Thursday, January 21, 2010

22 months!

Are these not the cutest of Ever and Grammy?
I could stare at the middle one all day!
She sure loves her grammy and is very loved by her back.

Only 2 more months and she will be 2.
Can't stand it.
She is changing so much everyday. You never know what her attitude will be like. It changes a lot during the day. I do know that she wants attention always, that is ok, I will hold her bunny rabbit while I cook, and pee, and color while folding laundry, and push her baby on the bike while watching a movie. I love it, it is my own fault. She occasionally will play alone, but mostly wants me to play with her. Even in the tub now, we play princesses every day. I used to get ready while she played in there, not anymore!!

-She is pretty much a coloring fool and a book worm.

-Somedays I don't know how much books we should read, is there a limit? I am sure not, but I swear she would read for hours.

-If I say I can't read she reads aloud to herself, and actually gets pretty creative. She was reading Curious George, one of her favorites, he was leaning against a tree with his arms crossed on his belly. Ever says, mommy he has a tummy ache.

-she loves to color, but needs me to color with her always. She insists on taking my crayon to, don't know why.

-I love her imagination.

-She is obssesed with stuffed animals to, she usually has a different favorite everyday.

-also loves babies! Wrapping them up and carrying them around going Shshsh!

-She has the best memory. Sometimes to good. We get a doughnut from smiths on sunday morning. So everytime we go there even before we pull in to the parking lot she says, Mommy, I get a doughnut? She asks all the cashiers there for a sticker because one day she got one. At costco today she said, The teachers going to give us a smiley face? They always draw one on te back of the receipt for us. Not sure why she thinks it is the teacher?
-We go to the library to get new books, mommy gets sick of reading the same old ones. We get a basket, she looks through a book and says, I like this one, and puts it in. Then she asks to read her "yibrary books" all the time.
-Still doing well with letters and stuff. Getting better with her colors, knows what a circle, triangle, rectangle, square, heart, star, moon and diamond are.

-Everytime we get in the tub she says, I wont poop in the tub. When I ask her to go on the potty she says, I dont want to see my poop.

-Loves gymnastics. She can hang on the bar and put her legs up on it all by herself, and fast to. I think it would be cool if she is a gymnast, or dancer, whatever she wants though!!! Her donkey kicks are getting better, she kicked her self into a handstand last week then right over. She listens so well and follows the instructions very good.

-Loves music. Sings a ton of songs!

-Loves fruit and chocolate.

-When you talk about a certain thing we did she points out and remembers the littlest details and memories from it. Maybe she has a photographic memory!

-Says I love you too when you tell her you love her!!
I have so much more, it will get to long though, I will put it in her journal!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Messing around

This one has 2 weird spots I just noticed, don't want to fix them now though.

this one has weird lines on it for some reason, see my point, not easy to use!

Rhett got me Adobe photoshop elements for christmas. I feel so dumb using it. I want to take a class or something to figure it out. I dont feel that it is user friendly. Anyway, took some way cute pictures of Ever after her nap the other day, thought I would share them. I have tried messing around with them in adobe, jsut trying some different settings and all. So if anyone knows of a class or is really good at it come show me!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Flashback, discovery, and sledding

Really? Was she really this way? I promise I am crying, what the heck! I was looking through pics tonight, which I do regularly, but came across these cute pictures Brianna took of Ever at 5 months and I was sad. I can't believe how fast the time is going. I really think it is so crazy. I am kinda freaking out about it to be honest. I need to relax and realize this is what happens, things change, people get older, including me who will be 26 this year, no!!! But the hardest thing for me is that she is growing up. I miss her rolls, her baldness, her drool, and just the fact that she was a baby really. Now we are 2 1/2 months away from her 2nd birthday and I want it to stop. I want to FREEZE time. I don't want to change anything because I love her now more than I could imagine. One of the best parts about now is that she tells me she loves me and I know she does. She kisses me, she tells me she missed me! Really doesn't get better than that. I am so lucky to be her mommy. I want her to always know she is my everything, that I would do anything for her, and want the best for her always!
I can't believe her rolls, I want them back, she is so slimming out and it makes me realize she is older, so sad.
She is nuts, she never stops, goes a thousand miles a minute, but I wouldn't change her, she keeps me going. Look at her crazy hair, its growing so fast. I LOVE IT!!!!
We had a blast at the Gateway museum, I was proud of Ever for taking hits in the face by random kids, and never being violent back. Tegan loved all of it to. He is so smart, he is only 10 months, looks at least 13 months to me. His hair is awesome, why did the boy get such great hair? I love these two!

We went sledding again. Ever is pretty much fearless now, she does tell you every time though, I dont want to go fast. But then off she goes and loves it!
So I can always get her to sing and stuff in the tub. She sings like this in the grocery store to, so loud! This video ends though with her pooping in the tub, nice huh? Well it was ok, she finished on the potty and went again later on the potty. Hopefully diapers will be gone soon! The other video is us waiting in the car for Rhett. Her Aunt Marci taught her to say Peace out Suckers! I think it is actually pretty funny! And I really love her hard laugh!

Friday, January 1, 2010


She wasn't quite sure this was the funnest thing in the world. I said let's just send her down and she will eventually like it. After a few times she thought it was pretty fun. I felt bad she cried though, oh well, payed off in the end!

Look at her face!!!
Even better, mine, how mean am I?
We did ride with her the first few times, she didn't like that much either.