Monday, August 31, 2009

17 months old

Ever is now 17 months. Since 6 months old the time has FLOWN by. She is growing to fast, still gets more attitude every day, even when I think that is not possible, and I love her even more. Rhett and I are so lucky to be her parents, she is amazing!

After my moms work party the other night, we snapped a few pics spur of the moment to send to my grandma. Our colors are kinda bright, you can tell it was not planned.
So her 17 months has brought a lot of new things, all good I guess, some not my favorite things, but normal I am sure.
1. She is a smart little cookie and knows how to push buttons, and test her limits. Holy cow
2. She would be chased and chase you all day long, she says dont get me and runs all over.
3. She is OBSESSED with I gotta feeling by black eyed peas, I got the whole song on my phone and she knows how to restart it when it is over and dances and does everything with that song playing. Lets just say I used to love that song.
4. Asks to watch Barney constantly, also asks to watch a movie the second she gets in her car seat, I say no a lot to those things.
5. Knows all the sounds to her alphabet letters besides V and Y mostly. Its so stinking cute to hear her say like C C Cow, she sounds it out sometimes. She can recognize some letters when looking at them.
6. Still so good about the bottle weening. Doesn't beg like I thought she would.
7. Starting to think that running away is funny, so not funny, I get super mad at that. I need to stop that now.
8. My mom said that on saturday while I was at work she went to my picture and said, I miss you mommy and kissed it. So cute, it is hard for me to be away from her, I swear I will never leave her over night, I don't think I could.
9. Loves to pretend she is talking on the phone, it most always sounds like this. Hello, what u doing? Talk to ever, ok! I love you, see u later, bye. It is so funny.
10. tries to say hi to everything, dogs, birds, all animals mostly, and says what u doing a lot!
11. if you say guess what to her she says, I Wuv You!
12. Wakes up asking for cookies and barney most mornings.
13. still not the best sleeper.
14. takes one pretty good nap
15. takes her shoes off all the time
16. gives the best hugs and kisses
17. still crazy and wild, can't sit still for a second and has more energy than I can keep up with most days.

She actually made it pretty far in my heels. She is a fast little fart with her shoes on, she can run so fast.
She has a cute boyfriend, little lex and her play really well, and he is so cute. The kissing was hilarious, one or the other was usually on board so it looked like the other was like what are you doing. Jake and Jacy are so fun, they had us over for dinner, and we just sit and talk and laugh, it was a lot of fun.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

16 1/2 months?

Not sure what to title this. Ever will be 17 months in 2 days. A lot has happened in her 16 month of life. She had a doctor check up, I was a little late for her 15 month one. She weighs 28 lbs 6 oz 90% and is 34 1/4 in. long 95%. Her head is also in the 90%. She is not slowing down, growing like a weed and gaining almost a pound a month still. He told me she needed to get off the bottle. Since then she has had one bottle at night and occasionally at nap time she gets one to, I am worried she will stop napping soon, but for now she definitely still needs it. I am so shocked at how well she is weening from the bottle. I thought it was going to be much harder. Luckily since the four eye teeth broke through she has been a lot more pleasant, and not so whiny. She is growing up so fast, nursery is in one month already, and I don't know how I can send her there. I rarely leave her, I don't like to. It is for sure going to be so tough but she is going to love it I think. She is so fun. I will do a 17 month post in a few days.

I got her these slipper boots the other day, they are way to big still but I thought they would be warm for winter, she loves them, they are hilarious!
She fell the other day playing outside, it looks worse than it feels I think. She cried for a few minutes and there was blood, but now she just touches it and says owee, and looks in the mirror at herself kinda funny!
She loves Tegan, they are the bestest little cousins, and so darn cute to.
She also loves her auntie, they are so silly together!
This was the morning after the fall, the redness and swelling went down so we could see the scratch, just thought I would take some pics since its like her first real owee!
This was so funny, the neighbor taught her how to color her face, she also helped her, this is right before she fell, so you can imagine that with tears and blood, it was quite scary.
We bought her a bed, she likes it and sleeps in it fairly well. She still comes walking into our room every night, but when I hear her little foot steps coming I think it is so cute, she has the hardest time walking in the middle of the night, she is half asleep and looks drunk, I laugh every night! It is nice to have a few hours of her in her own room. I am hoping with time she will eventually sleep straight through. She loves her new bed though.

Monday, August 17, 2009

new camera/looking back

So looking through my thousands of pictures, I find some that I am in love with. I want to post some favorites.
This is birth through 3 months. She changed so quickly. I miss every age so much, but love the new ones even more

She has always and still does LOVE her tubby!

The order is messed up, but those are some of my favorite pictures of Ever!
So our new camera has some cool features, cool lenses and stuff. We were messing around yesterday with it. Got some funny stuff!

She is such a cheese ball. She is so hard to get a picture of smiling. We have to be the biggest dorks to get her to smile. That is the funniest part about it. Her smile here is because of what Rhett is doing! So funny!
We are dorks! I must say my hubby is pretty hot though!
it can take a picture of the whole room to, Rhett loves that feature, he has taken a picture of every room. he is enjoying this camera more than me I think.
Love her dirty face, she was eating, we chase her around with her meals, to much energy to sit still I guess!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


we were able to go to rhett's parents cabin for a few days. it was so nice,especially being able to hang out with rhett for that long period of time. ever had a BLAST!! you wouldn't know it, but she was in a zone there. she explored, got filthy dirty, loves to pour dirt all over herself, and had the time of her life. i have never let her get that dirty, but she loved it. she loved the swings, she wanted to do that a lot. she spotted deer, thought the animals hanging in the cabin were weird, liked the bobcat, which she called a kitty cat, and hated the big bear. she had a blast being with cousins, and seeing her papa and grandma. we miss you all already!

she loves to drive, thinks she is pretty cool.
she had a great time with her daddy, she loves him so much.
i tried to have fun, even pushed her tractor with the little 4 wheeler, she wasn't sure about that.

we found a little play ground up there, she didn't want to leave there!

thanks so much for having us. it was so much fun, we relaxed, ate to much and got to spend some quality time with family. can't wait to do it again.

Friday, August 7, 2009

new dress

*new pictures*

She has her days, her moods are all over the place, but she has me wrapped around her little finger and I just can't get enough of her. I love you always Ever Jacquelle!

I have to keep record of this, I am so proud of Ever, she knows the sounds to the letters a to h. She said them today and I can't believe it. Got a leap frog movie that has this song for every letter. The tune is the farmer and the dell, the words are

theA says aahh, the A says aahh,
every letter makes a sound,
the A says aahh!

We sing it and she knows to h. Great song and great movie for the car time.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Little behind here.....

What a cheese ball she is, I just want to squeeze her so stinking hard. Freeze please, you are not a baby anymore.

I broke my camera pretty much, can I just say I am sick if the bottle thing, that milk is spilling everywhere and making me really upset. Anyway, I wanted to take some fun pics of Ever, instead, I was playing outside with her the other morning, before her hair was done, it looks hilarious, and she was looking cute anyway so I snapped a few!

I think this museum is really overpriced but a lot of fun and super cute, you would have thought Ever was in heaven, she was loving it!
We got to spend some much needed time with my dad, Teri and the kids. It was a blast, Ever loves them all and I had a great time as well. Wish I could have got more pictures though, I hope we find a new camera soon, it is killing me.