Sunday, December 23, 2012

Stats and facts

Height 36" 88%
weight 31.2 lbs 84 %

West does awesome at the doctor
he didn't get any shots though, that probably helped this time
he was sick as usual
we did get some answers and hopefully we can get a handle on his health so he can feel well 
instead of always being sick
it definitely affects his mood 
he gets colds that last almost two weeks
he has a chronic cough
he is always tired I feel like
maybe he has low iron too?
He still sleeps with me at night
he naps for almost 3 hours every day though
I have moved his nap to around noon because he wakes up so early the he needs it pretty early
he usually wakes up crying an moody too
crazy kid
He is talking so well
he sings the alphabet, counts to like 15, and know a ton of letter sounds
he is recognizing letters too
he wines a lot when he talks 
we are working on that, it gets hard to listen too
my favorite thing he says is still " I love you too mommy"
He is loving his daddy lately
he actually slept by him the other night, kinda nice for me
He is a picky eater 
doesn't eat a lot at all actually
he is loving Dora lately
Just like Ever at this age
He has started pushing and hitting a lot lately
trying everything to stop it fast
His molars are almost through, we will all be glad when that is over!
He loves hats and motorcycles, he usually has one or both at all times!
He cries a lot, a whole lot, he is super fussy and whiny
 I hope he can start to feel better and be happier
It is so hard when he cries so much to stay patient. It has tested us all, but maybe we need it!
He loves nursery and does really good
he is getting pretty shy, when people say hi he actually tells them he is shy
this is kind of working out a lot better when we are in public, he stays close!
He was so shy when we sang happy birthday to him, doesn't like a lot of attention!
We Love our little Westy, not sure what we would do without him!

Westbrook at 2!

 We headed out to Staci's a few days before Westbrook's birthday! On the way I was really mad at myself that I had forgotten my camera! I realized that it would have been a great time and place to snap a few pics of West! Luckily Staci has a great camera and was nice enough to let me use it! Between the two of us we snapped a couple hundred shots! West was in heaven, dirt and hills everywhere, and a motorcycle in hand! These capture his personality so well! I love how wild he is! Thanks again Staci, love these so much!

The actual day

Last few hours being one!

Loving his new hat!

West woke up to balloons from Buddy, our elf!! He was in heaven!
I am not sure how he is already two? Time is flying by!
We sure love this little guy, he makes us all laugh and is super silly 


We had a doctor appointment with an allegist/immune specialist. West has asthma and quite a few allergies. He was put in cortisone twice a day through the nebulizer for a month. Then we are going back to see if this helps his symptoms at all. If not we are going to look into some other things, like testing his immune system and other things! Westbrook is a champ at the doctor, doesn't cry and lets them do whatever they need to. 

After the doctor we went to Mcdonalds to play, had cake and ice cream, then opened presents. It was a fun and simple day! Happy birthday Westbrook, we love you more than words can say!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Ever and the primary program

 The primary program was on Oct 2nd
Ever was asked to sing the first verse of I feel my saviors love with her friend Alexia
She didn't want to do it or practice at all when I first told her
She totally warmed up to the idea as it got closer and closer
she was singing it all the time
also she was reciting her part which was
"jesus christ created the earth as a place where I can learn to choose the right."
The day came and she was so excited
I wish I had her fearless attitude
If she is nervous you cannot tell
She sang beautifully and remembered her part
It was a proud day!
Grammy and Val came and she was most excited about that. 
I love moments like these, I hope she always keeps her confidence!

on our way to the practice

instagram update

disney store visit, heaven for Ev
motorcylce and ariel balloons, city creek

nap skipper

excited for the dog park, love West's bed head

outdoor movie night
wearing her new DI dress up all day!
ready for family pictures
helmet hair

mom wear these glasses and take our picture, Ever's request

another pet store visit, closest thing they will probably have to a pet
eating popsicles in aunt Staci's trailer
seeing the halloween house

West loves shopping

daddy daughter art time

excited for Dilynne's birthday party

Ever's drawings, she drew and spelled these all on her own

chocolate pudding or body paint?

Poor brave boy, sick again

he never cried, even with the throat swab, breathing treatments and xrays!

first snow

getting more paint, thank heavens for these cars

tried to skip his nap again

strep for this girl

want some mom?

5 am snuggles