Thursday, June 24, 2010

not for a second

Lately I feel like I can't take my eyes off this little girl. She is always somewhere she isn't supposed to be. She knows when she can get away with things to. She was in the tub on sunday, I stepped out for a second, she was in the sink as fast as can be playing with lotion. She loves lotion. I can't leave any out or where she can get it. She also is obsessed with lip gloss, and gum. I find her in the fridge trying to get eggs, or chocolate milk, or whatever she wants. She rips all the clothes out of her drawers trying to find cinderella jammies. I was changing the laundry or something the other day downstairs, she went upstairs. I went up to find her, don't worry it was right away, but she was in the front yard. Today I was driving I hear her say thats better and she had taken her buckles off, who knew she could do that? I love having a 2 year old, keeps me on my toes!

We went to Long beach last weekend for a wedding, she was so good. I have lots of pics, still trying to feel up to posting though.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I love her MORE than anything
how could I not love this girl

She gets MORE beautiful everyday

She gets smarter everyday

She gets funnier everyday

She gets MORE ATTITUDE everyday

She tells me she loves me MORE everyday

She makes me smile and laugh everyday


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I think it is safe to say she LOVED it there.
She asks me everyday if we can go there.
I have to explain to her it is far away but we will go back.
She sings small world over and over
She loved the teacups.
Wanted to get off the pirates of the carribean ride
She chased some ducks around for a while
Was not afraid of the Characters, she gave them all hugs and loved it
Didn't really want to listen at all
Loves her cinderella night gown
wears it almost every day.
Did amazing in the car, didn't cry one time
She was a champ and she loved sea world to.
Pictures from there to come!
We had a great time, I love Rhett's family. We have the best time with them
We missed Staci's family a lot though.