Monday, September 20, 2010

Back to Brianhead

We headed back for the last time until winter is over. We love it there. We got to see a lot of cousins the first day. Ever was in heaven with 4 little girls to play with, when they left she kept asking where all her friends went. She still had a great time. She seriously got hurt like 4 times, fell off the couch face first for a good bloody nose, fell on the edge of the entertainment center for a good bruise on her cheek, which is still there. But it doesn't matter, she loves it there and actually asked me today if we could go back.

She takes her shoes off constantly, she would always be bare foot if I would let her.

Hiking with daddy

I got sick while there, yes you can tell in all the pics, but oh well.
Wouldn't be a cabin trip without one of us getting sick.

Love this picture, it was right as she was falling, but she looks like she is doing a skateboard trick or something.

She loves to swing, especially with Grandma
She followed grandpa around saying whatcha doing the whole time!

Chocolate milk face!

Love this picture of these 2. Rhett has had this 4-wheeler since we were in school. Fun to see her ride it with him!

We found this old nasty bus, Ever thought she was an explorer though.

She asked daddy if she could drive the ranger all the time, he said yes finally and she was thrilled.
She loves to watch movies in the truck, it is so nice and makes the trip so easy!

Once again we had the best time. Thanks for having us, we wish we could come more!

Pregnancy update...27 weeks now

I have not been good at documenting or taking pictures this pregnancy. These are the only 3 belly shots I really have. I didn't plan on sharing them, but I have pics from Ever's pregnancy and I have no idea how far I am or anything. I am thinking I should make my blog private soon. I am so not a fan of posting pics of myself. But here they are per request by a few people.
My pregnancy is going fast and slow, if that makes any sense. I am able to go to the gym every morning now. I am not taking zofran anymore, still feel kinda lousy though. It is much more tolerable though and unfortunately the only thing that helps is not letting myself get to hungry. So that will explain the major weight gain, and the fact that my belly and behind continue to grow at the same rate. So not loving that, I have like 3 things that I can wear. oh man I can't wait to be done and holding my little boy! Make this all worth it. Ever has named him Prince, we have no clue what we are naming him. He is measuring a little big, not sure that is the best news for deivery time. He is hurting my back. Moves a ton more than Ever did. And I love him so much already!

26 weeks

22 weeks

19 weeks, ultrasound day

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Work with mom

I had a pretty mellow day at the salon a few saturdays back, so I took Ever with me. She played with the dog, played on the swings and got pretty wore out! She is such a good little buddy to take along with me!