Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Costume

She picked this herself. She has been saying she wanted to be Cinderella so I was surprised she chose this. But she did and she loves it. For me it was kinda hard not having her be something girly, but how many years will she want to dress like this?
The swing Rhett made for the backyard worked perfect for her picture. She loves to swing on that!
A monkey costume seems so fitting, that is so her.

Halloween is so fun, I can't wait to take her trick or treating, she is so excited to!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Visit from the Pay's

I love love this picture! Reminds me of me and my dad when I was little, except he is missing his mountain man beard!

We sure love when they visit. Ever was very excited to pick out her dress for them. She loves this silly little dress. But she thought they would love it, she wants to wear a dress everyday. Be a princess. She has a blast with All of them. It is non-stop entertainment and attention, and she eats it up. Thanks for being so fun with her and for visiting. We love you!

Poor papa, his back was sore I am sure. The kids wouldn't leave him alone. He is such a good sport though.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

two and a half years

She really is that old.
I can't stand it. I want the time to slow down. OR, freeze her.
I say it a lot but I mean it.
She is such a funny girl
I hope you can see how silly and crazy she is by these pictures
They are some of my favorite to date,
especially the ones at the bottom, no prompting just her.
Her hair has lightened up so much this summer.
Yes she is chewing gum in these pictures, she loves gum
She is so adventurous. Not scared to try new things, and is always wondering off. We can't take our eyes off her.
She loves to wear dresses. She thinks she is a princess in them and tries to wear them every day.
I found her in her room like this, all by herself, no clothes and a hat on. She was so hyper, and being such a weirdo! Love her though!

She likes to do up her own buckles, she was just sitting in here the other morning!
She LOVES to be outside. She immediately takes her shoes off and lately her pants to to play in the sand. She actually takes her shoes off constantly. She is always barefoot.
This was before bed, she never gets like sleepy where she sits and relaxes, she gets more wired as it gets closer to bed. She is such a nut and we love her so much. She cracks us up!

Few more things to remember...............
She is talking so good and shocks me a lot with the words I didn't know she knew. I was trying to talk to her the other day and she said, sshhh, I am trying to concentrate.
She also tells me she deserves things now. And when she wants to watch a show, which is almost always, she says can I just watch a little show? Like thats better than just saying show.
She is not a super picky eater.
She puts herself to sleep finally for her naps, in her own bed in like 2 minutes.
She can't wait for christmas because she knows thats when the baby is coming
She hugs and kisses my belly a lot
She talks constantly
Rarely is quiet.
Every single store I go to, she knows where something is she wants to see or go get and tells me to go there the whole time.
She loves to brush her teeth and put the toothpaste on
She plays really well with her cousins and friends
Likes nursery and says I won't cry mom, she calls it her school.
She sings princess songs and closes her eyes when she does it.
She picked out her halloween costume herself, and is so excited to wear it.
She is a tester, she says in a minute when I tell her to come here or to do something.
She argues a lot, and is having a hard time listening
She is really good at ignoring
She also is getting less shy and will talk to people when they talk to her
She has really good manners.
She plays in dirt every day pretty much, she does not like to stay clean
She doesn't mind getting her hair done
She wont keep her earrings in, looks like I may have to get them pierced a third time when she is older.
She knows how old she is, how old she will be on her birthday and how old she is on an airplane, they are all different.
She is obsessed with DOGS.
She picks her nails and toenails all the time just like her dad.
Her eyes are pretty green.
She has a lot of thick hair, with a lot of annoying cowlicks. I do her hair 2 times a day because of them.
She likes to play by herself and entertains herself really well.
She loves visitors, and going places. She calls all her cousins her friends, and loves them all so much, any age.
She is not a snuggler unless it is the middle of the night.
I am scared she will never be potty trained, but if I would just bite the bullet and really do it I think she will probably to really well.
She tells me to change her bum because it is squishy. Not ok.
She is very expressive with her eyes and hands when she talks.
She loves babies.
Hope she loves her brother tons, I think she will.

We sure love her, and just can't believe she is already 2 1/2. Time really does go by way to fast.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Cell phone picture

Probably in my top 3 favorite pictures of Ever. She was only like 4 or so months old. I have this as my screen saver on my phone most the time, I love to look at it. I have always wanted to put it on my computer. Finally got some help from Marci and now I can see it big!

Love this little girl, this makes me excited to have a squishy little baby, I cant wait. There is nothing as sweet as a cute little baby smile!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Needing to do a major update here, not feeling like it though. Hope I get around to it soon!