Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Love them

how could i not???

Ever turns 3

How can she really be 3? I can't believe I have been her mom for three years already, I seriously dont know where time goes. We love this little girl so much, enough to let her sleep in our bed every night. She has attitude for days, and probably will her whole life. She is so smart, I don't know where she gets it from. She loves to get dirty, but wants to wear a dress every day. She is a girly tom boy. She goes goes goes all day long! She is starting to write her letters, and sound out some words. She loves her brother. She gets in trouble a lot, and doesn't like it. She cries all the time, and gets the biggest tears. She has a beautiful smile and cutest laugh. She is very creative and comes up with her own words all the time. She can play well by herself. She likes to take her clothes off and says she is hot. She will only sleep in night gowns. She is quite the dancer and has a darling singing voice. She asks a million questions a day. She tells me she loves me all the time. She hates to see people sad. She is fighsty, sassy and sweet. She loves Cinderella! She is excited to be 3! She gets hurt constantly. She is covered in bruises and scratches. WE LOVE YOU EVER!!!!! Happy 3rd birthday sweet girl!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

3 months

Can he really be 3 months already?
He is so smiley
and a will smile for everyone
I love it
His whole face changes and gets dimples all over when he smiles
as cheesy as it sounds his smile still makes me tear up
He honestly has had 2 rough nights in the last 2 months
when I say rough I mean one of them he cried
and the other he ate 2 times instead of once
that is no lie
He has an 8:00 bed time every day
he takes 3 to 4 naps
I am not sure how I got so lucky
he is such a blessing

He loves his sissy and she loves him
He is so strong
he can sit up for short periods and not fall over
he stands up like a champ
loves tummy time
is trying hard to roll
I can put him in the bumbo chair and he does great
it is hit or miss with his car seat and the car
he has found his voice and it is so cute

he has started drooling a ton
I think teeth are soon
Ever had them by 4 months and he has done everything sooner so far
he weighs almost 17 lbs(ever was a big baby and weighed 16 lbs at 4 months)
today I read the instructions on his bassinet and it says up to 15 lbs
rhett reinforced it he says
I hope so
he is rubbing all his hair off
dang it

I wish I could find the words to express how much I love him
I can't
I wish time would slow down though

we watched a video of Rhett as a baby the other night
Ever thought it was West
it is so funny how much he looks like his daddy
I used to watch those videos to try to picture my son
little did I know he would look just like him

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wester's and Sissy

Ever Loves her brother.
She is so cute with him and rarely bothers him
She did want him to be a pirate the other day and put a sticker on his eye
but mostly just loves him
He loves her to as you can tell.
It is so cute and she loves it when she makes him smile
I can't wait to see them play and talk
I hope they love each other so much

I know exactly how I talk to him and what I call him
because she repeats it

I love that he was just staring at her

She wanted to hold him
he didn't like it one bit

I love his face here, like oh my gosh mom, get me.

Love her green eyes
I think West is going to have brown
now they are like gray

I feel so lucky to have this little man
He is seriously the best baby
He is pretty so mellow
So smiley
and so stinking squishy
I weighed him about 2 weeks ago and he was already 16 lbs
I could eat him up
He sleeps like 12 hours a night and only eats once and doesnt even wake up really to do it

Even though I have a silk blanky in his bassinet he still is managing to rub all his hair of the back and sides.
I must say I am really sad about it. I don't want his hair gone.
I love it.

Westbrook, I love you so much
you are such a good little boy and we are so grateful you are in our family
Your so sweet and your smile makes me cry.
I love you


I went to Camie's house a few weeks ago to hang out, let our kids play and talk. It was so fun to see them. It really has been years since I have seen Michelle and McCall. All the kids had a blast and it was so nice to catch up. I can't believe how old we are getting. Thanks for inviting me Camie, it was so fun.

Reese and Westbrook
Reese is older than him and so stinking cute.
West is huge.