Monday, April 30, 2007

I wanna be young again!!!

Besides the fact that this is a rad shirt, this is my biological dad, I dont think i look a lot like him, but I don't know.

Could Tara be any cuter, I wanna squeeze her!!!

Love the gap in my teeth! Luckily that fixed itself huh!!!

Being young was so fun, you never knew what day or time it was, you just wanted to play and eat! Those were the days, no bills, no worries! Being Married is tied with being little for me, I love my life so much, and would not change it! Here are some more good pictures for everyone, I hope you enjoy! I know I had the coolest hair ever, you don't need to tell me -k-! P.S. I kinda look hispanic when I was a baby!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Brianna and I right now!!!

So this is me and Brianna right now as we speak, we did her hair today, then we went shopping, then we ran 5 miles, and shopped some more, then came home and ate panda express and reeses shakes, and candy! Best night in a long time, and our hubbies have been together since like 4 not doing a dang thing, pretty awesome! Anyway, don't be mad you are not here, but it has been fun! Have a good night, doing nothing!!

p.s. by the way dont we look hot?

This is so funny!

I wanted to post a couple more this morning that make me laugh really hard, I love the one of tara, jo, and bri, is that not the funniest, be ready everyone, some more of you have some good ones coming up, hope you all have a wonderful day, I am excited I get to do Brianna's hair!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Good ol' days part 1

It has been forever once again, I feel like we are all slacking off a little though, so I don't feel so bad. It was fun going down memory lane, this is just part one of this post, it will be about 3 or 4 long, I am a picture freak I realized. So I have figured out the following:
1.Grad night was awesome, I love my friends!
2. Rhett and I look a lot alike when we were little, this is
a sneak peak at our little ones someday!
3.Why did I feel that the super thick headband half way down
my forehead was cool?
4. Kailee and Kasey look like barbies, I look like the odd one out
in this pic! I was huge!
5. The night at PV was priceless, they cried, come on!
6. Brianna and I had way to much time on our hands, and we were
just weird! Love ya Bri!!!
7. This must have been before the fight we are smiling! Go senior
8. I know I had the coolest hair ever try not to be jealous, we all
can't be as cool as I was!
9. Rachel has nice legs, and we all have sweet moves!!!!!
Well I will post more soon! Lets see some pics ladies, I am not going to be the only one, well Camie and Brianna have delivered I guess, but still! Sorry they are a little blurry, or a lot, but rhett threw the scanner away so this is the best I can do! Just wait there are some good ones coming!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

It's my party

So there was something really wrong with the lighting or the setting on our camera because these pics all look blurry or something, but they are the only ones I have so here they are. You can at least make out who we are! Tara and Troy came down for my b-day and to do Tara's hair. It was a lot of fun to see them. We had a good time. We are at the Olive Garden here, which is my very favorite resteraunt, I seriously crave there alfredo, it is bad. All is get is the breadsticks and alfredo, I ate so many yesterday I was sick, but worth it is so good! I hope soon we can all get together, lets definetely plan something ok ladies!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Sorry it's been so long!

So you all dont freak out, here is my favorite movies. Just kidding guys, I am way overdue! I have way to many, but this is the ones I could think of! Some of these movies are ones i could watch at any time, or some are every couple of years, but I love them all, EXCEPT one of them, I DECIDED TO POST MY LEAST FAVORITE MOVIE EVER, I despise this movie more than anything,What about Bob.I hate it so bad. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU ALL THINK!
I forgot one LIAR LIAR is definetely on the list!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Just until......

Tara and I look like freaking chipmunks, she is the cutest!
Calvin Klein hat, yeah I still have that, look how cute jojo is!!
Here is the matching shirt thing isn't it cute!
I am not quite 2 here, what a chubby one I was!
I took some pictures with my camera of some pictures, just a few until I find my scanner. I am excited for this, I am digging up some good ones, I found everyone pretty much in some picture. Be excited all, I am the queen of pictures, and you are all gonna be excited to see them, especially you Brianna, we were the weirdest people ever, you know that right? Do you like the picture of my fingernail?

Eliana's 1st B-day party!!

So this is my cute niece Ellie again, and she had her first b-day yesterday, she had a rough day at first, then she got a whole piece of cake, ate every last bite then was happy! She is so funny, since I dont have kids of my own, this is what I will blog, I cannot wait to be a mommy. Looking at all your babies makes it really hard to wait. They are all so beautiful, and I have noticed they are all girls, except Kelly's little boy. Where are all the boys? I will probably have all boys, just wait!!! I don't really care just as long as they are all healthy. Oh yeah Rachel has a boy, but she is not a blogger yet! Well I hope these are not to boring for you all but she is the cutest thing, and I run out of ideas sometimes!

This is Rhett's parents and the brother and sister to Eliana, Daxton and Kamryn! We love to go see them, they are so fun and we love being at there house!!