Wednesday, July 29, 2009

16 months

Ever having fun with my cute niece Kamyrn, she loves her ballerina jammies, she says it so funny.

Thinks she is a little mom, needs her stroller and baby all the time, whenever we hear a baby crying she says Shhshh baby, its funny!

And what a change. She is seriously growing up so fast, and changing daily. She amazes us every day with all the things she is learning. Also amazes us with so much serious attitude that it is scary. She is to dang smart and pretty stinking naughty, I have my hands FULL, but would never trade a second of it. Here are a few things I am loving and that are new at this age!
1. She is a full blown mamas girl now, wants me a lot, and is sad when I go sometimes now.
2. She has a lot of emotions. She knows when she is in trouble and will try to hug and kiss you to make it better, which I love, hits I don't love. They are not as often though.
3. When we go in the car, which she can say now, with a c not a t, she knows a lot of places we are going and says them as we pull up.
4. She can sing the entire abc song, I am not saying it is perfect, but you can understand every part. She sings all day long, twinkle twinkle is pretty dang good to, she sings the whole song.
5. She can count to 10 all by herself.
6. She asks whats that all day, when I tell her she says "I touch it" even if it is the sun or moon, cracks me up.
7. If she wants something opened, doesn't matter what it is she says "open door". Its so cute.
8. She asks to go to bed now, she says "sleep, ok." She answers all her questions with ok.
9. She is a dancing machine. She hears music and starts dancing. At the gateway the other day there was a live band, for a good two whole songs she danced, nonstop.
10. She got 4 new teeth this month, the last of the 4 is breaking through right now, they are her eye teeth. She has a full mouth in front pretty much.
11. she is in love with BARNEY. Oh no, of all the shows, she really does love it though. Jumps claps laughs, loves it.
12. She requires a lot of attention, she grabs my finger all day and pulls me around, not the best at entertaining herself.
13. Getting better at minding, listens a lot better, some days that is, and when she is doing something naughty and gets caught she says HI and waves like I am not doing anything.
14. Still wakes up at least once a night, I have given up on the hope she will someday sleep all the way through.
15. She has an enormous amount of energy. You can see she is always thinking and moving, people say all the time that she is such a busy body and it is so true, she is non stop. I don't know how she doesn't sleep all night.
16. She said I love you to me the other day just random, and gives me more love than I thought possible, I pretended to be asleep today and she came and snuggled her face by mine and grabbed my neck, she kept saying hi mama, trying to wake me. I love her more than I thought possible, she is my everything. She is one loved little smarty pants.
........................She now knows like 20 animal sounds and knows like choo choo, what a car says, and a baby. I wish I could write down all her words she knows, but she says new ones every day, and I can't believe how well she talks. It is nice, we can communicate pretty well. She is puting sentences together now, it is so funny to hear her try to combine words!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Alpine slides, family time!

Go to Tara's blog to see some more of this little guy, he is so cute and I had a blast playing with him this day! He is so smiley! But his serious face is so squishy and cute to! I LOVE LOVE him!
I can get most of her hair in a pony now, rhett says she looks like a ninja though! I like it!

I think they look like twinners in this pic! She loves spending the day outside with her daddy!
I know I take a lot of pics of these two but I can't help it, I love them so much! She loves to HOLD him!

She is trying to copy a dance tara was doing, she loves to dance!

We had fun at the alpine slides I have never been so it was cool to go!

Friday, July 10, 2009


I know that I definitely want more kids, I am just not ready to yet. But some days I am. I wonder when all the thoughts will leave my mind about how bad I felt prego. I loved that I carried my baby for all that time, it is so neat and I can't wait to do that all over. Then I think about being sick and having like the worst acne in the world and I just think, nope not yet. When the heck will the time be right? It's not like if I wait maybe those things wont happen again, who knows, it is such a gamble. Will I be a good mom to Ever when I am sick and puking and wanting to lay around all day? Holy cow, my mind is racing and I just had to vent!
So this makes me sad, reason....... I don't believe it sometimes, I look at my belly now and have a hard time remembering that she was in there and I was stretched to the max. It's so amazing that our bodies do this, I just wish it knew it what was happening and didn't get confused I guess(by trying to make you puke it out).

I sure do crave this though. 5 days old, so new, so mine and so cuddly!!! Oh what to do?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th stuff

Ever was out of control this night, she took that light thing and went and wacked a little girl in the head 30 seconds after we gave it to her, she didn't get to play anymore with that. Funny thing is there were thousands of people here, and the following night we went to a barbeque at one of Rhett's co workers house, the little girl she hit was there, what are the chances. It was a good thing though cause I got to apologize more I guess!

just having fun!

we try to do fun things with the kiddies, it's kinda hot though so swimming is about all that sounds fun outside!

most awesome cute dude around!

My cute new little niece, Rylie Ann, she is so tiny and darling!
My crazy little fart, loving her baby!
She was loving the music at the fireworks, dancing all night!

I wanted to post a few new things she does now at 15 months for my record so here they are!
1. She says no a lot, to much and I am working on stopping it
2. She says like most words you tell her to say
3. She is still not the best sleeper, great napper, not a good night baby, it's actually really bad sometimes
4. Has her first eye tooth and looks like the other 3 are coming, by the way she is acting lately I believe it. She has serious emotions lately, holy cow.
5. Doesn't love her toys, unless another kid wants them, then she wants them all
6. still wants to be outside all the time
7. hates her stroller, wants "out" all the time
8. poops in the tub to much, so grose, I hate when she does that
9. Sings all the time, dances hilarious still
10. Getting much softer with babies, still working on it, but getting better
11. She talks to people on the phone, says hello, what you doing! bye bye
12. knows 16 animal sounds
13. knows when she is in trouble and hugs me and kisses me
14. Looks in the mirror after she is all ready and says oh pretty
15. loves to find the bugs and step on them