Friday, November 28, 2008

Major catch up....

Well I am way behind so here's a little or big post to catch up! Ever and grandma on Thanksgiving!

Ever turned 8 months, holy crap I will do a post on that soon! She now has a 5th tooth 3 on bottom, that will explain the red cheeks at thanksgiving! Hopefully she gets the other one!

We got our new bed and bedspread, I love it! I can't believe how much bigger it is, unbelievable.

Ever having fun with her cousin Andrew, she loves him, they play good!!!

We got a visit from my Dad, Teri, Adam, and Madison. It was a lot of fun. We wish it could have been longer, but thanks for coming, it was great to see you. Grandpa Dave taught her how to jump up the stairs, and kick a ball, she loved it all.

We also celebrated our anniversary. A nice dinner, with Ever at home with Grandma, way fun, I love you Rhett!!!
More Thanksgivin pics, this is my cousin Jolene, and her daughter Ashley! We all went to see twiligt that night, well the girls did! (and doug) I freaking loved it, I thougth it was awesome. I love Bella, I think she is so naturally beautiful, I thought she was perfect. And by the end I loved Edward. Really I loved it and now am more excited to finish the book, I am getting close. I know I am a little behind on it to, but never to late I guess!

I got to take some pics of My cousin again and her cute family! Dilynne is 2 months now and still miniature, it's crazy. It was freezing, so we shot for about 15 minutes! They are such a cute little fam!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy birthday, 4th anniversary, and Hollywood Land

First off I want to tell my hubby happy 26th bday, and 4th anniversary! He is getting so old, haha! I love him so much, I can't believe it has been twelve years of Rhett, if that makes sense. Once he entered my mind he never left. I knew there was something about him, and I was right. He is perfect for me, he makes me so happy, and makes me want to be a better person. I was so lost without him. Seriously, the time I spent without him was so hard. I felt like something was missing. I know we are together now because we are meant to be. I can't imagine my life without him. Being apart helped me realize that and the thought of him not being in my life makes my stomach a mess. I am so lucky to have him. I don't really have a place I feel like I call home, or where I grew up. But wherever I am now, I am home because I am with him, and Ever of course. I love that we have a child together. I have pictured it a thousand times, but its way better than I could have imagined, she is both of us. It's so amazing to me, and I love to see him in her, I will always have a piece of him that way, it makes me so happy. He is the best husband and daddy and knows me so well. He makes me laugh, and smile everyday, and is perfect for me. Happy birthday Rhett and anniversary, I love you more than anything.

I can't believe we have been married 4 years, it is so crazy to me. I feel like it just happened!

Look at Ever getting snuggled by her daddy, she loves him!!!

Sometimes she looks just like Rhett, this is one of those times to me, twins!

Family portrait, we took ourselves, losers huh!!!

She knew just what to do on the carousel, she held on and was ready to go!
Maybe I had more fun than her.
I love her in a high chair, it makes her seem old though!
Jenn and Dilynne, who is still tiny and sleeps all the time!
Ever on her new blanky her auntie Tara made her, the other side is black and white polka dots, and it is so cute, she loves it!
We went to Hollywood land the other night with my cousin Jenn, and her husband Casey,their baby Dilynne, and she was my other cousins, Ashley, Chandler and Andrew. We had a lot of fun, played laser tag, rode rides, and lots of other stuff. It was fun, Ever had fun, but by the end she had had it, good thing we had a video for her to watch on the way home, she was out. Baby Einsteins are the best, have I said that? I swear they save us a lot of times, she loves them!

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Thursday, November 13, 2008


So I had to go to Work the other day, Rhett didn't realize I had already bathed and dressed Ever so when I came home she was in a different outfit. I was like why did she change, he said I bathed her. Two baths later, she looked cute, he even put a bow in her hair, those jeans are my favorite, she can't bend in them, it is so funny. She always sits like that in them! (she has the b
Notice how she has another brush here, we tried to see if she will like a different one, she doesn't mind it actually!

Please don't mind my foot, but she is so funny, she is shy now, and will hide her face, I caught her looking up.

We babysat my nieces and nephew the other night. It was a lot of fun, Ellie wanted to play with my hair the whole time. She is so cute!

Kamryn is so good with Ever, she loves to hold her and play with her. Notice the red sauce around Ever's mouth Rhett let her try lasanga sauce, he didn't clean her face.

We finally got some curtains for our basement, they are the best. I love them, we were playing around with taking pics in front of them, there may be some real ones to come!! I love them for a background.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm a big kid now!!!!

Watching her baby Einstein vids!! She loves them! It saved us on the way home!
Loving Grandpa, she loves to play with his hat and beard!! Grandma didn't get a picture, but she gave her a bath twice, played with her and even put her to bed!!! Thanks for letting us stay!

She learned to play the piano and I guess the recorder, I didn't know what those dang things were called, Rhett had to tell me.

Getting in to trouble, and holding her dang brush again!!!

Having fun with grandpa Dave!

Since Tara wont post any pics of her cute belly I will. I got to go with her and Troy to the 3d ultrasound and see that cutest little boy of theirs, he is so so cute already, I love him!

Well the ride down to stg did not go well, we had a mad mad baby, really mad. She screamed and it was miserable, I was crying, Rhett and I were fighting, it was not pretty! So we got her a bigger car seat, and a portable dvd player for her baby einstein movies. What do you know, the ride home was so pleasant. She slept, played and watched her movies!!! Yeah, success for that!
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When we got home we had to rake up the massive amounts of leaves we had in our yard before it snows, Ever got to hang out and watch us, she was so good. I love whenever she gets to wear a beanie, its my favorite!

We had a great time, ran into a lot of people, got to see Brianna at her baby shower, she is tiny and will have an itty bitty baby, she looked so pretty! I loved to see all my friends! We even got to meet baby Lucy, she is so cute!!! It was a great trip, and we were sad to leave!