Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fun to be 1.....

Yes that is Tegan with a bow on, he pooped on his jammies here the other night and we went a little over board, I think he is 100% boy, there is no doubt about it.

12 new things to remember about my 12 month old!!
1. My favorite thing at the moment is the way she says thank you mama, it is so cute, and I promise I get teary eyed when she does it at times, it is so sweet, and I can't believe I am her mom.
2. We have an alarm on our house so every time the door is opened it dings, without fail everytime she yells DADA!! She thinks it is him coming home from work!
3. She has been putting herself to sleep for the past month, and for 2 night in a row now has slept straight through until morning. Could our sleepless night really be over?
4. She is obsessed with being outside and cries when we come in. She is obsessed with balls and pushing stuff to. Her stroller is getting a workout.
5. She will attempt to say pretty much everything you say to her. She got in the tub the other day and said Hot, I said that's not hot. She repeated me over and over and says that's not hot all the time now.
6. She loves animals, and can now say 9 animal sounds. The chicken and the snake are my personal favorites.
7. She is obsessed with going around and saying no no to all the things she is not supposed to touch, and touching them anyway.
8. She loves grapes, and her baba. It is going to be quite the challenge to ween her of that. She hates the sippies.
9. She reads books all the time, and surprises me everytime with how many things she knows.
10. She seems much older than 12 months to me. She is so vocal and talks from the minute she wakes up, or second I guess. She literally wakes up jabbering.
11. I bought her a potty today and hope she will be a fast potty trainer. She likes sitting on the big potty, but wont go, so I figured give it a chance.
12. She hates baby food, and wants whatever we are eating. She is hard to get to eat, she can't sit still long enough to eat a full meal, she should be a bean pole by now. She doesn't stop moving either, never, moves constantly just like her dada!!
We went to the zoo yesterday, she was pretty mellow for some reason, but said wow a lot and seemed to like the animals!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

So far in april....

My crazy girl, she is talking up a storm, she knows 7 animal sounds, she doesn't stop for a second, unless she is asleep, she is for sure one curious, crazy monkey! She jabbers all day long, I love her to death!
Tegan and Amelia hanging out!
she is so cute, I could squeeze her!
Me trying to keep Ever away from the babies! She likes to touch their eyes, yeah imagine that one! Poor babies don't know she is coming, then they have a finger in their eye!

My beautiful nephew. I could kiss his little lips all day! I pretty much do, sorry Tara!
Ever loves being outside, she never gets tired of it, she points to the front door all day and says, Walk. She wants to run wild outside.

Her cute easter dress, I love it. After church today a huge hole was somehow ripped in the front. She got to wear it for a few hours, that is all.

She is so hard to take a picture of, she has way way way to much energy to sit still for a picture. I honestly dont know how we got this one of the 2 of them together.

I have never seen a cuter boy in all my life, he is amazing!

There has been a ton going on so far this month. I have had a lot of fun and been pretty busy! I went to St. George for a quick trip, I got to judge Desert Hills High Schools cheer tryouts, way fun. They are going to have a great squad! I came home and got to spend the second part of saturday with Brianna, Amelia and Nick. It was so fun, and so not long enough. I would love if she lived close. I love her and Amelia so much and it was a blast. Amelia is beautiful, I could not get enough of her. Easter was a blast, I won't bore you with much more words, just enjoy the pics I have taken so far this month. I do not want to make collages so this will be a long post!!!