Thursday, May 28, 2009

14 months

My baby is 14 months, I guess thats not a baby anymore. 14 fun things going on right now
1. She has one thing on her mind and that is being outside all day everyday. She wants to do nothing else.
2. She hasn't gained a pound for over 2 months. Her growing spurt has taken a little break I guess.
3. She loves mickey mouse, well for a few minutes I guess. Gets a big smile.
4. Loves to sing songs and dance, I say shake your booty and she smacks her bum and bounces, its hilarious.
5. She is now really liking her mama. I love it, I wanted a mama's girl and she is now finally becoming one.
6. She is not catching on with being soft with Tegan yet, not sure why. Hope she catches on soon.
7. Repeats pretty much every word I say and gets real close to saying them all.
8. Has the cutest laugh and is real ticklish on her hands and neck.
9. Doesn't really want a binky anymore, just wants to chew on it. Still loves her baba though.
10. Talks all day at home, but goes really quiet when people are around she in not used to.
11. Pretty much understands everything I tell her or ask her to do. Sometimes it shocks me.
12. We have an alarm on our house, every time the front door opens she knows who it is depending on the time of day, In the morning it is me coming home from the gym. Middle of the day it's auntie coming to play, and at night its dada coming home from work.
13. Loves to talk on the phone whether or not anyone is there.
14. Rocks her baby and forth and says Shh, shh. It is so cute.
Having her favorite snack, grapes, watching mickey mouse!

Being outside, her favorite thing in the whole world!

Love her in the morning, she has some wild hair, and is so funny.
Has a blast swimming, she could care if she goes under and is fearless. I can't take my eyes off of her.

Just having fun at the pool looking like a cutie in her swimming suit. I love my little girl so much.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's day in Stg

We gave these pictures to my mom for mothers day. Isn't Tara and Tegan the cutest the cutest little mother and son in the world! She is the best mommy to that little guy!

We had a blast in stg for mother's day. It was so relaxing and so nice to spend time with my husband for a few days. The ride down was not so pleasant. Poor Ever puked on the way down, and I mean a ton of puke. It was like a hose was coming out of her mouth. It got in our seats, an unbelievable amount of puke. Sorry to be so graphic but it was so sick and so sad. Poor thing, she was miserable. We had a lot of fun with Rhett's family, his parents are the best, and we had fun playing with Todd and Wendy and their kids. We got to see my dad and family for a minute, they gave Ever and Tegan some cute toys as usual. They spoil those two so much. I missed seeing my mom, but she is the best and does so much for me.

I am so grateful to be a mom, it is the best feeling in the world and I love my Ever cakes more than I can say. She is amazing and I am so glad to be her mommy! I love you Ever!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stg trip and more!

Ever just hanging out, I just snap tons of pics of her all day, what a first time mom I am, so sad!
We had fun in stg for Tegan's blessing, he looked so dang handsome. Grandpa Dave taught Ever to play the drums, she loved it. Grandma and Grandpa Pay got her a gift card to the bear mill for her birthday and we were able to go and get it while we were there. She picked the duck, wouldn't hardly let go, and we got it a navy blue cheer outfit for byu, daddy's fav! Auntie picked out the name Sasha, which Ever can say so it fits perfect! Thanks guys she loves it.
I celebrated my freaking 25th bday and am not happy about it. This has definetely been a hard birthday year for me and makes me feel really old. I don't believe for a second that 7 years has passed since I was in high school. Are you kidding me? I had a great birthday though, it was so fun and I got to do my favorite thing and hang out with family all day! So nice, Rhett took me to dinner while Ever got to hang with Auntie, uncle Troy, grammy and Tegan. It was nice of them to let us have some time together!

Ever's hair is totally long enough for piggies now, and I do them a lot per request of her daddy! He loves them and I do to, she looks so much older though, and you can't see her curls, besides that they are adorable. No one believes me that she is only 13 months old, everytime we go out I say 13 months and they say geez she looks older. Well she stinking acts older to and has the personality and attitude of a 2 year old. She keeps me running all day long, and I may seem stressed at times, but I would never trade a minute!
Ever singing her favorite song, and me singing, yuck, can't edit it out though dang it. She sings it a lot, and only says dog, she won't change the animal for some reason. She is so freaking funny!

Good news, we get to go to St. George as a family this weekend, saturday through tuesday, with Rhett. I have been 5 times I think without him and we are so excited he gets to come.