Saturday, November 26, 2011

Westbrook @ 11 months

His first birthday is weeks away and I can't stand it
How did he get this old so fast, I can't even believe it has been this long since I had him

He is the best boy, when he is feeling well that is, poor boy keeps getting sick

He likes to bother his sissy sometimes, she handles it fairly well

He has a lot of silly smiles

He loves to play anywhere in the kitchen, his favorite is the dishwasher and the drawer under the oven
I can't get over his little dark eyes, I love them!
He does this look when you are holding him and he wants you to look at him! Turns his head so it is really close to yours and so you can see his whole face, its so cute!
He is not a good sleeper anymore, he cries and cries unless I have him in bed with us now...What??
He is a tall buddy
He is totally thinning out
a lot of that has to do with him being sick recently
He likes to smack you in the face and laughs when he gets in trouble
He totally freaks out when you take away something he wants or has that he is not supposed to
he has 7 teeth
and is getting better at getting them brushed
he has big feet
We went swimming the other night at our hotel and he was scared to death
Biggest thing this month is the walking
he can do it
he sometimes does and sometimes crawls
fine with me, I want him little
he loves his blanket still
no binkies
occasionally takes his bottle
He plays pretty well
totally gets into things now though
He still has to get a hair cut all the time
He sings eei-eei from old mcdonald, not the O though
Claps like a champ
says mama, dada, baba, ball, dog and thats about all still

He truly is the sweetest boy
we get told he looks like a little man all the time
he totally does
I could stare at his sweet face all day
he gives the cutest kisses and puckers up his lips and everything
he really is a mama's boy, I don't mind one bit
He is my little buddy, I can't describe how much I love him!
We all do!

Monday, November 21, 2011

7 years

Its been the best seven years of my life
That is the honest truth
He is my best friend
He loves me no matter what
I couldn't live without him
It feels like we have been together forever
I guess off and on it has been about 15 years
wow, we are getting old.
I am more in love with him everyday
I can't wait to see what the rest of our forever brings
I love you Rhett Yates!!!
(we actually got a picture together on our actual anniversary, thanks marci!)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dancing bunny

Here are a few more pictures of Ever in her bunny get up for dance class
Where she gets these poses from is beyond me
she is a nut!
We sure love her little crazy personality

She learned a little dance this day to Thriller.
She wanted to practice at home and kept asking for the song
Rhett pulled it up on his phone and it was the actual video
she kept saying that zombies dont even scare her because its just face paint
but she wanted to keep seeing it
she was scared and is still a little scared after the whole halloween deal
you see some crazy stuff sometimes even when you want to avoid it.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween day and random cell pics

We started off the day at grammy's work, she wanted to see the kids and everyone there gets really dressed up so it is fun to see!

We did a little trick or treating at colonial square
this costume was hilarious and he was nice enough to take a picture with the kids.

We did door to door trick or treating this year and had a blast doing it.
This is after we were all done
Ever says every day still how much fun halloween was.

I never have my real camera with me and just end up using my phone.
These are all random cell pics!

I can't get enough of West's face in this picture!

We were waiting for daddy to come out of work and go to Aunt Marci's with us!

Salt lake temple for Cam and Jamie's wedding!

Gardner Village

Morning hair and face, I love it

One of my favorite pics of my Ev!

Here is Westbrook's weird smile again

Ev wanted to wear makeup for fun this day, she looks way to old

This is from the little mermaid
It was nice to have Rhett with constantly for a few days!