, doesn't Ever looked thrilled to be wearing those glasses!
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This is how my niece wanted me to dress on father's day, pretty stylish, Rhett said I looked like a gardener!
She seriously smiles all the time now, I could eat her up!

Friday, June 13, 2008


That is me right now on the blogging. I don't really have anything interesting to say though. Same old stuff, I am trying to get back into running, and can I just say I am completely starting over. I did 7 miles last weekend, felt like the freaking marathon. I don't know if I will get back what I had, but I will keep trying. Can I just also say finding the time to do it is a lot harder now, I don't know why I feel so tired, Ever sleeps through the night, but getting up to go is a challenge. I think more than anything I need motivation, so I have been getting out old pics of myself to try and motivate me to get into shape. It is not really working though, what is wrong with me, will I feel the way I used to feel about running, or have I lost it? It is also boring by myself, I used to run alone all the time, every day and loved it, now I am bored. Lets hope I can get a serious mind adjusment soon so I can be ready for the marathon.

Ever is finally slowing down a bit on her growing I think, I don't think she is still puting on a pound a week at least, she is my little peanut and I am obsessed with her, I could kiss her all day long!!!! These pics are so funny in the orange dress she was pulling the funniest faces. She is talking a ton, or baby talking I guess, I love it, she has the highest pitched little voice, and smiling at me constantly.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

PUKE and Bathe!!!!!!!!

So I am pretty sure Ever has a little bit of reflux going on. She pukes all the time, even when she is not eating, see the spit up on her shirt, and she is so rolly it gets trapped under her neck, then she will put her head back and I can smell it dried under there, eeewww. So I am giving her baths a lot, I feel bad leaving it there to smell, but she loves her bath, so I don't care, she cries when I take her out of the water.

I thought I would put a few recent pics, she is 10 weeks now, going on 11 and I can't believe it, she is my life now, that is why all posts are about her, I can't believe how much I love her, she is amazing and smiling all the time, and trying to talk I love when she just yells out, she can totally make herself cry, it is so fake and funny!!!

p.s. she is constantly chewing on her hands, and slobbering really bad, I know it is a little early but i think she may be getting a tooth or something, am I crazy. She is growing a lot faster than most babies everywhere else, she could be cutting a tooth to ya think???

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ever's Blessing

What a day, it was amazing, we had over 50 people come to the blessing and luncheon, sorry for the tight squeeze in our little casa! But it was so fun, Rhett gave her a beautiful blessing, thanks babe, I love you! My mom, sis and aunt made the best food, and my mom totally cleaned my house from top to bottom, she is the best!!!! It was so fun. Thanks to everyone that traveled far to come as well, it meant a lot to us! Ever was so good and slept right through her blessing, I was worried she cry through the whole thing!

My sis in law Marci took some great pics, she is a really great photographer, check her out at!

Thanks again for everyone's help and for all that came, it was a great day!!!

Big thanks to our auntie who drove up here alone and played with us all weekend, it was so fun, I really didn't want you to leave!!!