Sunday, November 22, 2009


This little girl is full of it!
Hope these pictures make you laugh like they did me, she was so hyper this day!
She totally does the splits, and somersaults perfectly. I decided to get her in a little class at a gym by my house called FLIPS!!!

These are the only 2 pictures grandma got before her camera died, but she loved it. The teacher said that it would take her probably 4 or 5 times to want to stay in the group and not run around. She was shocked that after 50 minutes she had participated in all the things we did. She actually told me that she listens very well and is a good girl. Don't hear that often. This is going to be so fun to do every week together. She seriously loved it and was so cute! She even danced along with an older class to there christmas routine, she is so stinking funny!
Tegan and Ever are so cute, they totally play now and we caught them holding hands in the car the other night. it was dark so they had no idea the picture was coming, so cute!

They had a blast at ikea to!
Rhett and I on his bday, before our dinner and movie night!

Tara made Rhett a yummy cake!

Rhett and I went to the Jazz game last night and stayed at the Radisson hotel downtown for our anniversary. Rhett set it all up and surprised me, it was a lot of fun and so nice to spend some quality time together. We left Ever over night for the first time, I was so nervous, but she loves her auntie and they said she was great. I sure was excited to see her this morning! Thanks Guys for watching her, it was way nice!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

27 & 5

My hubby is 27 today!! Happy Birthday babe! Ever and I love you more than anything. Thanks for all you do for us, we hope you have the best birthday!

5 Years

Rhett and I were married 5 years ago, Nov. 20th 2004!
Best thing I have ever done.
I was so happy that day, and get happier every day.
I would not be the person I am today if it wasn't for Rhett.
I truly know that he is the only one for me. I have always felt it.
He is the only person I have, and will ever love.
I get to spend forever with him, and it still isn't long enough.

He knows me so well, maybe to well.
He puts up with me, that is hard to do.
He gave me Ever, the best gift in the world.
She looks just like him which is so nice because now I can see him even more.
He loves me, he loves Ever, and would do anything for us.
We would for him to!

I am truly so lucky to have him by me every day and night!
He is the greatest person, hardest worker, so creative, handy, and funny.
He can be silly, he is a worrier, he is focused, and loving.
He can play babies, and do girly things with Ever.
He colors with her and passes on his amazing talent of art, which he won't admit he has, but he does. He can truly draw anything, and is very good at it.
He listens to me talk about names and babies all the time, rarely gets frustrated.
He cares about the house looking nice as much as I do.
He can build anything, truly!
He can fix anything with spray paint.
He can't take a bad picture!
He has a tan all the time, which annoys me actually.
Picks his fingernails constantly.
Plays with my hair whenever I ask, so nice of him.
Most important is the love he has for his daughter, it makes me cry just typing it. He can tell if we have had a rough day, he takes over and never loses his patience with her. BEST dad to his little girl! That alone makes me love him more than I can say. If everything else went away, that would still be enough for me. She is so lucky to have him as her daddy! And I am the luckiest girl, he chose me and I will always be so grateful for that. He was meant for me!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

hobby or obsession? both!!!

I am not a photographer, I really don't want to be one either. But if you know me at all you will know that I love pictures. I always have, that has always been my form of decorating. Some may say I have to much up, to me it's never enough. I think that there is nothing more interesting to look at. I guess you can tell I love them by the amount I have taken of Ever.

Anyways, two of my cousins asked me to take pictures on sunday. We started with my cousin Melesa's family. It was her, her hubby Jeff, and her three step daughters, Ashley and Danielle, who are twins, and Emily. It was a lot of fun and we stumbled across this place on accident, and ended up staying there the whole time. Aren't those 3 girls darling, they actually came up with all the ideas mostly and were fun to photograph. I tell everyone that I dont have the training, knowledge or equipment, so please don't expect much. But I do love it and will capture you as well as i can!

After that family my other cousins showed up,different side of the family, with the color they were wearing and being that they didn't know eachother, I really wanted to go back to that spot. I have never done this before, didn't even realize I had filled my whole card up, and had no back up. We had to use Tara's camera for a but which I am not familiar with, those pics are good, a little blurry since I don't know the settings as well, but it was nice to have it. We wandered over to an old museum. It is no longer in use, but the owner called it his front lawn. He has absolutely no signs posted that say no trespassing, but felt that he should call the cops on us. We werent doing anything wrong, we were not even touching the stupid building, our car was parked on the road and we were always in plain sight. Some people are crazy. His wife was taking our pictures, it was hilarious. He said he was a cop, the cops showed up and said, they are not doing anything wrong, you have no signs, and they let us go. wow, all that over a old abandoned building. We got some darling shots though. Bryce is a senior so we did his pictures for that. Then snapped some family ones. I remember bryce and britney as babies, it is so sad they are this old. They used to come stay with us all the time, and I truly feel like they are my little brother or sister.

Gina Britney Bryce and Justin

The Loosle Clan




Jeff and Melesa

Friday, November 6, 2009

Loving the Season

Ever and her twin, she for sure is her daddy's girl! love these 2 more than my life! they are awesome, and she has him wrapped around her little finger.!

Loving the weather, loving our yard, even though I have to rake all the time, it looks so pretty in the fall I think!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

treat please!!

she had a blast, she walked from house to house, and from person to person, and from trunk to trunk. we did three different trick or treating sessions. halloween night at aunt marci's neighborhood, my aunt trixie's hospital, and the ward trunk or treat. she had the best manners and started saying thank you every piece of candy without being told. i was very proud of her! i was horrible and didnt take hardly any pics. this is all i got!
this was at the hospital, all the cute people were lining the halls and it was non stop candy. my cousin melesa took this picture actually, i stole it from her facebook. i love ever's expression.

funny part about this, she really doesnt want to eat her candy that much, just the suckers. she is more than willing to share with anyone who asks!