Tuesday, July 26, 2011



I LOVE these two more than I can ever say
They are my everything and I hate every second I am not with them
I am so lucky to be their mommy and I hope they will always know how MUCH I love them

I get sick thinking about them feeling sad or hurt, I hope they will always be able to come to me for love and support.
I know I was put here to be their mom, and I will always try to do the best I can. I know I am not perfect and I can get better. I do know that I love them so much it hurts and that will never change.

(Thanks Marci for these pics, I love them)

7 months

Westbrook turned 7 months on the 17th of July!
He is getting so big
he is now forward facing in the car
it has made things a lot better
he about has four teeth total
those top 2 have given him a heck of a time this last week
I felt them today and they broke through
I have taken him swimming 3 times and he loved it
he now is mobile
he army crawls basically
not a real knee and hand crawl
he is super active
I mean super
Everyone comments on how busy he is
he is super friendly
smiles a ton
and its so so cute

he waves hi so cute
I got a picture of it I will post soon
the pics are still on the camera
he knods yes
he really tries to copy a lot of what you do
smacking his lips is one of his favorites

he is eating foods a lot better
he likes most everything I let him try
cold stuff doesn't really bother him
he is wearing mostly 12 month clothes now
he won't leave any shoes on so I dont try

he loves to walk around or run
you can't help but laugh at the way he does it
he picks his feet up so high
I will try to get a video because it is the best
he still loves his sissy
he is basically sleeping through the night
he has hit his poor little head way to many times

He really is a mama's boy sometimes and I love it
He sometimes just turns and looks me in the eyes to make sure I am holding him
I really really like it, did I say that?

I think I have cut his hair 5 times now, the top grows so super fast
he doesnt like getting it combed though
he sits in the tub like a big boy now
and loves his bath

he doesnt mind grass at all
he tries to eat everything, leaves, twigs.......
He really is a big boy, he looks so much older

I sure love this little boy, I can't believe we are getting closer to 1 than 0.
I wish I could freeze him
Ever too.
He is my little buddy and I can't get enough of him even when he is wiggly!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

swimming lessons and visitors

Teg and Ever took swim lessons together for the last 2 weeks

Ever wasn't sure about the water for the first week and a half
she cried a lot
the last 3 days she loved it
she is a different kid now in the water

Tegan loved it
the only time he didn't was when he was cold

West is forward
it had to be done
he is almost 21 lbs and really tall
he is much happier
so am I!

We love when papa, yaya, maddie and adam visit
it is a blast
the kids eat it up

this is my favorite face West does