Friday, April 23, 2010

Lots and lots

I have a smaller camera I take with me a lot of times. It is way easier to use and a lot more handy. It does not take the best pictures though. Most of these are from that camera. Some are clear back from easter. Better late than never. I have been way behind.

Living planet aquarium
We had a blast. The kids were great, Ever loves this kind of stuff. She is suck an animal girl. Sea World is going to be a blast.

Cousin visit
Ellie and Ever had a good time playing together. Ever made a mess of her room. She has been getting all her clothes out of her drawers which is driving me nuts, but I buy them from her then put them away.

This little dude is my buddy. I was trying to take his picture and he was being so silly, he says Cheese so cute!


Since we don't even have to get on the freeway to get here we frequently go. It is so nice when the weather is good, the kids have a blast.

Aunt Marci's House
Ever asks to go here almost everyday. She loves it there, they have the best toys and food. I love going there also,the kids play so well!
Kenzi and Landon
This is our niece, she went to junior prom. I did her hair and her boyfriend picked her up at my house. She is so beautiful! The other kids came to, I was a bit of a slacker and didn't get picture of everyone, but it was a lot of fun having them all here.

Yogurt Stop
We love this little place right down the road from us. Ever gets her own bowl and eats the whole thing, she sure loves sugar like her mama!

Easter Bunny
Teg was scared to death, Ever just sat there really. She didn't mind. Then Ever tried to take Tegan and escape. I love when they hold hands.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday thoughts

I missed last week, for some reason I have not been good at blogging or taking photos. I need to do better.

Ever's naps......should I get rid of them? I feel that it is making her want to go to bed much later. When did you stop letting your kids nap. I feel like she gets so moody without a nap and is so happy after it. Maybe I need to not let her sleep so long. I wish I could nap every day while she does. But I feel that is my time to myself for the day to do some things uninterrupted. Maybe like a few days I could nap? Not sure, I feel so lazy when I nap during the day. I have been awfully tired though and feel like a nap is needed.

If I have snow on my lawn one more time I may freak.

I want to shop shop shop right now for clothes, but actually have with held. Doesn't mean I havent made a few shopping carts on line that I ponder.

I am totally dreading april 24th. That is my birthday, 25 was a hard one for me but 26? Really, that is so hard for me to swallow, more than half way through my 20's. Oh well, can't change it better embrace it right?

Is it ok that I never wear any shoes other than flats? So weird to me because I used to refuse to wear flats, I really cant walk in a heel anymore, I look like something is wrong with me.

I am thinking that it would be a lot of fun to have a girls weekend soon. I would love to go with my hubby, but that means a babysitter which we all know I am horrible at getting. So if he is with her I won't feel so bad. I am thinking overnight, shopping, pedicure or massage, food and relaxing. I want I want I want!

I need to apologize to my hubby for getting so upset when he canceled my melrose place recording. So what if it was the season finale, it is tv and I need to chill, sorry babe.

Shows I am loving right now..........Project runway, millionare matchmaker, americas next top model, fresh meat 2, american idol.

Song I love right now...........American honey by lady antebellum, could listen all day!

I did this at Tara's so I dont have my pics. Lets see what she has.

Love this picture, saw it for the first time the other day. Rhett is the best hubby, I was a sick mess this trip, and he never got frustrated with me, even when we laid around instead of exploring Hawaii. He is the best husband!
My chubby cheek girl!
2 days old!
6 months old, love that smile!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a pretty mellow day. I was horrible about pictures, I barely took any, didn't take any with Ever and her easter basket or our easter dinner at my moms. Overall it was a great day, it's always a great day when you get to spend it with family!

This is the only family picture we got so it will have to do!
Since there was no church on easter I got an outfit that I hoped she could wear again, I felt it was pretty cute for easter though. She is gettting so tall, a 2T was a little short. I probably should have tried it on her first, oh well, the leggings kept her warm, I did put a sweater on the poor thing.
She loved the easter egg hunt and had to bring her stinking basket with her for days where ever we went.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday thoughts!

I sure have awesome grandparents. This is the first set of great grandparents on my side that Ever has met. It was so nice to see them, they are living in alaska and are serving another mission there in the cannery. I wish I could spend more time with my grandparents. They all live so far away so I rarely get to see them.

I actually am really missing family get togethers. Maybe I need to host them. They just dont seem to happen as much as they need to. I am so blessed to live close to a lot of family members. I want Ever to grow up knowing her cousins and aunts and uncles like I did. I love nothing more than family parties! If you are family and agree with me lets plan!

Being that it looks like a winter wonderland outside Ever and I were cooped up yesterday which usually makes me crazy. Instead we had a few tea parties, played with playdough and best of all, WE WATCHED CINDERELLA! I am so glad I thought of that. What a cute movie. Ever loved it, she watched the whole thing with me. She was very into it and has already watched it today. She memorized the whole movie basically and was calling out all the parts even before they happened. What a little stinker. I don't think there is anything cuter than those classic princess disney movies! She loved it!

Ev is getting some serious attitude, oh man. Her emotions are all over the place. What a mess! Love her though.

Enjoying a powdered doughnut! I was craving one but had to buy a whole package, Ever didn't mind, she was loving it!

Ever also had her 2 year well check and for my record here is the stats...........
29.6 lbs 81%
31.5 in. 90%
head was in the 70%