Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

Here Is a few pictures from a little halloween party/trick or treat party we had to do for work last night! I usually don't dress up for halloween, and I really didn't feel like it this year. I told the three girls that I work with if they wanted me to dress up, they had to be in charge of it. They decided to have me be a fairy, a dark fairy, it was kind of lame, I really just wore boots, and my normal clothes with some pretty funky makeup, but it was fun. I also had my mom come, she is a Geisha if you can't tell, pretty funny. She is going to wear that to work wednesday and try to win the $200 prize for best costume. These pics are not the best, but the lady in the devil costume is my instructor, and the cat is her daughter Penny, and the witch is her other daughter Nikki! They are very into halloween, that is only one out of 4 costumes that Penny will wear, it is hilarious!!! I am glad they made me get a little festive!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Nothing new....

Well I have nothing new to blog really. My internet has been out for 2 weeks at home, so I sneak a peek at work once in a while, but I am seriously slacking, sorry. I get to find out the sex of my baby in a week and a half, I am so freaking excited I can barely stand it! I think it is a boy, most people do, that probably means it is a girl. Either way, I don't care, I just want my body to get used to having this baby in there, to calm down, and feel better. I decided last night after washing my makeup off my face, which right now looks like a halloween mask, I have to wear so much to cover the acne I have, to take a picture of it. I am so nervous to post a picture, it is so bad, I know if I post it many people will see it and that is scary, I just have never seen anyone get prego and look like this, it is out of control. My hormones must be freaking out still, I still feel sick all the time and have the worst headaches, so I am guessing my hormones aren't calming down yet. What a baby I am huh, I swear the day I feel better I am going to be so happy, I am happy now, but to be honest it is kind of a front I am puting on, I feel like being a hermet, and am kind of depressed, I don't know what to do. Sorry once again to be such a downer, I will feel better soon I am sure.

My house is still a work in progress but looking so good, the entire upstairs is now pretty much painted, not the nursery, that will happen after I find out whether it is a boy or a girl. Rhett is working so hard, I love him, and appreciate him so much, I don't know what I would do without him.

As soon as the internet is up, I will post pictures of the house progress, acne, and whatever else I snap a pic of in the mean time! I wish I could see everyone in a way, but then I am embarrassed to, I really just want to keep to myself, but I miss all of ya, especially miss going to stg, it has been like 5 months, that is the longest it has been for me. Soon we will come though and we will have to do lunch!

Monday, October 1, 2007


Here are a few pictures of my hubbies hard work, he has painted all our ugly kithen cabinets to this and I love it, we love black what can I say. It is our favorite but he has done a great job, we still have some distressing to do, painting of the walls, and we need handles and knobs, also new countertops, that is all, not a lot right? It looks better than before, and our new appliances look so much better.There is a picture with the white ones that slipped in to the last collage on my hawaii post, oops. But you can tell how much better they look! There is a cool picture of me in there last night, haha, looking prego, and eating as usual. If I don't eat like every other minute I feel sick so yeah, there is definetely a baby in there, I will take a picture soon, it still just looks like I am getting fat to me, but I can't hold in my belly anymore so I guess I am poking out a little. I whipped out my pants that I called fat pants and stored in a bin for pregnancy one day yesterday, they don't fit real good or at all, what I am I going to do now?

Other good news, grose but good, I am seeing a lady that is giving me colon hydrotherapy, I bought three sessions, already done two, now I know I am not crazy, I never knew that it was possible to store that much in your stomach, grose I know, but finally I am feeling a little better in that department, and I am taking a product called oxy-powder, it hydrates the colon and is starting to help me, I can't wait until tuesday, last treatment, I may buy more though. It is not safe in your first or third trimester, but second is fine. It is good to get all the toxins out of your body, it feels amazing.

If you can go to ikea this week you should, we are buying a sectional for our basement and right now they are giving you a gift card with 20% of the total of your purchase. So we are so excited we will get like $225 back on a card, we can get our pillows, and also coffee tables, shower curtains towels, whatever for free. Then we will get another gift card with 20% of that purchase on it. How cool is that?

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Here they are finally, sorry it took me like a month. It was so beautiful, I may look miserable and like I hate it, but it was amazing there. Perfect temperature, water and everrthing. I at times wanted to kill all the roosters outside our bedroom window, they never stopped all day and night, but besides that it was amazing. That picture of Rhett at the rope swing is my favorite from the whole trip, we laughed everytime we looked at it, he looks like a little kid, or like he passed out, I love it.

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