Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Because Tara said I had to....

You can call me a proud mama if you want! I guess I am, she is my life so this is what you get. An overload of pics. Here are her 9 month pics! She is so hard to get a picture of now, she doesn't stop moving, and yes she stands on her own now, I expect walking any day. She says lots of words, bu-bye, ball, duck, mama, dada, pop(while I sing popcorn popping, she says pop pop over and over), that is a few. She is so funny, and even though she still insists on sleeping with us, we can't get enough of her funny personality, and fake laugh, and peekaboo's. Am I making you sick yet?

I have like 10 pictures of her doing this? So weird

I guess it has been a while, and an especially long time since I posted to many pictures of the best thing in my life, my Ever cakes. Here she is way to many times, but never enough for me! I love this stinking thing, even though she is nine months old and it makes me sad, she's amazing! Rhett and I are so in love with her! She was so fun at christmas, she loved all her presents and got overly spoiled from, grandma and grandpa Pay, Yates, and Danelle, she is in toy heaven now. Maybe a bit to much toys, she doesn't know what to play with now. Life was so simple when all she had was the brush ya know!

We hope you all had a merry christmas, hopefully it didn't include the flu like it did for Rhett and I, good news though, Ever didn't get it, knock on wood!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Here is the christmas card, if I missed you I am sorry, but we all wish everyone a merry christmas and happy new year!!! Can't wait for christmas, Ever is going to have a blast!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I CAN'T TAKE IT.........

Right now as we speak I am crying and so is Ever. She is in her crib screaming for the last 30 minutes actually. She hates her crib and it is totally my fault. She is not the best sleeper, she loves to be held and usually needs to be fed to fall asleep and you can't move her she wakes up. She very rarely gets into a deep sleep and she would cry all day in her crib, tired or not, she screams. I wish she would nap more, she takes like a twenty minute nap then like a 30 to 40 minute nap, then doesn't go to bed until between 9 and 10. What the heck, why wont she sleep more. I am reading a book that Lindsey sent me and it is so good. Now if I could only make it work. I am having a hard time doing it on my own. I need to get my hubby to commit to it. He doesn't see her all day so he loves to snuggle and be with her, but I need my time to. I would love for her to sleep in her own bed, all night. That would be amazing. She sleeps ok when she is in our bed, but I don't think that is a good idea.

I was talking to a lady the other day, and she has 4 grown kids now. I was telling her how stressed out I was about the sleeping thing, and she thinks it is not a big deal to have your kids sleep with you. She says look at the pioneers, or just not that long ago, everyone slept in the same room. They only had one room. What is wrong with being near your kids and sleeping together. I see her point as well, I want to love Ever and let her be close to me, soon enough she will want me to go away, you know. I should love every minute of her wanting her mom right?

SEE MY DILEMMA?? I am so torn on what to do. It is making me a bit crazy, sad and frusterated. I hate how I am feeling though. I want to be the best mom, and right now I feel not so good at my mothering duties. I love her, and trying to change her is making me so angry, I know she feels it and it's not fair that I take it out on her. She is thinking why now are you letting me cry all day? Poor thing, I am to soft maybe, I wish I would have trained her a long time ago. Holy cow I am rambling sorry, I will stop. I would love to hear views, opinions, things that worked. I already know I am going to follow the book Lindsey gave me, but it says to make sure you have no travel plans coming up, which we do. So as soon as I get back from STG I am going to decide what I will do. Let her sleep in my bed and wherever she wants until she is old, or get her on a schedule, sleeping from 7 to 7 and having long naps. Sounds like heaven, but getting there is more like hell for me.

Monday, December 15, 2008

My beanie baby!!!

Look at this stinking cute beanie my friend made for Ever. I picked out the yarn this morning, she had it done like a few hours later. I am in love with it, she is so good. I may have to have her make me some more because its the best! Thanks Bethany! We also go running together, but since it is the stinking north pole here lately we have a hard time going, so she watched Ever for me this morning so I could go to the gym, so nice thanks!!!
Look how funny Ever is she is always laughing and smiling, so funny! I loved this picture!

She loves to sleep on her daddy, maybe this is why she wont sleep anymore when I put her down. She takes like no naps anymore, when I set her down she gets so mad, she is so spoiled. I don't know what to do. She is awake all day. I don't know how she goes without sleep. But I want a long nap, it would be so happy!!!
We went to Rhett's work party it was fun to get out!!!
So this Ever's new face she does all the time! It is so funny she does it all the time!

This a beanie Rhett got in Brazil, she totally wears it all the time I love it!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ever and Santa!

She was not smiling but not crying, she kept looking at him, it was kinda funny!

She loves her daddy!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

My beautiful Sister!

She is so gorgeous pregnant! It is not fair, this is going to be the most handsome little boy between her and Troy! I can't wait to meet him! There is lots more but she can choose the ones to show! She is beautiful though!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ever Jacquelle is 8 months!!!

I finally got her a bigger bow, and I must say, I stinking love it. I just snapped these pics real quick, but they will do!
I can't believe she is 8 months already, time is flying by! She is so fun though and I wish I could freeze her at every stage. I am loving every phase and not anticipating the next. I want to enjoy her every day. She is really trying to stand up and can by herself for little amounts of time. I bet she will be walking before we know it! She loves her daddy, and loves when he comes home from work. She crawls as fast as she can to get to him and climbs up his leg to greet him. She is a quick little crawler and tries to get away from me at times. She usually always has a bruise on her forehead somewhere, the other day she had 5 different ones. She is fearless and tries to stand on anything. She tried to stand on a little boy at church sunday, knocked him down, he hit his head and cried, yeah awesome huh.
She is not slowing down as far as growing goes, she is about 22 lbs maybe more and way tall! I don't know the exact though. She gives hugs and kisses all the time. Waves hi and bye bye, and does patty cake. She has been teething since she was 4 months has 5 almost 6 teeth! I love her more than I can say, she is so fun!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Major catch up....

Well I am way behind so here's a little or big post to catch up! Ever and grandma on Thanksgiving!

Ever turned 8 months, holy crap I will do a post on that soon! She now has a 5th tooth 3 on bottom, that will explain the red cheeks at thanksgiving! Hopefully she gets the other one!

We got our new bed and bedspread, I love it! I can't believe how much bigger it is, unbelievable.

Ever having fun with her cousin Andrew, she loves him, they play good!!!

We got a visit from my Dad, Teri, Adam, and Madison. It was a lot of fun. We wish it could have been longer, but thanks for coming, it was great to see you. Grandpa Dave taught her how to jump up the stairs, and kick a ball, she loved it all.

We also celebrated our anniversary. A nice dinner, with Ever at home with Grandma, way fun, I love you Rhett!!!
More Thanksgivin pics, this is my cousin Jolene, and her daughter Ashley! We all went to see twiligt that night, well the girls did! (and doug) I freaking loved it, I thougth it was awesome. I love Bella, I think she is so naturally beautiful, I thought she was perfect. And by the end I loved Edward. Really I loved it and now am more excited to finish the book, I am getting close. I know I am a little behind on it to, but never to late I guess!

I got to take some pics of My cousin again and her cute family! Dilynne is 2 months now and still miniature, it's crazy. It was freezing, so we shot for about 15 minutes! They are such a cute little fam!!!