Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween costumes 2011

Ever, 3 1/2 as sleeping beauty
(she picked it herself)

Best picture ever!!!

Westbrook 10 months
Cutest skeleton!!!!

Tegan and Kort!!!

How could I resist this one, I hope Tara doesn't mind but is this not the funniest costume ever? He picked it himself, and that is his real hair, I love it!!! Kort is pretty stinking cute too!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bad Blogger

This is so me lately, but I AM going to be better. I am not sure anyone even looks anymore, I rarely look at blogs anymore, but I am going to do it more. I like seeing what people are up to, and checking in. If you are still blogging regularly let me know so I can know where to look! There are so many that I get overwhelmed sometimes. But I miss the days when Blogs were the thing.

I am way behind so be ready for major updates and tons of pictures! That is if anyone is even reading this, haha!!!!

Westbrook @ 10 months

This is seriously the month I would freeze him in forever if I could!

He can totally stand up on his own now, and has taken a step, I kinda want him to take his time though.

Still kinda emotional when he doesnt get his way, he can turn on the tears fast.

He really loves being outside and tasting everything he can out there, its gross.

He is seriously a happy kid, so smiley

This is how he smiles for the camera now, hilarious!

Love my boys!

Still loves his sissy, she is so good to him

His silly smile, and new car seat cover auntie made for him!

He is a great shopper

Loves to swing! Look at those big brown eyes, he hardly has any white that shows!

We went to the pumpkin patch, he loved it, here is that cheesy grin again.
I love his sweet expression in this picture!

He is all boy for sure!
He is also so snuggly and loving!
I can't get enough of him
I wish he would stop drooling now
It's still out of control
He has another cold, its like all the time I swear
He loves most food, except the jars of baby food
Grapes are his favorite fruit

He is a big big kid
out growing 12 month clothes already
size 5 foot( big like his mama)
he is a smart stink
he is now pointing to everything, clapping and plays peekaboo so cute
he says ball, up, dada, mama, and baba
my favorite thing is he growls so cute when you ask him what a tiger says

he has 6 teeth and more are for sure coming
he is super shy and friendly all at the same time, he lays his head down on my shoulder but gives the cutest smile.

He wakes up between 6 and 7 am everyday
and poops
at least he goes right?
it is without fail every morning
he loves a certain blanket, it has penguins on it which is funny becuase that is my favorite animal.
Grandma Colleen got it for him, and it has become his favorite thing, he attacks it, so cute

He loves animals already,
he plays and entertains himself so well
he doesn't care about the tv unless it is baby einstein
he doesnt put his knees down when he crawls
we call him mowgli
he gives kisses
grinds his teeth(yuck)
has a great head of hair but hates to have it combed
loves his bath
not getting his diaper changed
or getting dressed.

I am so sad he is almost a year, this age is so stinking cute, I can't handle it!
Thanks for being such a good boy West, we sure love you!