Sunday, December 23, 2012

Stats and facts

Height 36" 88%
weight 31.2 lbs 84 %

West does awesome at the doctor
he didn't get any shots though, that probably helped this time
he was sick as usual
we did get some answers and hopefully we can get a handle on his health so he can feel well 
instead of always being sick
it definitely affects his mood 
he gets colds that last almost two weeks
he has a chronic cough
he is always tired I feel like
maybe he has low iron too?
He still sleeps with me at night
he naps for almost 3 hours every day though
I have moved his nap to around noon because he wakes up so early the he needs it pretty early
he usually wakes up crying an moody too
crazy kid
He is talking so well
he sings the alphabet, counts to like 15, and know a ton of letter sounds
he is recognizing letters too
he wines a lot when he talks 
we are working on that, it gets hard to listen too
my favorite thing he says is still " I love you too mommy"
He is loving his daddy lately
he actually slept by him the other night, kinda nice for me
He is a picky eater 
doesn't eat a lot at all actually
he is loving Dora lately
Just like Ever at this age
He has started pushing and hitting a lot lately
trying everything to stop it fast
His molars are almost through, we will all be glad when that is over!
He loves hats and motorcycles, he usually has one or both at all times!
He cries a lot, a whole lot, he is super fussy and whiny
 I hope he can start to feel better and be happier
It is so hard when he cries so much to stay patient. It has tested us all, but maybe we need it!
He loves nursery and does really good
he is getting pretty shy, when people say hi he actually tells them he is shy
this is kind of working out a lot better when we are in public, he stays close!
He was so shy when we sang happy birthday to him, doesn't like a lot of attention!
We Love our little Westy, not sure what we would do without him!

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Staci said...

He is so stinking cute!!!!!