Monday, May 23, 2011

5 months

These monthly posts are coming much to fast
I do not like it one bit
He kinda needs to stay my baby forever

I love these pictures because if you can't tell his smile is always the same
His tongue is always showing

I have not been good about taking pictures lately
I feel bad about it

He is growing up so fast
He is wearing size three diapers
outgrown the pack and play pretty much
I need to switch him
but don't want to
I can see his little ridges of his teeth
they should be out any minute
He is barely napping now days
Screams every time he is in the car
Rolls like a champ
Sits up really well
still not a fan of oatmeal

my favorite thing he does is he puts his hand on your cheek so softly
and its so stinking cute

he is snuggly sometimes
but starting to be very wiggly
wants to grab everything
constantly drooling
loves his bath
laughs a lot
very ticklish
plays with his feet all the time
he was sleeping holding his feet the other day

I had to cut his hair by his ears like an inch
he has lots of hair in the front but not in the back
He jumps constantly
Everyone thinks he is older than 5 months

he has been saying bababababa all the time lately
I like to think he means me
Rhett thinks he wants to eat
I think it is just a noise he makes and probably doesn't associate to anything
We took him hiking with us the other day and he was great in the baby bjorn
he fell asleep actually, and missed the giant snake we had to scare off the trail
so scary.

He is our little buddy
we are so glad to have him in our little family
I can't even say how much I love this little man
we all do!

Monday, May 16, 2011


That is what we are calling her today
She is rarely going by Ever anymore
she wants to play pretend constantly
I always have to be someone else to
so does Rhett and West
I have been hunchback for a few days now

Some other things she will go by are
cinderella, doggy, kitty, jane, and belle
just to name a few
she is always needing to be rescued or saved

the one good thing about this is if you call her anything but Ever
she listens a lot better
and does what I ask the first time
kinda nice

She has such a great imagination
I love it
She plays really well and rarely gets bored
She has a ton of attitude
sometimes I don't love that
but i wouldn't change it
she is teaching me a lot of patience
I really need to get better at that

I am surprised she is wearing shoes here,
she never does
we have lost a few pair actually
because she takes them off
and doesn't know where they are

She is such a little princess
she gives the best loves and kisses
I know she loves me so much
and her daddy and brother
I couldn't have asked for a better girl
she is the best with West.
She is always helping with him and never bothers him
he cried when she left the room today and she said,
" I will be right back buddy I just have to poop."