Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Card 2011

Thanks Marci for the pictures and the card!

In case we missed you MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Love my boys!

Oh my face!

Ev has this crazy smile lately, when she sees the pictures she says "that is not my real smile."

I love sundays! I am excited for Ever to finally be in primary, she seems like the oldest kid in nursery, she basically is I think. I hope she will sit with her class and not try to sit by me the whole time. West is crazy at church now, Rhett usually has him for the first hour, walking the halls, and I take him to primary with me the second hour! He is pretty active and will not sit still, oh well, they are only little once.
We love spending the whole day as a family, I wish we had more sundays!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A little Party

West had a great party!
we did the cake last, but it was hilarious
he wasnt sure at first, then he really got into it and started throwing it all over!
he tried to feed it to people, and was loving it!

Smash the cake

He started realizing here that it was so funny, he was playing with my uncle and he was cracking up!

What a mess!


Cute Kort

He got spoiled with presents!
thanks everyone!

he was checking everyone out that showed up!
We for sure need a bigger house, we wish we could have way more people!


we really didn't decorate or do to much, we wanted to keep it small
the reindeer suckers Tara made were my favorite though!

I can't believe he is one! thanks for everyone that came and helped with the party.
We had a blast!

Friday, December 16, 2011

The BIG 1: 12.17.11

favorite picture!!

We plan on getting professional pics taken, the weather hasnt been our friend though. I needed a little picture for his invite so I snapped these, it was freezing, and he did not want to hold his balloon. He still is so stinking cute though. I love them!!!

I will say it again, I don't know how this year has gone so fast. I dont want to believe this little man is one. He has blessed our lives so much, we all can't get enough of him, even when he is fussy.
He has been really walking for almost 2 weeks now. He is getting really sturdy and stable and cruises around. His little chest puffs up and his steps are short and fast, he walks exactly how Rhett did when he was young. He has a very long torso, it is super skinny and lean. His legs are kinda short and chubby, love his little body!
His personality is really starting to show. He is a super silly kid. He is also very very busy. His favorite place is for sure the kitchen, he could spend hours emptying the drawers, playing in the dishwasher, taking things out of the pantry and puting them back, the list goes on.
He is trying so hard to say words. My favorite thing he is saying now is HO HO HO. It is so cute. He points to everything and says dat. He says WOW. He can make the Ssss sound when you tell him to. We call Ever Sissy. I hope he calls here sis or something like that. He told ever to STOP the other day. He really makes an effort to say a lot of things.
He is still taking 2 naps most days. He loves whole milk. He could eat all day long. He can eat an entire banana in no time, he loves granola bars and pretty much everything you give him.
He is so loving. He snuggles on your shoulder. He is a major mama's boy. When I get him to sleep at night I will lay him down in his crib, a few hours later he is crying and wont stop unless I lay him next to us in bed. He smiles and does a little chuckle every time, then he is asleep in seconds. It happens every night. We wake up with four people in our bed every morning. I wouldn't change a thing though. They grow up so fast, Ever is almost 4 and it happened over night. I don't want to miss these precious years of them wanting to be right next to me.
I can't let them cry it out, it breaks my heart. I guess I am kind of a softy.
He loves baby einstein, every time we get in the car he points to the dvd players and says da(dog). They always pop on when the movie is starting.
He can sure throw a fit, it is quite funny to see him try and get what he wants. He is determined and wont back down. He does not like when he is in trouble. He truly gets heart broken when you get after him.
He is obsessed with the christmas tree and the garbage also. lots of fun!
He wakes up still between 6 and 7 every morning, and immediately poops. He is on a schedule.
he naps by about 10 at least every morning.
He loves to play in the toys
he also loves read books.
He is still a big kid, he was as big as our friends 2 year old the other day.

We sure love our little Westbrook. He is the best kid and makes us all so happy!
This year was so fun and we don't know what we would do with out him in our family.

32 1/4 in 97%
24 lb 2 oz 69%

head was in the 30%

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas pictures

November 20, 2011
Thanks Marci for the wonderful pictures!!
We love them!

I am surprised we got the kids to look as good as we did.
It was pretty chilly, and Ev would not do her natural smile for anything.
I still love them!