Saturday, July 7, 2007

I am boring!

So I decided to take a break from blogging for a while, I am boring and all I blog about is Rhett and having a baby. I promise the next post will be interesting. It is probably going to be a while though, I am serious about this. I want the next one to be good and different!!! Sorry I have bored everyone, I was looking through my blogs and realized that they are not very interesting. I will post as soon as something interesting happens!!! BYE, BYE.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

I LOVE holiday's!!!!

I love to spend the day with my family, there is nothing that makes me happier!! On Tuesday night we went to my cousins house and went to a big firework show in north salt lake, it was really good. I love to cuddle with Rhett and watch the show, I always have a blast with my family, they are like my sisters, and there kids are like my nieces and nephews, Rhett forgot the camera that night, oops!

On wednesday, I got up went running, then we went to a breakfast and bike parade at my sister in laws neighborhood park, then we spent the rest of the day with them. The kids go to decorate there bikes, or wagons as you can see, my little niece Kamryn, she is the one in the white tank top, decided at the last minute not to do the parade, that is kids though! We then went to the movie and saw Transformer's, it was pretty good, I have to admit, it is not my type of movie really but I did like it! Then we went shopping a little, and had a barbecue and firework show with there neighbors, about 50 people or so, it was nice. Over all it was a great day, best part is being with Rhett all day, worst part was the heat and my dress, it was like riding up all day, showing off my religion to everyone if you know what I mean, at least I have those!!!

I think I need my own kid so I can take some picture of them, if you didn't know me you would think that these were my kids, I will claim them though, I love them to death, they are all so cute in there own way. The little one Eliana, is getting the funniest personality, I loved that she fell asleep on me during the fireworks, that make me really baby hungry! I hope you all had a great 4th, and I hope to see some pics very soon!!!!
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