Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ever's 1 month pics!!

Well Brianna did it again and took the cutest pics of Ever! She was good, she did pee on that chair, and ruined it, but that is ok I love her! I freaking love these pics so much, it captures all her different moods, and isn't her churdy bum the best?

Monday, April 28, 2008

More of my Ever!!!

This outfit cracks me up, she did not love the hat at all!!!

I know this is all I post about, but she is now my life, soon I will have a post not about her. If you are sick of it just move on to the next blog!!!! HAHA!!

She is now about 11 and 1/2 lbs, I don't know how she is gaining weight so fast but it is unbelievable. 0 to 3 month clothes are now getting tight, what is happening. It is like I am feeding her pure fat, she is so rolly, I love it. I just didn't think she would put on over 4 lbs in a month. I love her though, she is so much fun, she is starting to smile a little but here and there, I cry when she does it for some reason, I am a mush I guess!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My beebee is 1 month today!!!!

I think this is the funniest picture, what is she doing???

She attempts to hold her own bottle, she gets so hungry she will hold it at her face so I don't take it away!

I seriously can't believe that it has been a month, crazy!!! She is still getting so big, I can't believe it. The 0 to 3 month clothes fit her now, really well!!! That is ok though, we have a ton of cute outfits in that size. Here are a few things I am thankful for!!!!

1. That Ever only gets up once in the middle of the night, she slept throught the night once already, 7 1/2 hours straight, wow!!!
2. That I am able to run again, yay, 2 times already, it is hard, but I love it.
3. That I was finally able to go tanning today, thanks Rhett for letting me get out for a minute!!!
4. That we were able to go to sacrament on Sunday, she was really good.
5. That I am almost done with my announcement/thank you's, they are taking forever.
6. That I have a great husband who loves our baby.
7. For frozen hot chocolates
8. That I get to pick out new birthday shoes today, wish it were pants, but I am not quite ready to buy new pants yet, couple more weeks of running hopefully will do it.
9. That Ever loves her bath, she smells so good after.

11. Most of all that I am a mom, I can't believe it still, but I am so lucky and blessed, I just stare at her and cry, I love her so much!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Can I get a freaking tan??

K, I am so sick of being snow white, people are going to think Ever is adopted, she is only 18 shades darker than me. I have all these red scars from having the worlds worst acne while prego, and I need a tan so bad. I haven't tanned in almost a year and a half, I have really sensitive skin, I get moles, tumors all sorts of fun stuff, but I just want to go like 2 or 3 times and get a glow. I would go outside but it is still in the 40's here, what the???? DO ANY OF YOU THINK OR KNOW IF THIS IS BAD TO DO WHILE BREASTFEEDING??? I also want to bleach my teeth, I have some stuff that you do at home, online it says it should be ok, I was just wondering what everyone thought, or if anyone has done this? I need to feel good again, no more white skin with red scars, or yellow teeth for me!!

P.S. I love my little Ev!!!! She is so funny, and spoiled, she wants me to hold her all the time, I love that feeling, but I know it is not good, I must change it soon.

See how much darker she is? She is lucky!
She is opening her eyes so much now, I love it!!! They are so dark, I wonder what color she will have!
She lover her Auntie, that is at the hospital, Tara looks so pretty!!!
Ever received this in the mail yesterday from her grandpa!!! She loves it, it is a little to big, but as soon as it fits she will be wearing it!! Thanks Grandpa!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

She is so good!!!!

I am so lucky she is such a great baby! I love her more and more every day. I can't even describe how I feel about her. I crave her really! She just snuggles me, and lets me kiss her and doesn't fuss. I am sure she will change soon, I am trying to enjoy every moment right now.

Tara and Troy came for the weekend, it was so fun to see them. She loves her Auntie already! We went to the jazz game. I am not going to lie, it was hard to leave her, I got a little teary eyed a few times, I seriously missed her. But she was with my mom and did great. It was nice to go out and feel normal again. It is so nice not being pregnant. I can't even explain it! She has a schedule down pretty much, I am trying to change it a bit, but am not to successful. She wakes up about 11 or so every night, I feed her, then she is awake for a while. Then she eats again around 3 or 3:30, then again about 7 sometimes she makes it a little longer. It is not to bad, I am getting used to it. I just love her so I don't care when she wants it, I just love to hold her and bond with her.

She is growing and changing so fast, I wish time would slow down. She loves her bath, never cries when she gets her diaper changed, or when she has to go in her car seat. I hope these things stay this way, wishful thinking maybe! This is the best time of my life, being a mom is the most amazing thing, I am so blessed and lucky to have Ever, and even more lucky that I have a great husband that loves her maybe more than I do. He is so good with her and helps me so much. She is going to be a daddy's girl! Her are some recent pics, I am not a photgrapher, so they are not to great, but they will do!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

2 weeks!

Ever had her 2 week appointment yesterday and I was blown away when they told me how much she weighs! She is already 9 lbs 2 oz, can you believe that. They doctor said it was good, but I was like that seems fast. She left the hospital at 6 lbs 13 oz. So in 12 days she gained that much. I must have amazing milk!!! She is so cute, and such a good baby. She is getting a little better at switching her days and nights, we are still working on it though! I could just squeeze her, I stare at her in awe that she is mine, I can't get over it!

We have had some fun visitors, but her grandma's have been so helpful. My mom and Rhett's mom have helped so much, I am so thankful for them!

Monday, April 7, 2008

The birth!!! Longest post, sorry!

She is really chubbing up, I love it, she is getting roley!!!

She looks like she is holding on for dear life here!

Well nothing to exciting about my birth experience. I did end up having an epidural, I am not as strong as I thought I was. On saturday night I was having a ton of contractions, every 3 to 4 minutes and thought that it was the real thing. We were right by the hospital and decided to go and checked. They kept me for an hour, the contractions were really coming, but they were not doing anything and were not really painful. They sent me home, I was ok with that because I was not in a lot of pain.

Sunday I was getting some more intense ones but they had slowed down for sure. Every 10 minutes but these ones burned, by like 1 in the morning I was in a lot of pain, I was sure they were the real thing. Rhett took me again, they tracked me for 3 hours this time, the contractions were very constant, but I was not dilating of thinning out. So they sent me home again, I was scared this time though, these contractions were hurting, I thought we would get home and have to come back. I decided then I wasn't going back until I could barely walk. So Monday all day, I had contractions, I went on a walk, had to stop every 3 minutes for them, but I did it, then came home and layed on the couch for hours, by 8 the contractions were hurting so bad, I was humming and moaning, I was like you are weak Nichole. But I had been having these really intense ones every 3 or so minutes for like over 24 hours almost. I was so tired, I couldn't sleep through them.

When Rhett got home, him and I decided it was time to go in at about 9. My mom was with us as well, she drove herself though, she had spent that day listening to me moan for hours. I was so nervous driving to the hospital, the pain was so bad and I kept thinking if they send me home again I will die. They checked me and I was almost a 5!!! They asked if I wanted an epidural, I gave in, I was so tired and thought if I don't, how will I have the strength to push this little one out. It was about an hour later when I got it, I asked for it to not be to strong though, I wanted to feel what my body was saying. So it was nice, I could tell when I was having contractions, but the pain was eased, I rested a little, and by 4 in the morning I was ready to push.

I was so ready, they called my doctor, by the time he got there I only had to push like a couple times, and she was out. He was there for maybe an hour. It was not to bad. I had to stop pushing actually, which is very hard to do. Her heart rate was going up and they wanted me to give her a rest. So at 4:35 they laid my beautiful baby on my stomach, I have never cried so hard, she was perfect, hardly any blood on her, she was amazing, and she was mine. I have never felt something so fulfilling in my life. To look at Rhett then our baby and know we created her together is the best thing that has ever happened to me!!! He is the best dad in the whole world, he is in awe of her, I can't believe how good he is!

We had a little scare right after she was born, they decided to have me try and breast feed like 3o minutes after she was born, she latched on then all the sudden she started to jerk kind of, then she was completely blue and purple all over, I was freaking out, Rhett ran out got the nurse and in seconds, they had her out of my arms and were sucking stuff out of her. She had a big clot of mucus stuck in her throat, I have never seen something so frightening in my life, I felt helpless. It definetely gave me anxiety for days, I didn't want to feed her again or anything, I was so scared, that was the worst image, I hate that I saw that.

Let me tell you the only bad thing about this whole experience. All along I knew that I didn't want an epidural. Now I know why, I forgot about my extremely bad allergy to the tape they use to hold the needles in place, or whatever they are doing. So I had a fever that first night, it broke and I woke up sweating to death, I went to the bathroom, and my back was killing, I looked at it in the mirror and the entire thing from like my bra down was covered in huge bright red rash, there was not one are that was not red and inflamed. The actual are that had the tape on it was blisters, and hurt so bad. So for like 4 days I couldn't sit back or relax. Every nurse that came in said I won the award for the worst allergic reaction they had ever seen, it was horrible. I wanted to lay back and hold and cuddle my baby and I couldn't, it was hard. I still have it, it is just dry and scaby now. I knew I shouldn't get the epidural. I had to go to a dermatologist, he put me on a steroid, antibiotic, and a really tough spray. It is still attacking it and it is getting better. He took a picture of it, he had never seen one like that before! So anyway besides that everything was great!

I am so lucky that all went well we have our beautiful baby here and are so happy!

Her Name

I guess I should explain her name a little, we had a list of 3 names and said we would name her when we saw her. Ever came about in november, I remember seeing it on tv, then looking it up in a name book, it meant always and I thougth that was really pretty, I love the sound of it and the shortenings, Ev, Evie, and EJ! So anyway when she was born I was to exhausted to think about it, I told Rhett to pick, I knew he would pick that one though, we both loved it the most. The other names were Giana, and Scout, she didn't seem like either of those. Her middle name Jacquelle is a mix of my grandmas name Jacquelyn and my moms name, Danelle. I wanted a name with some meaning, but didn't love those seperate. So Ever Jacquelle Yates is what we have chose. We are getting some different comments, some are hurtful a bit, people say they are confused about her name because it is a word, but it is a beautiful word, with good meaning, and we are not changing it, we love her and her name! She is such and Ever, you will agree I think when you meet her!

She is changing so much, she gained a pound like 4 days after we left the hospital, I had to take her to the doctor because she is so stuffy, her poor nose is so plugged, I feel like all I do is stick the blue sucky thing up there, she is going to hate me, I just want her to breathe!!!! We take her tomorrow for her 2 week, I can't believe she is 2 weeks already, she is growing so fast!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I could squeeze her!!!

Look how curly her hair gets when it is wet, looks like a perm, Love it!
I need a serious tan, her and Rhett are so dark!

Look at her legs!!! So tiny

She is more amazing than I imagined! I can't believe I am a mom, there is no better feeling. I really want to tell about the birth experience and all that, but I don't want leave her long enough to go into detail.

I want to put a few more pics up, she changes every day and I am getting so sad that she is a week old today. Where is time going, can you freeze it? This stage is so precious and I love every second of it!

Brianna took some pictures of us on sunday, Ever was 5 days old and she was a trooper, little fussy but we were messing with her, can you blame her. I love them, my fav's are not going to be posted, they will be on her announcement, they are so freaking cute, I can't wait to show them.

Once again BRIANNA IS AMAZING!!! The pics are so good, thank you!!!