Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Our house is still under construction, my poor husband has been working his little butt off every night after work to try and get it done, it is a much bigger project than he anticipated, I don't think I can describe the amount of dust that was created while sanding, honeslty, it is crazy! Now he is staining, that is also a huge project, you see all the flaws and it takes a while, we have been staying at my mom's and sister in laws, I am running out of clothes, he has been bringing me some things, but I am ready to stay at my house! Thats the update on our dirty house, and let me tell you the smell of the stain is so strong I am worried about getting it out of everything.

I had a doctors appt. yesterday, he can't really explain the headaches that I constantly have, at night they get even worse, and my cheeks get all red and hot, it is weird! I am measuring right on, the due date is still the 29th and I let him tell me how much weight I have gained, holy moly, bad idea. He said from here on out I will probably gain 1 to 2 pounds a week of fluid and stuff, but I have probably gained all the weight on my body. He obviously doesn't know that my appetite has like tripled in the past like 2 weeks. Before I ate so I wouldn't get sick, now I am just hungry a lot, I don't crave anything, I just eat whatever. I have been exercising more though hopefully I won't be a heffer(don't know how to spell that, just don't want to be one) in 8 weeks! I am getting anxious, he is ok with me trying natural to,I know it is my choice and I am going to try, that is the plan as of now, I know I am crazy, but I want to. We will see how it goes though.

I love when people say what they are thankful for, here are a few things I am thankful for at the moment!

1. My husband for making our house so nice and being the hardest worker I know!
2. My family for letting us stay at there house.
3. Maternity styles, I love spandex and loose dresses or tops, they are so comfy at this time. They also disguise the massive rear end I am growing
4. My sister for the updated photo of my quilt today, it made my day, it is beautiful!
5. Having more energy to walk and exercise, and for sore legs for the first time in a while, I know I did something productive.
6.Cheerios, I eat them dry like all day, love them.
7.Mineral makeup for covering up my acne problems, I would die without it.
8.The biggest loser, for entertaing me so much every tuesday, I love that show.
9. I guess the cold, I can wear my wedding ring a lot more than I would if it was hot, my fingers are smaller when they are colder. There is a plus to the cold sometimes.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

30 weeks and a dirty house!

So I am now 30 weeks and 1 day. I can't wait, truly the anticipation of seeing my daughter is killing me. I am so so so anxious, I love her so much already, and don't even really know her. I can only imagine the feeling when I get to hold her for the first time, and see Rhett hold her. I can't wait!!! Here is a pic of my belly, it is growing a ton now, I am huge, I can only imagine in 10 weeks how much bigger it will get. Still no name, we have a few in mind, but we need to see her, then we can make that decision!
This is a picture of a picture, not the best quality, but this is my favorite one from all the ultrasound pics, her little profile is my favorite! I never put any of these up I realized today. I wish I had a scanner, we have some pretty good ones!

I am so off balance I think, that is what I am blaming my numerous falls down the stairs on, I hope it is being pregnant. This is not good though, it throws me into a panic attack, hoping she is ok, and then myself. My elbow is now healing from the last 2 falls, one on carpet steps, the other on my front steps, cement, covered with ice, that is what I am blaming that one on. That was scary, I sat on the wet snowy steps and cried for a while, until my butt was so cold I had to get up and assess the damage I had done. Not to bad actually for the fall, I had just some swelling, bruising, and a little bit of soar back and neck, aren't I graceful. It is sad really, I need to be more careful, I am ok though more embarrassed than anything.

We decided we needed to get our wood floors done before the baby or we would never do it. So our house is a disaster, empty, and dusty. The upstairs is empty, the basement is chuck full of all the stuff from upstairs, and I am going a little crazy. But I know it will all be worth it in the end, we are staining them a really dark brown/black, I can't wait. I think it will look so pretty! I love my husband, he is the hardest worker, he is seriously transforming my house. I will post pics when it is all complete, which I am hoping is in a week or so!! (crossing my fingers).

Thanks to all of you that have emailed my your address so far, there is still a few I need, but I can't wait to see everyone. I went to Jacy's shower on saturday, holy cow, can I just say she looks so cute, tiny, and beautiful. I was thinking only her belly grew, and that she doesn't even look prego at all. It was so fun to see her, and made me way excited.

Last for this post I want to say that my sister is amazing, she is making my bedding for the nursery, all of it. She is so talented, this is her first time doing it, the skirt, bumper pad, and quilt, and she is so good! She keeps sending me pictures, I love it, I finally decided on the colors, and I can't wait to show everyone. I have been painting away at nights to make frames and decorations to match, it is a little different, but I hope it all comes together. I can't wait to hear your opinions! Thanks to Brianna too, she should be an interior designer as well as a photographer, she is super talented. She helped me pick out the cutest things for the room, and she has the coolest thing she is making for me, I can't wait, it will definetely be one of the best parts of the nursery! One more thanks to my sister- in- law Marci, she is helping me make cute little bows and stuff for some of the clothes I have purchased, they are going to be so cute. She is really good at it. I hope I haven't bought to many clothes, I know I will probably get a lot for gifts, and I don't feel that I am going to have a tiny baby, she will need more bigger sizes I am sure, so I have tried to purchase 3-6, 6-9 months as much as possible. I hope she can wear them all, they are so cute! Lets cross our fingers for that too, she will be small!!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Fun times!

What a great holiday! It was a lot of fun, went by way to fast, but at least we were able to make it to St. George! We saw friends, family, Rhett wrecked on his four-wheeler and got a fat lip(that is all thank heavens), I wasn't sick, and we had safe roads both ways! It was a nice trip. Here are a few pics of my nieces and nephews, a few of them, they are so cute!

We should have bought Rhett this skateboard thing for christmas, he would have been so happy!

I don't really make new year resolutions, I don't know why I never really have. But here are a few things I want to work on:
1. Got to church more and pray more
2. Keep my house clean the way I used to
3. Complain less
4. Cook more, and better meals
5. Exercise more
6. Get my house finished and fully decorated
7. Read more, mostly parenting books, since I will be a parent in like 80 days
8. Eat healthier food, veggies and fruit mostly, I am the worst eater
9. Be more giving and caring
10. Be more crafty, make things and get a hobby, I will have an old hobby back very soon, all of you that want to run races, I would love to join you!
11. Be more organized
12. Watch less television, it has kind of become my friend at nights when I just want to lay there.
13. Study every day for my test!

That is all I can think of for now, there is probably 100 more things but I can't come up with them right now.

I am trying to decorate my little ones room, and am having a heck of a time. It is so hard for me to make any kind of decision right now, it is sad, ask Tara, I think we spent like 2 hours in the fabric store and left pretty much empty handed. She is going to make the bedding for my crib, isn't she nice, I have scowered the internet and stores for like 6 months and cannot find anything that I like. I want a really cute red and white fabric for the main bedding and there is none to be found, we finally found one that I love but it is in another fabric, it is a square of another fabric, it is really the only one I have liked, and I don't think they sell it by itself, they sell like 10 other ones from that fabric but not the red one. How annoying, so if anyone knows of a cute red and white fabric or runs across some at the fabric store let me know, I kind of want it red with white flowers that are on the larger side. I am picky I know, but I finally get an idea in my head, and now I can't change my mind, it would take me like 6 months to come up with another idea.
Wow that was kinda long and boring, sorry!