Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Little mermaid

We went down to St. George last weekend to go see the little mermaid and spend a few days. We had a great time. Poor Ev got a fever on the way down and then had a ton of sores in her mouth, we just gave her medicine and thought she was fine. West got the same thing but had blisters all over his body. He ended up having hand foot and mouth. Poor Ev had it while we were there and we didn't even know it. She was a trooper though and loved Little mermaid.

Colleen, thanks so much for letting us go to that and for watching Westbrook for us. We had a great time with you!

We tried to take pictures with everyone that didn't have a line because it was so late and we needed to get back to West! Ever was thrilled, but on the way home she one by one went through all the characters she didn't get to take a picture with. Silly girl. We reminded her that she was lucky to get to take a few pictures, we could have just left. She wasn't buying it.

The carousel was fun. We went two times. West loved it I guess, you couldn't tell because he never cracked a smile, but the second we took him off he screamed. Silly kid.

This splash pad darling to! Loved it!

I think it looks like West is peeing!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Westbrook @ 8 months

We were not sure whether or not he liked the carousel until we got him off and he screamed. He never smiled or anything, he actually looked bored.

drool much?????

No way we are 4 months away from his 1st birthday
I am trying to slow time down and enjoy everyday
he is such a joy
he is becoming quite the little man
he has a great personality
he gets super mad when you take something away you have
he smiles constantly
he is crawling like crazy
he looks like he is going to stand up and take off
he pulls himself up on everything
he climbs the stairs
he doesn't sleep very well right now
probably because he has a hand foot and mouth
really bad
he is covered
I have had to feed him with a medicine dropper for 4 days now
his sores in his mouth are really bad
Ever had it to, not as bad though
poor guy
he has a rash on his face the doc said is eczema
Its been there almost a month
All the drool doesn't help
I am pretty sure he is getting more teeth
he already has 4 and more are for sure coming

He gets to go to class with dad now at church since I have a calling now
Rhett says he does pretty good
he likes the car a lot more now
he waves hi really good
he says mama
ba (when he plays with a ball)
he smacks his lips together when he wants more of something
he plays peekaboo
he loves to play with toys
he dances to music
he gives loves

If you can't tell from every picture he has a major drool problem
its so bad. yucky.

he weighed almost 22 lbs when we went to the doc last week for the rash
its for sure down with this sickness and him not eating as much
he wears 12 month clothes pretty much
he just got another hair cut, I think its number 6
he loves to bathe with his sister
he puts his face in
he loves to swim
he is so ticklish
We love him tons!!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Kort Michael Barnes

I was so happy Tara and Troy let me watch this little man be born.
He is perfect
august 12th
8 lbs
21 in

I love labor so much
I think it is the most special experience
Not only is giving birth yourself amazing, watching a birth is so special
especially watching my sister
She is my best friend and watching her give birth for the second time
to a perfect little boy makes me so happy.
She is amazing in labor
the mood in the room was relaxed and calm
even fun.
She barely pushed a few times
no stitches or anything(I am extremely jealous of that).

Kort came out with mounds of blond hair
I have never really seen a newborn with that hair color
he is a doll, Tegan's twin for sure
I love those boys
And I love you Tara
thanks for letting me be a part of all of it! I feel so lucky and feel a bond with both your boys after watching their births!

I missed the hard labor when I got their she had some pain relief and was doing great

Ever could not stop asking me if we could go see Kort at the hospital. She was so excited, she even did this little cry thing when I told her he was born, I said why are you crying and she said it was a happy cry.

Kinda doesnt look like she had a baby a few hours prior right?

The shower/Birthday Party

This was the night before she went into labor
she was having some good contractions at dinner
she went in 12 hours labor and was admitted
We had a blast
Thanks to all that came and made her feel special

Tara looks so pretty pregnant right? I wish I had that problem!
Kaity, who also has a new baby, and you can't tell

Mama, Jolene and Cathy

Tara and Auntie Debbie
Melesa(who is finally expecting!! yeah) and Stephanie

It was a fun night I am glad little man waited until after the party. He wasnt due for another week and a half. Lucky Tara to go that early! And also lucky us that Kort is here for us to hold and love!