Monday, September 24, 2007

I have it!!

I have the internet now, wow!!!! I don't have the hawaii pics on my computer yet, and my hubby took the camera with him, so I will try to do that tonight. I don't know why I am in a hurry, I look miserable in them, but I will post them!!

Here is my little journal entry for the day!!!

Is it normal to feel depressed every day when you are sick and prego? Not only do I wake up everyday feeling like I have the flu, I think that for 8 weeks straight I have felt this way, I am not going to lie, it is taking a toll on me and my emotional state. I want so bad to have like 5 minutes of my normal, active self back. I try everything but nothing works. I love that I am pregnant, but this is taking away from the specialness of it.

I feel like I am going through that weird awkward high school puberty phase. I am growing boobs for the first time, all my shirts that have stripes no longer are straight, the swirl over them, and words now stretch over them, very weird to me, I want my NO boobs back!! It may be exciting to get them if everything else was staying small, but it is not. I attempt to go walking, but for a person who is used to working out and running as much as I did it is not doing a darn thing, all my clothes are much to tight already for only being 13 weeks. I bet I way 200 lbs before I am done. I still can't go to the bathroom, I have maybe gone 5 times total in 2 months, and not a lot. Can I just say I look 5 months prego from that alone, it makes me sick, literally. But nothing is helping. That may seem like to much info, but you are getting an ear full today.

Last, what the heck is with my acne face, eeewww! I look like one of the spokespersons for proactive, the before photo's. Can I just say I have never felt this bad. What is wrong with me, I was like oh it wil be fun to be pregnant, get fat and get boobs, not that way at all, I am freaking out, but at the same time to sick to give two hoots about fixing it. Wow, sorry if this is to much info but you just have to get it out sometimes, and girls tend to understand better than boys you know!!!

On the other hand, our house is starting to come along, I will post some pics, it is slow but sure. I love my husband, he works so hard, and is doing so awesome, I can't begin to tell you how good it feels to just feel secure and to know everything will be ok, in all aspects of our lives. I am not as miserable as I may sound, truly, I love life.
And I love the Rain and cold weather, even though I drive 30 minutes to work everyday, and when snow comes I get really scared, I am ready for sweater and pant weather for sure!!! I loev my back yard, this is a pic of it, it is surrounded by trees and ivy, and I love it, I can't wait to work on it next year!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hawaii was beautiful!!!

We are back, it was beautiful. I don't have the internet yet it sucks. We slept in our house for the first time last night.We are trying to put it all together, I am so worthless right now, I can't get feeling better. I am now puking a lot, oh well, it will be worth it I just keep telling myself that. It is not like me to let my house look the way it does. We had fun in Hawaii, looking at the pics it may look like I didn't but I really did. It was fun to be with Tara and Troy that much, I feel bad I was a party pooper a lot but we did do some really cool things. I will post pics and stuff soon with a more detailed blog of what we did. I hate not being able to check everyone's blogs and leave comments. Soon I will though!!!!