Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ultrasound Day!!!!

Dont mind the pics, they are a picture of a picture, no scanner here!

Here is the baby!

Everything went great.
The baby looks perfect from what they could tell.
We could see the baby playing with it's hands and grabbing it's arm. It was amazing.
I was so nervous about today.
Once you find out what it is you can really start to picture life.
I have felt all along that I knew what it was.
I was very right.
Even before I took the test I thought I was pregnant and knew what it was.
This is kinda going to be my first and who knows maybe last pregnancy post. The pictures are just going to get worse from here on out.
I still feel sick most the time.
Zofran actually is helping me with the nausea a lot though
I still take it every day.
I do get up and do something every day this time.
Having a 2 year old makes me feel better
I at least don't have the horrible acne I had with Ever
I think I am going to gain a lot of weight this time
I have a frozen hot chocolate from DQ in the freezer at all times
I love chips
I ate a hamburger for the first time in forever the other day and me and the baby loved it
Rhett says I am not mean or super emotional
I do get frustrated fast though
My chest is doubled in size. TMI maybe???? Nervous for when my milk comes in
Rhett and I have already felt the baby move.
We couldn't be more excited for what the baby is
So is Ever. She kisses my belly all the time and says I love you Baby!!!!

I am measuring 19 weeks and 4 days
Wont change my due date though
December 21st!!!

Oh yeah

Its a ..................................


Park City

We took a little drive up to Park City with Tara, Troy and Teg for fun. It was quite warm but it was a nice day and we had a good time!

When we got home we went to a bbq at my cousins! The kids always have a blast on all the toys. Tegan is such a boy, love it! Ever is scared of the motorcycle but I am a mean mom and told her to try it anyway, she ended up loving it, Rhett took her on it and she wasn't scared anymore.
Teg has to stand up, it is so funny, he would wear that helmet all day if you let him!

celebrating Colleen...

I am so lucky to have the mother in law I have. She is so awesome, she has a lot of grandkids but still finds a way to make them all feel special. We loved seeing her for her birthday and can't wait to see her again!
Happy Birthday Colleen!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Loving summer!

We go swimming quite a bit, Ever is getting a little more brave, she likes shallow pools, not so sure about the deep pools though, she would rather run around the pool.

We play in the sprinklers a lot. It is so hot, sometimes that is the only way to be outside!

Rhett was cleaning the car the other day, and found Ever in the dirty water bucket. Sick, I was grossed out, but it was funny. She usually comes in wet every night, somehow she gets that way.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dilly Bar

It's not very often I let her get messy, I should lighten up a bit because it is hilarious! She was loving this!

All done!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Ev.......

It has been a while since I did a post on my girl. She is changing so much. I need to be better about writing things down. It is sad how old she is getting. Soon she will be the big sister, I am so not ready for that, but I am sure she is. She can't wait, she is going to be the best big sister she says! I believe it, hopefully the transition goes smoothly!

She is almost outgrowing 2T clothes
She is pretty tall for her age still
She looks 3 or older to a lot of people
She is talking up a storm. We have full on conversations, she understands everything I say.
I still can't believe she is only 2 sometimes
She loves loves loves TV. It is nice occasionally but sometimes its a little excessive how much she asks.
Her favorite shows are Dora still, Yo Gabba Gabba, Max and Ruby, Dragon Tales and pretty much anything else.
We are loving princesses right now, Beauty and the Beast has been played a lot lately, she still loves Cinderella but lost it.
She Loves water, sprinklers, pools, the hose, baths, wherever she can get it she wants it.
She is a pretty good eater, although I am not sure how she gets enough, I can really only get her to eat a lot if she is watching a movie.
Her hair is so long all the sudden. I want it to get longer though, the top is straight and the bottom is curly, as sad as it is I need to cut the curls off because it is bugging.
She sleeps a little better, but she sleeps with us. Not sure how we are going to transition to another one around here at bed time.
She wants to do most everything by herself.
Loves her toe nails being painted, and wearing lipstick.
Can entertain her self pretty good, doesn't really play well with other kids yet.
We are working on that, she needs friends I tell her so we will see how it goes! haha
Can be so sweet sometimes, gives me loves and kisses
Can be so crazy other times, sometimes I just walk away because it is funny and I dont want her to see me laughing.
Is definitely the light of her dad's life. He is so in love with her, and you can tell.
She likes to dance and sing.
Great traveler in the car.
She is finally getting more cautious and doesn't run away from me, she stays close.
Loves to get dirty, rocks and dirt are her thing.
Shows little to no interest in potty training.
Loves sweets and cookies
Drinks mostly water, chocolate milk and apple juice.
Keeps us laughing all the time.
Makes us so happy
Makes us proud
Makes us cry
Makes me want to be a better person.
She is my life, I love her so much and am so happy to be her mommy!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Long Beach

We headed to long beach to attend my cousins wedding. It was fun and relaxing actually. Ever was great, she was awesome on the plane. I said she wasn't 2 yet for the airplane ride. I know I shouldn't lie but thats an expensive ticket and she sat on my lap for the short 1 and 20 minute flight so I thought it would be fine. Just in case we taught her she was 1 on the airplane. So you ask her how old she is she says 2, then you ask her how old she is on the airplane she says 1! So funny, but we didn't get caught thank heavens.

We visited the beach a few times, she was loving that, I am not a huge fan of sand but I let her get all dirty anyway! It was so beautiful there!

It was great to see my family and my cousin, it was a very pretty wedding.
Tara and Tegan were supposed to come but couldn't because of Tegan being so sick, we really missed them.
It was fathers day the day we got back. Ever and I were sure happy to see Rhett!!!
She loves loves her Daddy, he is so fun with her!

Monday, July 5, 2010

our 4th

We had a great 4th
Started with a barbecue and Jolene and Vance's
Then off to fireworks at the Golf Course
Then back to Jo's for more fireworks

Vance gave the wussy people a ride to the fireworks. Ha Ha
Ever was loving it.

I think Jolene and Andrew were having fun

This is how the kids enjoyed most the fireworks
Ever was loving Chandler, he is such a cute kid!