Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quick St. George trip

Daddy burpin Ever!!!!
She has her Harely outfit on that Grandpa Marlin get her!!
We LOVE grandma Colleen!!!
This isn't stg, this is the day she got her shots, poor little legs
This is the day we left, this pic cracked me up
Grandpa Dave is the best, he sang to her and burped her, she puked on him to.

Aunt Maddy and Uncle Adam played with her and made her so happy!
Tara kept puting her to sleep, she is good at it

She loves her Auntie
She loves grandpa Marlin to!

Cousins Kambrie, Braxton, and Kayler, she looks like a toddler in this pic

She pooped on her outfit of course, Grandma Teri was nice enough to wash it out!!!

We had fun, but it was way to short and I did not want to come home. We just saw all the fam and had a blast, Ever loved everybody and was pretty darn good, except for when she is awake in her car seat, she hates that thing really bad, kinda sucks.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Ever is in the 98th percentile for both height (24 1/2) and weight (14 lbs 1oz)!!! Can you believe that, I was shocked. He is not worried yet, he just says she is having a major growth spurt. I'd says so she gained 5 lbs in 6 weeks, she is doubled her birth weigth about, and added 3 inches to her little body. But I love her so much, I squeeze her all the time, and it is probably that I am with her all the time that she doesn't seem that big to me. I have way cute clothes in 3 to 6 months anyways, and now she can wear them all, and fill them out. She is amazing, she barely cried for her shots, and is the best little baby!!! I am so in love with her!!!


1. My running stroller for allowing me to run even with a baby! Thanks tara and mom!

2. My new car, it is so much easier getting the car seat in and out!

3. Hint of lime tortilla chips, I can't get enough right now, not thankful for the calories though.

4.That we are going to stg, I can't wait!

5.Ever, for making me a mommy, best feeling in the world.

6. Gas drops, they help Ever so much.

I found these pics, do you think she looks more like me or Rhett. I think a little more Rhett but part of me I guess, we looked similiar though I think!
p.s. I lied this post is totally about Ever, what do you do????

Monday, May 19, 2008

8 weeks... already posing!

See her rash? I don't know what it is

My husband is such a hottie, and the best dad!

She loves her grandma!!!! Like the mormon bird?

She really isn't posing yet, but the picture of us in the yard, she looks like she knew it was time to smile for a picture, so funny!

We have her eight week appt. on wednesday, not very excited for all the shots, they want her to get 4 different ones, what shots did you all get for your children? Are they all necessary?

I am anxious to find out what the rash is all over her face. It is tiny red bumps and her face feels so rough, and dry. It is peeling, and when she is hot it is so red, it seems to be getting worse to. I hate it, the poor thing got my skin.

Everything else is good, I sold my little car and we got this one, I love it, it is so much easier to get Ever in it and it has power locks, which my cobalt did not have. I am excited, best part is the price is about the same, so the car payment is so low.

We are supposed to be going to stg this friday and staying until monday. But Rhett's work decided he could not have it off, we are still trying to come though, he is working on it. I am so bummed, I want to come so bad, we have so many family members we want to see and they have not seen Ever since she was a newborn, I hope it works out, I will be so sad if I can't!
p.s. Next post will not be about EVER!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's day!

Happy Mother's Day!

This day definetely has new meaning to me! It for sure makes me appreciate my own mom more, and how much she does and has done for me.

We went to church today and took some pics afterwords. This cute blanket was made for us by my sister in law Marci, it has a lot of meaning, the fabric was from Rhett's grandma's collection. After she passed away Marci took some of it and made us this blanket. Grandma Lainey was a great lady and I am sad Ever will not get to play with her, but I feel she already met her. Luckily she passed on all her great attributes to her daughter, Grandma Colleen, and she is a great grandma, we love her! Thanks for the cute blanky Marc, Ever loves it!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Catching up...... Picture overload!

Do you like her hair?

My Chunky monkey!!!

She totally got my ears!!!

This is about 2 weeks worth of pictures. She is still growing like crazy, she is a bit, or a lot more fussy now, she may have cholic the doc says, I feel bad for her, it seems she has a tummy ache a lot of the time. But things are good, we are happy and once again I love her to death!

p.s. Jacy came over yesterday with Lex, he is the cutest thing, I could squeeze him, it was so fun to see you Jacy, sorry we didn't take pics, stupid of me!