Sunday, March 30, 2008


Everything is great...I will do another update soon. I just wanted to share this pic with everyone.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ever Jacquelle Yates....SHE IS HERE!

World's best auntie!!! Thanks for your help Tara
She was born Tuesday morning at 4:35 am after a fun day or more of contractions! It went well and she is so amazing! I can't remember what it was like without her here! Rhett and I are so blessed and happy!

7lbs 4 oz

21 1/2 in.

I will tell more details later, there is tons to do but here are some pictures!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

The waiting game.

What am I waiting for. How do you wait for something you have never felt before. Everyone tells me I will know, but how do you know, when you don't really know? Can you tell I am getting anxious?
So thursday I started to have some contractions, and for like 24 hours they were honestly happening every 5 minutes at least. They were starting to get stronger, go down my back and legs, I was like, YES get worse this is it. I am really wanting them to hurt, I want to do this, I am the most impatient person right now. Time has flown by until now. Now I feel it is at a complete stand still. I am trying to enjoy my last couple of days of babyless life, and am doing a pretty good job, Rhett and I are so close right now, we both can't wait for this baby, we always go stand in her nursery, or just imagine what it will be like, I love it! But I am getting very anxious!
I have been cleaning my house, emptying all the closets, reorganizing them, lifting heavy things, hoping it will put me in labor, sssshhhh dont tell. I am walking all the time, how can I speed this up. I know I can't really, when it is time it will happen, I just need to vent so I don't go crazy.
I am so excited to meet her, see her, love her, kiss her and just hold her in my arms, and see Rhett do the same, I seriously can't wait. Her I go again babbling, Sorry!!

Anyway, I guess when it happens it will happen, I go to the doctor in the morning, I am praying for good news, lots of progress, and maybe I can get him to strip my membranes if I wine enough. I am going to pop, I think in 12 more days, the skin will rip open, seriously, the skin is so tight, ouch!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Doctor appt!!!

Had a doctor appointment yersterday, I went from nothing last week to 50% effaced this week! Yay, I don't know if that is to exciting, but to me it is something.

He also felt her and measured and is guessing she weighs somewhere in the higher sixes, he says you are not having a 9 pounder, he thinks around seven! I had a dream that she was 7 lb 6 oz. We will see how off I am! This made me happy, I was kinda scared!

Getting closer! I can do it! I will keep telling myself that!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Thanks to Brianna!

She took some pictures for me today, I will be honest I didn't want any, not my favorite time right now, but she did so good, and she is really a great photographer. I love how they turned out, and will cherish them forever. I probably shouldn't have waited until like 19 days before my due date, but I did. She made me look a lot better than I do! She is amazing! Thanks Brianna, you are the best! Check out her blog to see them!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Nursery!!

It is almost done, not quite, there a few things I need to do still but it is coming along, she could come now and I wouldn't be worried. I need to put some pics in the red frames that Brianna made me(they are so cute) but I want them to be pics of the baby so I will have to wait! The bedding turned out way better than I ever expected. Tara is amazing, that is her first time making that, I am so happy with it, thanks sis, love ya!
I am so ready for the baby to come, this last couple of weeks is going to kill me I know it!!! Not really, I go to the doctor today, I hope some good news maybe. I guess I can last 3 1/2 weeks huh. This is really hard for a very unpatient person.
p.s. Went to the doctor today, the baby is doing great, she flipped around so she is in the right position thank heavens. He says anytime now, I really hope that is true. I see him every week now, hopefully next week I am further along in the process, maybe I will be dilated or something, that would be nice.
We have narrowed our names to 2 different names, we have decided to wait until we see her to choose one. We also think that we will just let it be a surprise, we have not told anyone. It was hard enough to come up with them, I don't want to say them and get a bunch of opinions that change my mind . I don't have time to try and make Rhett like anymore names, that is impossible at this point!