Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ever plays soccer

West really wanted to be in the picture!

I have to document Ever's first soccer experience!
It was so much fun to watch her!
She made us so proud!
It was rough at first. The very first game she was all pumped up and then it started and she got a bit overwhelmed.
She said it was so hard and she should have practiced, as she is bawling.
She stuck it out though and finished strong
She played defense and offense so well
she rarely lost her focus and got into the game so much
She had good manners and would help people up and say sorry to people she ran in to. 
I loved when she scored a goal. She would fold her arms and get this smile like she was trying to contain her excitement! Talk about melt my heart!
It was a lot of fun to watch, and such a great experience. I may have to get it into my head that she could be a sports player instead of dance/cheer!
She is pretty coordinated and gives it her all in whatever she does!
You never know and either way it will be fine! 
If she keeps her attitude good and loves what she is doing I will support her 100%

Westbrook @ 18 months

sweetest face ever

one of his motorcycles, he calls it ride

very determined to go again

so mad his turn was over

sat here forever
first day of nursery, such a big kid. Sissy wanted to show him around nursery! Love her!
Another month has really come
I am not going to over think this and just write some of my favorite things he does right now
and pretend he isn't 18 months

This kids is growing so fast
he says something new everyday
he is puting words together
saying so many animal sounds
mastered the word MINE (which i dislike so much)
He gives the best loves and kisses
he likes to dance
he is always doing this little gallop run
he is a busy body
somedays he eats so well
somedays he refuses
he does insist on feeding himself
he loves to be outside
and finally stopped running for the road everytime
he loves to swim
he has to be face to face pretty much to fall asleep at night
at nap time he goes down like a champ
He loves to wear hats
he is obsessed with motorcycles
he throws some serious tantrums
He is so so stubborn and strong, getting him in his carseat sometimes is almost impossible
He loves avacado, any fruit, most veggies I have him try and popsicles are his favorite! 

He started nursery on sunday
I was teaching that day and couldn't check on him
and hardly had time to think about how he was doing
they said he was great
he cried when Rhett picked him up actually
Makes me happy, and I hope it lasts

He was great for the doctor
his stats are
32 1/4 in 98%
27.4 lbs 68%
head 19 3/4 96%

I think he isnt gaining much weight because he was super fussy and picky about his food the weeks leading up to the doc. Since then he has been eating tons! not sure what that was about!

Friday, June 15, 2012


 Trying to get a picture of all the grankids, in order haha!

 Westbrook was very cooperative
 really he had something else on his mind
 eating the strawberries
 and jumping on the tramp

 He was having the best time

 Can't keep up with Ever when we are in Erda
she is busy chasing the cat and dog, or running wild
 they both wanted the swing so we tried to have them share, West wasnt digging it
 Ever though it was cool

We went for a bbq the day before memorial day
It has kind of become a tradition
We had so much fun
All of Rhett's sibling were together and his parents
It was a blast
We didn't get a picture of the soccer and kick ball games
it was adults against kids in the soccer game
so fun

Can't wait to go again
such a blast

Saturday, June 2, 2012

recent stuff/instagram

Memorial Day in Erda, so fun

Soccer Pictures

Measuring up at the zoo,with the Pay's

Cooling off with a Keva juice

Watching shows with Papa Dave

Watching the game with grandpa

Ever's last dance recital, Tegan and Grammy cheered her on

So proud of her, she is a beautiful dancer

These two crazy kids crack me up


just being a cool dude, love this little man

bath time

Riding the car

sidewalk chalk art, 3rd time

mothers day drive

at the zoo, on the train

talking to the elephants

just some afternoon dancing

new sun chair, as she calls it

cutest little grin

costco run, and bright sun

I am not good at getting out my camera anymore, 
my phone is taking its place! 
At least I take pictures at all right?