Sunday, February 26, 2012

highlights from stg

We took another quick trip down to St. George a couple weekends ago
We tried to squeeze in all the things we could!

This is Grandpa Mont! Westbrook's twin pretty much. I still kinda wish we would have named him after Mont! I guess we can always try for another boy and hope he comes out looking like Mont! We sure love him!

The kids were in heaven getting to play in papa's yard
Ev was a dare devil as usual!
Westbrook finally tasted dirt.
The first taste was actually from grandma Colleen's plants in her house. He was obsessed!

Love this picture! She is one lucky girl with some great grandparents!
West got to ride the 4 wheeler also!

Ever played my little pony with Grandpa!

West wanted to be in the pantry, in the dirt or on the stairs the ENTIRE time! No joke.

Grandpa took us to his fire station so we could see the fire engine, the kids thought it was pretty cool!

Wind blown! HA, he is need of a hair cut, but I am afraid he will look to old.

It was a quick trip but fun as usual!

(poor west was kind of sick on the trip, and has been for a little over a month. We treated him for an ear infection but he wasn't getting better. We found out thursday he has pneumonia and are treating that, hopefully this little man can catch a break. He has been sick so many times and I am ready for him to feel better, I am sure he is also! )

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

to remember

Ever, 3 years 10 months
her emotions change minute to minute, I know this is normal, but some days it makes it hard
she is growing up so much, 4 is almost here and I can't stand it
She amazes me every day, she is spelling out words, she can write the alphabet and is recognizing some words.
She is LOVING sunbeams, she doesn't tell me much of what she learns when I ask but I hear it all the time when she is playing and singing. She is doing so well.
She is still the best sissy. West adores her still and numerous times a day they are gut laughing at eachother.
they are both sleeping in our bed last night, well every night really, and West had his arm around her. They are so sweet!
She still loves movies and shows, we really should cut back a bit, but its so hard when we are inside all day.
she made cards today for grandma connie and said she wants to send them to her in the mail to make her feel better.
she also made one from grandpa mont, I really need to send them, she is so sweet.
She is so creative, and artistic, I love it.
She is so snuggly, its so nice.
She is excited for her birthday even though I am not
She still likes dance and is getting a little better about listening their, she just wants to run around and that is not aloud, but when it comes to memorizing the dances she has that!
I don't know what we would do with out her, she has such a good heart and sweet spirit, she compliments people, and has great manners. I love this little girl more than I can say

Westbrook, 13 months
this age has been a little challenging.
he is a moody little man and likes his way
if he doesnt get it watch out
he is hitting a little and it is so hard to teach him not to to that
he goes to the garbage and bathroom every chance he gets because he knows he shouldn't
he is sick again, poor kid can't catch a break
still hates his teeth brushed
weighs 25 or more lbs, size 6 shoe, size 4 diapers and is so big!
He only sleeps alone for a couple hours at night than wants to sleep by me and kick me ALL night.
His hair is so thick and straight, and getting LONG. I don't want to fight him for a cute though.
He is trying to say so many words, my favorite are nanana(banana), No, Hi, santa, ball, uh oh, and a few animal sounds. He knows what a dog, cat, cow and tiger say.
he now turns his hand up and says go? and he says "dad do?" the way he puts his hand up is the best.
He throws everything down the stairs
he is so active, I took him to the library and he was running around pulling as many books as he could off all the shelves. He is a fart!
Church is a nightmare like it is with most one year olds. But I wouldn't change a thing about this man. He understands so much and really is a smart little cookie.
He gives the best kisses, he especially loves to kiss Kort, he is pretty good with him really never does anything bad to him, he actually brings him toys. So cute!
We all love this little crazy man!

her new camera from grandma and grandpa yates

she really gets into her dancing, look at her face!

Rhett loved this! not.

West loves to dance too~ Ever in the back is killing me

This kid LOVES fruit

Christmas in STG

We decided basically at the last minute to go to St. George for Christmas
I was amazed we did it but we were on the road at 7 am christmas Eve
we made it in really good time and the kids were awesome!

First stop was my dad's!
They spoiled us and the kids and we had a great time
We were kind of a mess the whole day and looked a little tired but it was so worth it

Cute wig from Nana

Rhett's parents didn't know we were coming, it was so fun to surprise them!
They are also so nice to let us stay!
Marci and her family was also their and the kids were eating up all the cousin time!

It was time for Christmas Eve pajamas

Ever has said she wanted an Ariel nightgown for a while
she was so excited for it, we got hugs all around!

Christmas morning!

All the kids waiting patiently to see what santa brought!
Look at Ellie's face, hilarious!

Ever was the last to wake up, we had to actually wake her up!

She got exactly what she wanted!!!

What a mess!

The kids played so well all day!!!

We tried for a family picture!

Then it was time for a ride in Grandpa's new toy!

Cutest boys!

Ever and Ellie

Not sure he makes a very cute girl

Gracie and Ever

One of Rhett's many naps

West couldn't stay awake, this picture is hilarious, I couldn't wake him up.
We stopped by to say goodbye to the Pay's on the way out!
We are so glad we went, thanks everyone!