Sunday, October 21, 2012

family pictures october 2012

I decided we needed some new family pictures and asked Kaity Lambert(Baker) to do them. They turned out pretty good considering our craziness. West was still sick from another stinking illness, which I think was roseola! But I decided to do them anyway. Rhett had traded days off and I didn't think it could work any other day. He was so mad when Ever tried to touch him or even get close. The only way he would smile is if Grammy was making a fool of herself, thank goodness she was there, and we got some smiles. I do love them so much though. They capture his mood and I want to remember this time! Thanks again Kaity, I seriously am so happy!

While sissy is sick West will play

love these brown eyes

unprompted silly face

west checking on sis and giving her loves

Ever wanted a picture of this, ha

Poor Ever got so stinking sick a few weeks back. She had a fever solid for 5 1/2 days, she was miserable. We were pretty home bound, and she rarely got up. While she rested I took some time to play with Westbrook. He has such a silly personality and loves to be silly. I love how well these pictures capture his sweetness. I would catch him in bed with Ev snuggling and asking her if she was ok, what a cute brother. We sure love our West!

Woods Cross Cheer clinic

West is smiling here but he wasn't a fan of watching her practice

Ever was invited by our cousin Ashleey who cheers at Woods Cross High School to do the Cheer clinic! She was way excited. She had a few practices before the big game. She learned 3 cheers which she practiced and got down! Then she had a dance first part was from tangled and the second was from lion king, she was thrilled. She did awesome on the field. She remembered it very well and smiled so cute! Total proud moment for me. I had a blast watching her. She was right in the front and middle and I thought she would get nervous, but she never does! Love this girl so much!