Wednesday, August 8, 2012

2012 summer randoms

Ever has been in swimming for a few sessions. She can totally swim and is loving it

Westbrook loves to watch

just dancing

cute boy

getting ready to play in the sprinklers

dress up and posing, sassy pants

Cute Kort, love watching the boys on Fridays!!!

love these brown eyes

teg is a good sport to let Ever dress him up

hat on, playing and eating chips! that's my boy

helping dad take pics of the car! 
sadly the only pic from the 4th of july, and we look like dorks

Pineview Lake

The Harrison's invited us to the lake for a night and then a day of boating
I havent been boating in years
it was a blast
the kids were in heaven
Ever wouldn't stay out of the water
West was buckling his life vest the whole time

It was great
maybe someday we will get our own boat
I am sure the kids would love it!

Brianhead 7.14.12

We were looking forward to this trip for a while
It was Grandma Colleen's birthday and we were so excited to celebrate with her
We love her so much and hope it was a great birthday!

It was so much fun
it rained a bit but still was so fun
there were plenty of crafts for the kids thanks to Aunt Marci and Aunt Wendy
We ti-died shirts
painted banners
made puppets and bracelets 
and had a blast

The zip line was so stinking fun
The Allen's were nice enough to let us play for quite a while on it
Ever was so excited and kept doing it over and over
along with all the other kids
West even got in on the fun
he kept saying again

West was obsessed with taking rides on the ranger
and the bear! 
He was in heaven there

Ever got to do her favorite thing, 
play with cousins!! 
She hasn't stopped asking when we get to go back

Its always the best time when we are there
I love seeing my kids play with their cousins
being together with everyone is so fun
and we can't wait until its time to go again! 

Happy Birthday Collen!
 we love you