Saturday, June 27, 2009

15 months and wheeler farms

She is now fifteen months! I can't believe it once again that another month has gone by. Unfortunately she is very sick today, poor thing just puked on the floor, I hope it is just something she ate but we will see! She is getting so much attitude and personality, she is always on the go, and amazes me each day by being a little smarty pants! She sings and dances a lot, I love when she sings, it is so cute! She loves animals, now is scared and pretty much freaks out at bugs. She went to the bathroom on the little potty the other day, both 1 and 2! I was a proud mommy, hopefully we can get her trained soon. She is becoming kinda shy to strangers and and is not sure if she should be friendly anymore, only for a few minutes though! I freaking love her to death, I want her to stay little forever. If anyone knows the trick to that let me know!

She loved all the farm animals at wheeler farms, she made all the noises as we walked up to them.

This is Ever and Rhett on Fathers day!
Kaity came and visited with sweet Halle, what a cute bunch of kids!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Her Dad!

Her Daddy is the best! She is so in love with him, her face lights up when he gets home every day. She wakes up every morning looks at his side of the bed and says "Where did daddy do?"
He is so good to both of us, and is head over heels in love with his daughter. She looks so much like him, and I love looking at her and seeing him! Thanks for taking such good care of us Rhett!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Ever was so not scared at all of mickey, she was mad we wouldn't let her go see him until her turn! She loved Goofy to! The park was packed, literally, it was hard to enjoy it, we did only 3 rides but oh well it was worth it. They actually stopped selling tickets it was that busy!
She was not to smiley, she was pretty tired from getting up at 5 am. She did great though, even on the plane!

This is kind of out of order, but oh well. She was pretty good the whole time, Cam came with us, he works with Rhett, so he had to go for that, but we had fun hanging out with him. He taught Ever a lot of bad words!!! Thanks Cam!!
Cam also gave Ever all these stuffed animals then we had to take them all away!

We did not do a whole lot on monday and tuesday, Ever ran around the hotel a lot, she ran away from me at the pool and jumped right in, I had to jump in and get her out from the bottom, little stinker!
Over all it was a good time!
We did get to see my dad and family, they came and visited us at the hotel for a bit, and it was great to see them! They now live in california so it will probably be a while until we see them!
Tegan needed to try it on to, he so dang cute!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Off to see BITTY BOUSE!!!

We are going to cali in the morning to go to disneyland. Then Ever and I are going to hang out by the pool and relax while Rhett is at a work convention thingy!! I am so excited, nervous as crap for the flight, pissed they wont let me bring milk in a bottle for her, and not excited to be at the airport at 6:40 am. Besides that I am so excited. Ever loves Bitty Bouse, that's what she calls him and I hope she isn't scared of him.

Gonna miss this little guy, pretty sure he will have this mastered in no time!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I take way to many pictures.

I for sure am a picture queen, Brianna said it and it is true. I snap like 100 pics every time I get out the camera and have a really hard time deleting them. So that's what the blog is for, post them I guess. Not much else I can do with them really. This is my way of scrapbooking anyway and I will print this off someday and be happy I did it! Hope you enjoy the overload of pics!!!

Rhett took some of me and Ever today, I love every minute I spend with her, she is such a joy!!!
I can't get enough of this face, I see a lot of Rhett when I look at her, and I love it!
Her personality seriously cracks me up, she is hilarious and so adventurous, almost a bit to much!
I straightened Ever's hair the other day, it lasted like 2 hours then was curly again, what the heck? Made her look older I think though!
I could hang out with this little guy all day, he is so sweet and cuddly, I wanna squeeze him and kiss him non stop. How could you not love that little face?
Look at his lips, lucky little boy.
Some times we trade babies, it is not really a fair trade, but Tara is nice to give me a rest sometimes, she knows how hyper my little one is. Thanks Tara, I love you and Tegan to death!