Tuesday, December 29, 2009

santa box

I always had one of these growing up. To be honest I even got them when I was married and didn't have a kid. This year it was so fun because Ever got one. She called it her santa box all on her own and she never forgot to ask for it! She loved it!

Very blessed!!!

Christmas was awesome! Ever is one lucky little girl. She got spoiled to death by 3 sets of grandparents and mommy and daddy. Mostly though she was surrounded by love! So were we. It was so nice to see family, I am sorry Ever was sick and cried most the time! It put a damper on things a bit, but we still had a great time! Thanks everyone for making this the best Christmas!
First round, opening presents from GRAMMY!!!!

She did well, got Ever a ton of Dora stuff, which is her favorite right now, and a darling bike! Thanks Grammy we love you!
Christmas Morning, Ever and I were sick, we still went on, it was Fun! She was definitely overwhelmed, she still doesn't know how to play with all her stuff! She loves the Castle from Grandma and Papa Marlin, plays with it all the time!
Off to see Papa, Yaya, aunt Maddy and uncle Adam! They way over did it as well. She got a princess castle tent! She loves it and plays in it all the time! Thanks for coming to see us, we loved seeing you guys!

Trying to get a picture of all the little kids is a challenge! Old papa gave all the great grandkids $5. It was so cute, Ever still talks about it and bought a baby today with it, she didn't get one for christmas and was a bit disappointed, now she has one!

We had a great christmas, hopefully next year we will all feel well. 2 sick christmas's in a row is no good!!!

We got to see Brianna and Amelia. I didn't bring my camera of course and Ever cried to much, but it was great to see them. Amelia is so stinking darling!

Monday, December 21, 2009

the card!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope to see as many of you that read this as possible! That's the best part about Christmas anyway!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

catch up, 20 months

We see santa all the time. This is the 3rd time actually. She loves him. She is so festive, she totally loves every holiday. Right now she talks to all the decorations and especially my santa. It is a bit taller than her and she just loves it, she says I love you santa, and merry christmas. She cracks me up. I found her showing her baby the christmas tree the other day, she was saying look baby, the christmas star, its pretty! She always carrying a baby or animal around now and talks to them. I love her personality, she is very sensitive though, kinda sad sometimes. She is very loving and thoughtful, always kisses you better when she hurts you or anything. I really can't believe she is 20 months old. I say that every month, but there is a 2 in front of the number now and its freaking me out.

the house is decorated, well at least as much as its going to be. it was a challenge getting it up, but only a few things were broken!
we painted our bedroom, I love it. It sounds dumb but I am pretty sure we will sit in front of it for our christmas card photo, I am loving the color in a picture!
This was when we got home from our overnight trip, Ever and I were happy to see eachother, she is so fun!
She loves Tegan, they play pretty well together. She also loves her cousin Andrew, they just laugh at eachother, he is 4 and I think gets a little annoyed by her sometimes, but he is a trooper and plays with her.

This is our only family picture from thanksgiving,is it my favorite picture? not at all, oh well!
trying to get a picture of all the second cousins, kinda funny, Ever is a crazy child in all of them, she looks like a pirate in the top left one.
The Barnes
We had a great day, food was delish! Can't wait for next year!