Wednesday, February 25, 2009

11 months

I have one more month until I have a one year old. I can't believe how fast its coming. Every day gets better and better, she keeps us laughing. She talks up a storm, most of the time she sounds like a gremlin, thats what my sister-in-law Marci compared it to, she really does though.
A few of her favorite words are: Dog, Dada, Mama, Water(sounds like watee though), apple(even though she always spits them out, BABY(all the time), Baba, Bu-bye, Duck, Ball, Yay(with claps), Di(thats diaper) owee, and she knows animal sounds for dog, tiger, cat, and cow, sometimes sheep. If she takes her bow out she knows to hand it directly to me, She points to her ears, she wipes her nose if you tell her to, brushes her hair and teeth, she knows teeth, eyes, nose and mouth. She signs more, and thank you(sometimes says thank you to, sounds more like tetu though). She will give her baby a baba, binky, and burp it. She loves books, tubbies, phones, dancing and looking at pictures! She is walking so good. Her poor little knees are all bruised up from the falls but she keeps trying! My favorite is that she will give loves and kisses, she will give me a big hug and say Mama, melts my heart for sure!(this is all for my personal records, I want to remember this stuff.)
I think she is looking so grown up, where is my baby going? She gets more beautiful to me every day. I don't think its possible for Rhett and I to love her more!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Don't be fooled..........

I may look sweetbut,

I couldn't love her more, but is she to young to get so naughty? Good thing she is stinking cute, I kinda think the tantrums are funny, she is such a faker. Kinda emotional lately, I think it's because she is getting some more, yes more, back teeth, oowweee. She is going to have a full mouth of teeth by her first birthday. I try to ignore these, I am not even sure all the time why she is having one, if I know I try to talk to her, but it is not that easy to discuss something with a ten month old. Oh I love her. She's hilarious!

Monday, February 16, 2009

While we were gone!

Ever and I have been in St. George for the last week. It was nice to be there with Tara while she waited for little Tegan to arrive. We probably walked every store there, she did so much walking. It was nice to spend time with her though. We missed Rhett but he did a lot of work on the house while we were gone, he is so handy. It was so awesome being there to watch Tegan be born, what an amazing experience, thanks Tara and Troy for letting me be a part of it! He is perfect. Ever was not a fan of the swing, she did like the slide though. She was so good, she went everywhere with us and chilled in the stroller for hours while we would walk. Rhett's parents were so good to her also, they watched her for me while I went to the hospital, it was so nice of them. She is one lucky little girl, she has a lot of people that love her.

These were taken before we left. She is getting into everything, and walking a lot now. She still prefers to crawl, but with some coaxing is actually pretty good at walking, she tries to run though and that messes it up. I can't believe how big she is getting and how smart she is. Daddy brought some balloons home from work, she loved them, look at her hair!!!!

Rhett tiled our tub surround and refinished the tub, these were all surprises, we have talked about doing them, but never thought we would this soon. He definetely kept busy while I was gone, thanks for making our little old home so dang nice, you are so good!!!
The cute little gate he built that keeps ever from going down the stairs, she tries a lot.

Little Miracle!!!!

Tegan Jack Barnes finally made it here, he gave his mom hell, but is perfect and absolutely beautiful!!!!! I can't even say how proud I am of my sister, she did amazing. She had a rough labor and delivery, I do not envy her one bit, but she did it and I am amazed by her strength. He couldn't be more cute! Troy was awesome to, it's not easy seeing someone you love in so much pain, he handled it so well, and was so good to her. They are the cutest little family. I think this is the most beautiful picture. Tegan loving his exhausted mommy, but she doesn't care how tired she is, she just loves him and is such a good mommy.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The last week....

Rhett' s sweet Grandma Betty passed away so we were in Mona and Nephi over the weekend for the viewing and funeral. It was a beautiful service and she will be greatly missed. Sadly this is the only pictures I took there, us in our hotel room. But it was great to see so much family. I am sad I didn't get more pictures. Ever was so great during the funeral. She did awesome, and didn't cry the whole time. I wish she was that good at church all the time!!!
I tried to snap some photos of Ever the other day, she was not a big fan and actually dived off the couch while I was doing them, the highlighter was my attempt to get her happy, she crossed her feet, cryed and said no pictures. I did get a few cute ones though.
I got to see my cousins baby Dilynne the other day, and couldn't resist taking her picture, I think she is so beautful. I love her. That is all for now, hope I have some exciting news of a NEW BABY soon, My sista is due anytime. I can't wait to hold him, she better keep her eye on me so that I don't run away with him. HAHA