Sunday, August 31, 2008

What do you know...

another post about Ever, but that is what you get, she is my life, my everything, and I couldn't imagine life without her sweet smile, she is the happiest baby! I love to share her with my friends and family!!!

Worlds best invention, she smiled the entire time we shopped like this, she thought this was awesome! I love this thing!

My cute niece Ellie at Wheeler farms, she is so funny! Her faces crack me up!
Kamryn getting her 6 year old pics taken, she is so photogenic! I love them both so much!
Ever with her favorite new toy, the highlighter, why spend money on real toys, she wants everything but toys really!
Today was the first day we tried rice cereal! She was not to impressed, especially when I gave her some applesauce, thats the pic below!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Ever's 5 month Pictures!!!

Well Brianna did it again and took the best pics, they are my favorite! She is a great photographer! She is prego and laying in weeds, on her belly, will do anything to get a cute angle and shot! Ever was so good, even though it was a 100 degrees, geez so hot! We were so sweaty and hot, but they turned out perfect, and I love them! Thanks Brianna, you are the best, Ever and I love you, and we love hanging out, I wish you lived closer!
p.s. Can I just say how much I love my daughter, I never knew I could love something so much, I just stare at her and wonder how I am so lucky to have her, she is amazing and has made my life so complete! I am so lucky and have the best life, I love my husband as well, I can't imagine myself with anyone else, he is really my other half, he is so good to me and is so in love with his daughter, and she just loves her daddy, she beams up when she sees him, he can make her laugh or smile at anytime! So precious! I wish he could have been a part of these pics, but he works his butt off for us! I LOVE YOU BABE!!!

Fun weekend!

So saturday, Jacy, Jake and Lex came over, it was so much fun! We laughed and talked forever and it was a blast! Lex is the cutest little kid I swear, I could just eat him, he is the best most content baby! Ever was having a really rough night, sorry guys, she is breaking some more teeth pretty sure!
On sunday we went to Marci and Sam's! It was a lot of fun, and while we were there we got a halloween costume for Ever, pretty sure this is what she will be wearing, unless I find something I love more, but I think this is adorable!
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thankful for.....

I stole this idea (as usual).

1. That we had a quick and fun trip to stg, and got to see some family, that is all we had time for! I want to make a longer trip and get together with all the friends!

2. For my great run this morning, it was the best weather today, not windy and just right temp!

3. That I was able to spend so much time with Tara this last weekend, so fun to see her prego and cute, she looks so cute with her new do!!! She should be posting pics very soon!

4. That I was able to hang out with Brianna, it is always so much fun, and her baby bump is so cute!

5. That I get to see Brianna some more!!!

6. That my laundry is pretty much done, that is always my favorite!

7. That Ever is so cute, and sweet, and took a 3 hour nap today so I could get my laundry done!

8. That Ever sits up all by herself now, she barely falls over, it is so cute! She is so strong. I love when people see her and say oh how old is she 7 or 8 months, and I get to say almost 5, it is humorous!

9. That Rhett is such a good dad and husband, he loves us both so much and works so hard for us!

10. For all of Ever's grandparents, she is truly loved by all of them.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What's new????

Nothing really, this maybe be a boring list of new things going on here, but what the hey, I need a new post!

1. We too had a mouse Lindsey, I wanna move!
2. Ever has her two bottom teeth, and she has been a fussy sweetheart, she is not as bad as I expected, but sleeping through the night has not been going near as well!
3. She now weighs over 18 lbs, but still eats the same amount, most days less than normal???? Don't get it!
4. I love Rhett, look at the countertops he is in the middle of installing, I can't believe I married such a handy talented person, he can do whatever he wants, even residing the garage, and installing theater like lighting in my basement, he is the best! How did I get so lucky!
5. I decided to not run the marathon, I am not going to go into much detail right now, I am really bummed about it, but have many reasons, that is a blog all in itself on a vent day! If anyone wants my spot you can use my number and stuff!!!
6. Tara is coming Friday, and we are doing an extreme hair makeover, I can't wait, the pics are soon to come! I can't wait to see her!
7. We get to have the fastest trip in the world this weekend to stg, to see Rhett's cousin return from his mission! I love stg!
8. I want someone to have there baby already, I always check blogs to see when the next bundle arrives, I can't wait for all my prego friends to have there beebees!!!
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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


He really wasn't driving crazy here, it just looks like it!
Ever thinking she is big in a high chair!

Grandpa helping her swing!
Grandma Colleen snuggling her for a nap, which she was not good about taking there!
My crazy cute nephew Braxton!
Rhett trying to fix the swings, I think he looks so funny!

My crazy girl!
Look at Rhett!
My cute prego sis and her hubby Troy!
Ever and Grandpa Dave! Sorry she was so honery that day guys!
Ever and Auntie
Hanging out by the fire!

Ever sits by herself now for a bit, so cute!
My nephew Kayler at his baseball game, the next day he got hit in the eye and had the biggest black eye I have seen!
Ever loves grandpa Marlin's goatie!
We don't know how to take a normal pic!

Just got back from a fun trip to Rhett's cabin. We had a lot of fun, and it was so nice to see everyone, we miss going there, and all the trips we used to make!